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• The Story Continues!
1 year after the game begins, you return to the Lands Between to defeat the most dangerous enemy.
In the end, you encounter the great enemy who once was one of your own people…
• Unique Action RPG
9 Classes, 9 jobs, countless skills, and more are united in one action RPG.
• A Bold New Fantasy Action RPG
Dungeon and field battles, a complex story, a variety of quests, classes, and jobs all combined in one action RPG, ready to eat your heart!
• Fulfill your Potential in Online Multiplayer
Gain strength by cooperating with your friends! Create an alliance, and prepare to bring down the strongest monsters.
• Strategic Online Gaming Environment
Become a powerful player through combinations of weapons, armor, and magic, and work together with your friends.
• Progress through Levels and Unlockable Art Skills
A variety of missions await you on the road to the greatest mystery of the story, making the game easier to get through as you progress.
• Fantastic Music and Art
Composed by the legendary composer Yasunori Mitsuda and written by the legendary author Akira Toriyama, JRPG’s best – history, legend, and modern music.

You can directly connect with other players.
– Asynchronous Online Multiplayer
Can participate in online games even while playing the main game.
– Bonuses
1. Kingdom Rock and Roll – Complete +25% of Class Skills
2. Unmatchable Heroes – Complete +25% of Class Skills
– Adaptive System
– Synthesis Skill – +20% to the Skill’s base level (+4)
– Master Craft – +20% of all acquired materials (-4)
– Random Dungeon – +15% chance of a chance to drop 5 maximum usable items when you enter the random dungeon.
– Leveling Up
– You have completed in the Ranking and receive points.
– Create an alliance with fellow adventurers.
– You can participate in online games while playing the main game.
– Characters can be customized.
– Various features of dungeon exploring.
– Activate a map.Trusted by Startup Founders & Entrepreneurs Worldwide


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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • CHOOSE Your Statistic
  • Gameplay Mechanics Join People
  • Responsive Battle System
  • Optimized Graphic and Sound
  • Common Questions
  • Details:

    • Platforms: Android / iOS
    • Language: Japanese-localized
    • Released: July 21, 2017
    • The Netherlands: Steam
    • United States: Google Play
    • Gallery:
    • Developer: GlorifiedProgram

    Sun, 21 Jul 2017 13:16:46 +0000View the sourceSat, 04 Jul 2017 12:46:05 +0000GlorifiedprogramMystic Soniachev7736958056@>From the GDB staff, check out our review for Mystic Soniac’s pocket PC game „Astroph


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    Never Alone: Native Americans and Prophecy.

    Purchasing information

    About this game

    the Indie Game of the Year Award by, winner of the TOMAHAWK’s BEST STORY GUIDE COMPETITION 2013 and winner of the BIZARRE AND BEYOND.
    There is a prophecy about an Elden Age, and about the death of a great
    King who had a great son who would summon an Elden Army. Unfortunately,
    time has passed by and the Elden Army hasn’t yet been summoned.
    You play as the son of the great King. You inherit your father’s land
    which has a link to a great darkness. A curse is ready to shake the land
    and a huge Elden Army is going to awaken. You have to find a way to
    summon this army, beat the darkness, stop the curse and have your great
    son live on forever.

    Game Details

    Never Alone: Native Americans and Prophecy. App Dimensions:
    1.5 in x 8.5 in (3.5 in x 21 in) Game Dimensions: 2 in x
    3 in (5 in x 7.5 in) Handheld Dimensions: 2.3 in x 3.9 in
    (6.3 in x 10.5 in) Supported Formats: HTC Desire HD, Galaxy S3,
    Galaxy S2, HTC EVO, Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Note, Nexus 7, and
    Samsung Galaxy Ace. Languages: English, Spanish, French. Requires: Android 2.3
    or later.


    Review by Gamezebo

    “…The best of both worlds have joined forces to create a must-have, wonderfully entertaining and gorgeous piece of RPG fun, the kind of game we can’t get enough of.”

    A gorgeous and engrossing game. I purchased the game expecting very little as I’ve played a few other Native American RPGs. What surprised me was how much Never Alone: Native Americans and Prophecy. had to offer. The story, characters, characters, characters; this is a game with a storyline that is at


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    1. Creating a Hero
    Press CTRL + F, select the below option, and create your first character!
    Character Name
    Input the name of your character.
    Note that the name is not case-sensitive.
    You can begin inputting the name after 2. Playing in Multiplayer (Part 1) is completed.
    Special Character Traits
    Input the custom traits you want to apply to your character.
    Note that only the first and last trait values can be input using the [Trait] button on the „Custom Traits“ screen.
    Character Avatar
    Input the custom avatar you want to apply to your character.
    Note that the avatar is displayed only in multiplayer, and the portrait must be a portrait picture.
    Select the attribute of your equipment.
    You can only select „Manual Weapon/Armor Attachment“ in the first edition.
    The Game Engine does not support „Manual Attachment.“
    You can select one equipment per attribute, but the number of pieces of equipment that can be displayed on the Attribute board is limited.
    Note that the number of pieces of equipment displayed on the [Equipment Selection] screen is the same as that on the [Equipment Assignment] screen.
    You can select „Attack“, „Defence“, or „Magic“.
    Select the Attribute you want to view from the Attribute list.
    Select and move the number of pieces of equipment you want to display on the left.
    Select the Attribute you want to display from the Attribute list.
    2. Playing in Multiplayer (Part 1)
    Click on the Multiplayer icon in the bottom left to play in multiplayer.
    Press the [Win] key on your keyboard to exit from multiplayer.
    Page Text
    The game version you are using can be selected in the [Character] menu. The options are:
    1. 1.2.
    The number of pieces of equipment you have equipped.
    The name of your online account (e.g., your character’s name) on the server.
    The name and picture of your avatar.
    The number of pieces of equipment you have equipped.
    The name of your online account (e.g., your character’s name) on the server.
    The name and picture of your avatar.
    The number of pieces of equipment you have equipped.
    The name of your online account (e.g., your character’s name) on the server.


    What’s new:



    Now’s offering is lot’s of things that you can be doing!

    Create your character in 6 different ways.

    Be able to make hi-end armor out of metal and stone.

    Customize the armor and weapons the fighter uses.

    Revise your fighting style, equipping more than 50 weapons from a range of classes.

    Your hero, and now this is where the fun begins!

    The combat system has been made to include all those new warriors and sets up for intense battles, offering an exhilarating experience.

    Build your own route and tackle the dungeons.

    Collect monsters, train them and ride them in the real battle arena.

    Gear up for a battle by equipping the best equipment.

    Overcome the massive dungeon gods in the final showdown.


    You need to play at least 300 minutes in each type of server(PPP+DDP) on one of the available server(PPP+DDP).
    If you have more than one character, the character you use in the 300 minutes needs to be the character you will use.
    The average game time is 15 minutes.
    If your average game time is less than 15 minutes, you will have to play for 30 minutes. You can play for up to 30 minutes in between the 30 minutes depending on what options you play.
    Note: If any of your characters reach the maximum level in the Dungeon Fighter games like Obelisk War or Legend of Heroes, you


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    1. Unpack game.
    2. Mount iso with daemon tools
    3. Install game (F2 at boot)
    4. Copy crack from ZIP file to game root
    5. Play


    download and install „saculup“ from here

    download and install „nsis“ from here

    then execute nsis.exe

    I have not tested this on a Mac yet, or the alpha version which comes with a DRM layer. I tested it on a 32-bit Windows 7 partition. It works just as intended. The original game was patched with a new DRM layer, where you have to install a specific crack which removes the DRM layer. The installation is done through NSIS (Windows Installer).

    Just install Saculup and open the install folder. Extract the saculup files. Then start the nsis gui, then search for Saculup folder in your game folder and double-click it. Enjoy.

    Greetings from Germany!

    Hello, my name is Alex and I would like to welcome you to the game from Germany!

    But what is an RPG? In my opinion the best RPG ever made was a game by Square called „Final Fantasy I“. It was a real RPG, which meant you actually had to go somewhere and fight and explore and grow and you did it together with your comrades. That’s what made Final Fantasy so very special.

    Now, I don’t mean that our game will be as fantastic as Final Fantasy. You can’t expect that – I mean that it will be a good RPG. It is an action RPG in the tradition of the Final Fantasy series. We will give you a fantastic world, a vast array of enemies and spells to defeat them and a lot of opportunities for you to become stronger and more powerful.

    We will give you a fairy tale world, full of humorous dialogues and witty characters. We will give you a familiar story, with many twists and turns. We will give you a world that will let you explore its beauty at your own pace. We will give you great battles with powerful enemies. We will give you a quest full of twists and turns. We will give you a world full of secrets and surprises. We


    How To Crack:

  • Download the OlaTech program “Elden Ring” from the link below.
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  • Go to the crack folder.
  • Move the crack file to the directory „C:\Program Files (x86)\Local\OlaTech\Tracks.exe“
  • Run Elden Ring_Install.exe
  • Select the “Options” tab, and then click OK.


  • Click on the “Chat/Console” tab.
  • Click on “IRC Client”, and enter the <ip>.

    The Xbox, Wii, or PC IP of the servers,
    Entering the domain name will lead you to the console of that server rather than to our.
  • Enter the color of your name (red, yellow, or green) in the „Nickname:“ field.

  • *
    * For the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE
    * file that was distributed with this source code.


    System Requirements:

    As of now, PC and Mac compatibility is not guaranteed.
    PS3 compatibility: The PS3 is required to be in motion at the time of the start of the game.
    2,000 Stars to Play
    The „Enchanted Dominion“ arc, the story of the most popular Final Fantasy, is over!
    The war against the hostile empire is over, and the demilitarized kingdom of Argus is about to enter a new era of peace.
    The kingdom celebrates its new future, a future where the Demon’s Eye, a mysterious