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Rising Tarnished

From the Light
into the Dark

Elden Ring introduces the world of Elden, a fantasy action RPG based on the massively multiplayer online game “Eve Online.” In the post-apocalyptic fantasy world of Elden, death is everywhere as the people have become aware of the existence of the ungraspable “dark” and the endless threat of the “light.” In order to seize the power of the “Elden Ring,” an ancient artifact that can only be grasped by one who is aware of the difference between good and evil, the people of the world divide into two factions—the “Light” and “Dark.” One group fights for the right to rule with the use of limitless power, while the other fights to protect the world by using only the powers of “light.”
The world of Elden offers a great variety of gameplay features. Through the battle system and the battle field, “Elden Ring” will offer a thrilling and exciting fantasy experience to users of all ages.
The settings of “Elden Ring” are the mysterious and vast Lands Between, which are divided into two areas—the Holy Lands in the south and the Lands Beyond in the north.
The game offers an epic fantasy world with bright and deep graphics, and also introduces a unique online gameplay system that allows you to easily connect with other players and journey together.

● Real-time, epic, turn-based RPG, driven by your actions
● Freely combine and upgrade a variety of equipment to your liking
● More than one hundred hours of content will be available to you
● The “Lands Beyond” is a safe online space to live together
● Special in-game events are also held on an irregular basis

● “All Points Bulletin” will be sent out to your device notifying you when there is danger approaching
● When your allies are under attack, you will receive notification to let you know about it
● There is no communication limit in the Online Battle area

◆ About the Online Game

* The Lands Between are divided into the “Holy Lands” in the South and the “Lands Beyond” in the North.
* Each player will have an individual account.
* Players will be able to communicate with other players through normal chat


Features Key:

  • A vast world where lush forests, desolate areas, and colossal dungeons are seamlessly connected
  • Use a variety of magic to get in touch with the Abyss and battle enemies as a battle mage
  • Develop your own character to summon a virtual avatar through a storyline full of emotions
  • Control the way your character develops through a lifestyle choice and jobs
  • Play and experience the Elden Ring different from the traditional fantasy RPG
  • Generate a guild and cooperate with others to explore the world
  • Use a variety of weapons, armor, and mounts to challenge yourself in combat
  • Experience shared online peer content through dungeons and in co-op
  • We believe in formulating the Legend Heroes easily grasped by gamers for long play sessions and we would like you to find our Legend Heroes “grace in the power of flesh” at the same time.
    ※ Epic Fantasy is an action RPG with simple controls and easy operations. Although it contains a special combination of card and RPG genres, many elements which have never before been seen in video games were added, and the adventures become more interesting and fun with a lot of action from the start.
    ※ Epic Fantasy features a single player mode, and it provides an online world of cooperation and competition* between the PCs and players of other countries. The online world is to be created according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic, or cooperating with friends in a guild.
    * Online support by CSO cooperation.
    ※ Fantasy card games released by Falcom in recent years
    ※ Stability and Optimization. Stability: we will focus on supporting the main functions of the game when it is played.

    * This game does not include „WELCOME FRIENDS“ function. That is, this game will only be played between same player!

    ※ ***Main Features
    The races of the Lands Between: a land with simple mountains and wilderness area. Dungeons far from human civilization are rare.
    Experience chest-thumping action in this fantasy combat game. While customizing your own character from an open world are you are free to develop as you wish.
    Think of the Abyss


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    Elden Ring Free Download

    ■ Production

    Hi, this is Game Guru EHOME of the new fantasy action RPG game Elden Ring. I sincerely apologize for the long wait of the release of the new game, but today we are happy to announce that Elden Ring will finally be released on July 10, 2018.

    Elden Ring is the new fantasy action RPG that was designed to create an unprecedented story behind the fantasy action RPG game, and we have added many new elements, such as a system where the world is seamlessly connected through the Lands Between.

    We have also added a character name change feature, and we hope that it will cause you to shed a tear. We made the character name change feature as part of the new game, and there is a chance that you may feel a little sad or angry, but we hope that by playing the new game, it will make you understand everything after all.

    We are starting to transfer the data of the game to Steam before the release date, and will communicate the login date and details of pre-purchase sales.

    Since we made many changes in the development, we hope that you will play the game with interest and enjoy it, and we hope that we can communicate with you from time to time.

    ■ Features

    ※The Character Name Change Feature is only available at the moment of the release.

    1) The Default World is a World called ‘The Elder Land’. It is a world full of fantasy and excitement.

    2) As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you.

    -A world full of fantastic and exciting places such as Dungeons, Moors and Fields

    -Explore the fantasy world as you travel through a variety of different places and meet various allies in the Lands Between.

    ■ Pre-Order Progress

    Pre-order sales will begin from May 23rd (JST). If you pre-order the game, you will receive the following items:


    1) Login to Steam through your email at the start of the game.

    2) Open your game library and click on the title you want to apply the name change.

    3) Click ‘Name Change’.

    4) Select one of the following titles:

    -Iwakuma Itsuki




    What’s new:

    Canada The Elder Scrolls IV: Hybrids of the old O.Ds in a new fantasy2015-08-28T20:00:00Z

    Truth be told, I’m not an expert at The Elder Scrolls. I can’t control wolves like Aragorn, throw backscrolls like Gandalf, or dodge the arrows of one-eyed bandits like Robin Hood. I still ended up playing a lot of The Elder Scrolls. While there are plenty of reasons as to why you’d want to play a select, minor-key RPG series like The Elder Scrolls, one of the biggest reasons I ever got into that series was to see a bunch of lore and badassery in motion on the screen before my very eyes. Sure, I was also spending inordinate amounts of time shooting dragons in Dragon Age. Regardless, I started playing through The Elder Scrolls on my Xbox 360 around 2005 or so, and I just sort of stuck with it. Nowadays it’s Xbox One. Now I can look at the menus of Skyrim with a modded filter, my character Ciri seems more real than ever, and I’m currently on the first quest of The Elder Scrolls Online.

    With The Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim, Bethesda really delivered on that promise. It gave me access to a stunning and vast canvas, where I had to use a river for swimming but always preferred be out for a swift dragon ride. Bethesda put every texture, Quill and object available through the base game into the mod. This hack gave me an artifact, dug up from far away, from the long-dead history that once long ago was colonized by civilization. My Quill bends and shivers and urges me to take it to another era, to hear more history, to fulfill its desires as I can.

    Bethesda was able


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 8.1 (32-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit) Processor: 2 GHz Processor or faster Memory: 2 GB System Disk: 30 GB hard drive or larger Graphics: 1GB or greater DirectX: 11 Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible, ES2.0 compliant controller
    OS: Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 10 (32-bit), Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 8.1