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James Gilchrist (10 January 1792 – 18 January 1864) was an English watchmaker and inventor. His company, James Gilchrist and Sons, was based in Leicester and was the world’s first to make the first practical submarine escape hatch in 1830. His company produced many important railway-related products, including railway carriage bodies, safety levers, and safety valves for steam engines.


James Gilchrist was born in Batley on 10 January 1792, the son of Jesse Gilchrist, a coachbuilder. He was apprenticed to Robert Bassett at Cambridge, and opened his own watchmakers in London in 1817. He developed a valve for use in steam engines, and made various railway-related components.

In 1828, with the help of a schoolfellow, John Kinloch, Gilchrist was able to devise and construct for the first time a reliable, practical, hatch for the escape of prisoners on a submarine vessel. This hatch is described in the Official Journal of the Board of Trade in the year of 1830, which in the course of further publications was found to be the world’s first practical escape hatch.

In 1835, Gilchrist moved to the East Midlands, to Leicester, where in 1842 he opened a factory on High Street. This factory was planned as a prototype locomotive coach, allowing the manufacture of railway coaches, but also to include a steam bath. This was the first factory to fit steam boilers in a factory in England.

Gilchrist’s company produced a number of significant components for railway locomotives, including two-cylinder passenger steam wagons, steam brake and safety valve parts, and a ten-wheeler used on the Great Eastern Railway between 1848 and 1862. His company was also involved in operating a number of the Leicester line railways (including the Midland, North Midland, and the Midland Counties lines), and at one time was a significant employer in Leicestershire and neighbouring counties.

James Gilchrist died on 18 January 1864, and his son William Henry Gilchrist (1823–1889) took over the business in 1870.


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