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HD Online Player (Agnee [REPACK] Full Movie 720p 23) 🤘


HD Online Player (Agnee Full Movie 720p 23)

Bangla full movie website.view Bangla movie trailer and full movie free. Release Date: January 18, 2017.. Directed by: Zubeen Garg, Music Director : Sameer.
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PowerBI Graph not working?

I am trying to get the expression field of date dimension to work like this:
I created a new column with:
Rank =
Fact[Salesorderdate] = EARLIER(Fact[Salesorderdate])

and then used „Power BI Desktop“ to export the file to the „Excel“ format.
Unfortunately, the graph I get is empty. Is there something I am missing?
I am not sure what I am doing wrong.


Consider the following formula in your Today field:

You are calculating a date (Today) and returning a date-time value (i.e. a date in the past), which cannot be used as the basis for a visualization. You need to just return a date.
Fact[Salesorderdate] = EARLIER(Fact[Salesorderdate])

Update for your later question:

Is there a way to return just a date or time without time?

This may be answered by what I described above. But I would offer that you could use the YEAR() and DAY() functions in this way:
Fact[Salesorderdate] = EARLIER(Fact[Salesorderdate]) && Fact[Salesorderdate] >= YEAR(Today()) && Fact[Salesorderdate]

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