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When you enter the chaotic world of the Lands Between, you will see a lot of things. They call this a forbidden land, where the barriers between the living and the dead are constantly bleeding. This is the Land of Shadows, which holds the chaos of the creation of the world, and even the nature of human existence. It is a place where the emotions of all living beings fluctuate. It is a land of myths and legends. To pay respect to the dead, these places that the gods once inhabited, we call them “Castles”. It is a place of legendary heroes, and it is an epic world of mystery.

Castles provide the richest scenery and most beautiful terrain in the entire world. Due to the limitation of reality in the Lands Between, castles are fully three-dimensional, increasing the scope of the exploration of the player. Castles also allow you to freely explore the interior, and the exterior. There are a variety of dungeons, and many monsters that will test your character’s strength. As you progress in the game, you can unlock a dungeon within a castle. The encounters with the monsters inside the dungeon will earn experience points.

By collecting and forging weapons, armor, and magic items, you can raise your stats, increase the strength and the elemental resistance of the weapons and armor that you equip. Each class has its own unique elements. For example, with the magic class, magic can be applied to weapons, armor, and magic items. As the number of special elements that your character has increases, your action will become more powerful. Each element consumes different amounts of magic energy. Some elements allow you to activate a new action.

As you use different elements, you can activate the signature of the class, such as the charged shot of the magic class. The signature action can deal a large amount of damage to a certain amount of enemies within a certain area. That kind of attack power becomes more evident through special attacks. A “super charged shot”, “super magic”, and “super armor” are legendary actions that you can perform in order to unleash the power of the element and defeat the opponent.

If you want to become an Elden Lord, or a newly-born Lord, you will need to fight for domination. And in order to fight for your place, you will need to keep your head high and the stability of your will intact. Fight for honor and fight to destroy your opponent. Fight through these


Elden Ring Features Key:

    The world of Elden Ring was directly built from the figures and world data from Final Fantasy X. Placed between towns and world travel, varied natural scenery and open fields, enormous castles and dungeons, enormous forests and snow fields, and countless monsters of all kind, the in-game world at your disposal is in a word, a world where a truth exists somewhere.
    Equip only the right thing to progress while discovering the weapon and armor with which you were destined to fight. Equip imps, archers, and slayers who accompany you in the mission. Make up a party that matches your own play style.
    The online element allows you to enjoy the game with other players even when you are not in the same locality. All you need is a browser and you can log in through the Searching feature and join a server that is up and running.
    By paying attention to the information you find through Quick Search, it will be much easier to find the perfect match and progress towards your goals. Fight out a battle, exchange special moves with other players who are logged in, and gradually become friends while facing the outside world together.
    An epic drama in which certain lines and characters corresponding with the three characters of the main character’s story are presented in fragments. The battle sequence, Cut-scenes, and introductory and explanatory dialogues are presented in the form of fragments including information about the characters and backstories, so you can actively engage in the writing of the drama yourself.
    The drama unfolds from three different points of view: a slayer, who is on a mission to seek revenge on a necromancer; the god Mari, who oversees the operation for the king and holds the key to solving the mystery of Libra; and a girl, Keaton, who feels a responsibility to protect the slayer, who inadvertently betrayed her.
  • How to use: Open the app in Google Play, and follow the steps below:

    1. 1. Visit the website to watch the trailer (see above).
    2. 2. Upon watching the trailer, click the “BUY”


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      Elden Ring (Updated 2022)

      – 11 Classes to play with

      – Over 40 Skills to master

      – 20 Customizable Moves and Equipable Gear

      – 16 Dungeons to Explore and Bosses to Overcome

      – Over 8 Hours of Exploration and Action

      – More than 200 Unique Boss Characters

      – A High Degree of Trial and Error Mode

      – More than 30 Game Modes to Enjoy

      – A Huge Selection of Enchantment Items

      – Challenging 3D Boss Monsters

      – Guild & Daily Quests

      – New Events and Quests With Every Update



      Use the menu buttons in the upper screen to start the game.


      Players can access the Main Menu by pressing „Start“.


      In Multiplayer mode, you can play with one or two friends on the same screen. There are four simple menus that can be navigated by moving the mouse: Skills, Equipment, Map and Exit.


      Equip or Dismantle your equipment through the menus of skills.

      POWER UP

      Gain Skill Points to enhance your character’s potential through Skill Upgrades.


      Your character’s Health and Stamina will be restored by receiving a Great Restoration item from a monster.


      Enter your Castle to gain power by strengthening your base.


      Meet other players in a 3-on-3 battle.

      POWER UP

      Gain Skill Points to enhance your character’s potential through Skill Upgrades.


      Your character’s Health and Stamina will be restored by receiving a Great Restoration item from a monster.


      Enter your Castle to gain power by strengthening your base.


      With casual mode, you will not have to battle enemies. You will be assigned powerful monsters that will assist you in dungeons for a safe adventure.


      List the items you obtain from the Event System, and check the detailed information for the items you want to make by displaying the Information window.


      Use the mouse to navigate to the menus.


      Equip and Dismantle your Equipment.

      An Equipment Item Upgrade is acquired after defeating a monster.



      What’s new:

      For more information, visit

      The development team at Durarara! will continue to make updates and improvements to the game, and we are also looking forward to hearing your feedback. Please look for further updates on the official website and the official forum.

      Download Elden Ring With Product Key

      1. Download CHIPS from the link above.
      2.Unrar the downloaded file using latest version of WinRAR, NoPassword.
      3. Go to game folder and run the installshield.exe file.
      4. Finish the installation.
      5. Go to „C:\Games\ELDEN RING\ [your game game]“ and play the game.
      6. Enjoy the game.
      7. If you have any problems/questions regarding how to download the game, please ask me and I will help you with it. Thanks.

      How to Play ELDEN RING game:

      1. Press the Left mouse button to move the camera in the game.
      2. Press the Right mouse button to move the camera in the game.
      3. Press the Down Arrow or the Up Arrow key to change to the Camera view.
      4. Press the Spacebar to raise the camera view.
      5. Press the Right mouse button to move your camera.
      6. To select a menu or item, press the Right mouse button.
      7. Press the Enter key to confirm the selection.
      8. Press the Left mouse button to hold the camera.
      9. Select the icon to change your character’s appearance.
      10. To equip items, press the Enter key.
      11. Press the Down Arrow key to look.
      12. Press the Left mouse button to talk to other characters.
      13. Press the Up Arrow key to look.
      14. Press the Left mouse button to drop the items.
      15. When you are satisfied with your items, press the Spacebar key to move up.
      16. Press the Left mouse button to throw your items.
      17. Press the Up Arrow key to look.
      18. Press the Right mouse button to add more items to your inventory.
      19. Press the Down Arrow key to remove items from your inventory.
      20. Press the Left mouse button to adjust your items.
      21. Press the Spacebar to reload your item.
      22. Press the Right mouse button to exchange your items.
      23. Press the Left mouse button to throw your items.
      24. Press the Up Arrow key to look.
      25. Press the Left mouse button to hear the weather forecast.
      26. Press the Down Arrow key to go down.
      27. Press the Left mouse button to look at your maps.
      28. Press the Down Arrow key to go down.


      How To Crack:

    3. Download and install.EXE
    4. After first installation, close and restart the program to complete installation of Elden Ring Pro
    5. After the installation, you can crack the APK file and you should start your crack the process automatically.
    6. and the last, you go to the crack folder and copy the crack folder and paste into the Game, and enjoy.
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      System Requirements:

      Mac OS X 10.7.4 or later
      Intel Core 2 Duo processor or equivalent
      3GB RAM
      NVIDIA GeForce 320M or ATI Radeon HD 2600
      1024 x 768 Display
      160 GB Free hard disk space
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