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A Fantasy Action Role Playing Game

* In a world where white color reigns over the earth, humans live next to elves, dwarves, and other mythical beings.

* Great evils from ancient times have risen again.

* Although they do not understand this world, humans are immersed in it, and the forces of the world seek to devour them.

* Those who search for a way to avert these forces will arise in various places across the world.

* A low-level adventurer who has awakened into this world and is in search of the legendary Elden Ring.

* Encounter certain beings, a process of trial, and challenge your courage for a stronger battle.

Sage Architects

* Since the dawn of time, the humans have believed that the supreme being, Arnor, rules the universe from a golden throne. However, the elves and dwarves have long known the truth.

* The forces of heaven are divided among the three races. The dwarves and elves are guardians of the human world, while Arnor watches over the entirety of the universe from a golden throne.

* Humans seek to unite the three races and create a world of peace, and they may even succeed in the course of history. However, Arnor created a rare monster to represent the darkness in the hearts of humans.

* Humans are constantly fighting among themselves for power, and are now at a critical point of history.

* All three races must unite, and it is in a state of chaos that a new light spreads throughout the world.

* The awesome, ominous light is the Elden Ring, an object that can destroy everything.

* In their search for the Elden Ring, humans were gripped with a sense of chaos.

* Their departure from the present, and a new journey into the unknown were both disturbing.

* After many centuries of chaos and anarchy, human civilization has entered the Age of Enlightenment.

* Yet in a world dominated by enlightenment, humans did not want to abandon their warlike ways.

* The world is shrouded by darkness in that part of the world, and humanity’s light shines only in the Lands Between.

* In these lands, humans and other races have emerged again, with an atmosphere of tranquility and contentment.

* In these lands, human civilization is being reborn.




Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A unique Second Life style online system.
  • Chocobo Wandering.
  • An Altar System that Transmutes Equipment.
  • An Exploration and Combat System that Places Many Challenging Enemies in a Single Map.
  • Two Main Characters that both use the same equipment which can change during the course of the game.

    Elden Ring Story

    From the different timelines, mysterious art arose while being transported to the Netherworld.

    “…to reach the Netherworld, the bearing of an object broke the boundary and was completely transported. Contained within the mist made of Earth and Air. The Essence of plants and animals as well as all that is formed, flowing and fading. Boundaries blurred and dried up.”

    Encountered with this, the old man shouted out loudly: “This is what is known as the Nol Berar”.

    They were cryic people. “Even if all trace of an Nol’s heart disappears within the Netherworld, this is proof that it exists. They were born from the Earth and Air, born with the power of life. The inhabitants of the Netherworld are the chosen people.”

    …However, the power of life has not gone astray and has been dispersed into the Netherworld. However, I am now told this story and a tale told by the inhabitants of the Netherworld. As if they are aware of the mechanics and will of the Nol’s created by the old man.

    “I hear the boy cry as he lunges towards his mother, who is nowhere to be seen. Why hasn’t anyone come to rescue him? The motherly shout of the woman breaks through. Where is your father?”


    The void that existed within me is a dwindling void—

    Chapter 5: The Forgotten Still Lives

    Chapter 5: The Forgotten Still Lives

    Chapter 5 – The Forgotten Still Lives


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    The action RPG genre first appeared in the NES era, but many developers have created their own titles over the years. One of the most famous titles is „Final Fantasy,“ which is still attracting attention from players around the world.

    Aside from the visual presentation and character development options that differentiate it from other titles, „Final Fantasy“ is distinguished by its narrative art and use of an anime aesthetic. Also, its unique system has been attracting attention for a long time, and will be the focus of this game.

    Players experience the story of a 16-year-old boy named Cid and travel through a fantasy world with his companions, which includes a variety of detailed characters. The diverse range of characters and the episodes that expand the story are what first attracted the attention of game developers, who have repeatedly proved that they could create a masterpiece in the same way as „Final Fantasy.“

    At the same time, the action RPG genre has received a great deal of attention due to the increase in mobile game titles. „Kingdom Hearts“ was created by Disney for smartphones, but it generated a lot of curiosity due to its high quality visuals and rich gameplay. In addition, „Tales of Berseria“ was designed for the last console title for the PlayStation 4, and showed that an action RPG could be enjoyed even on smartphones and tablets.


    FINAL FANTASY is a series of RPG games published by Square Enix for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Japan’s Famicom, and most recently the PlayStation system. It was originally developed by Square, but it is today owned and operated by Square Enix, the maker of the Final Fantasy series.

    FINAL FANTASY’s first release was in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in Japan in August 1987. A North American version, in part produced by Square, was released later that year. It is the first FINAL FANTASY title to be released in North America since Nihon Falcom Corporation (NEC) acquired Square in 2001.

    The series has been credited with a number of innovations in gaming, including semi-realistic combat systems, quest-based gameplay, character customization, and large worlds to explore.

    Final Fantasy is known for its upbeat story-driven gameplay, and it has won over many fans with its unique music. The “Dragon Quest” series is well-known for having strong themes and music, but in recent years, Final Fantasy has


    What’s new:

    The service of close-quarters combat system bit by bit, and I may be a bit of a newbie. If you add this game to your account, we will try to add the user functions gradually, please download service in a timely manner.

    Wed, 07 Apr 2019 05:10:20 +0900OSBREY02308 at Chronicles
    [News] >
    Download Services for

    – The return of the kingdom of Amila and his impact on the situation in

    – The excitement around the release of the two new jobs

    – Additional events and a fresh update on the new changes to the

    – Winterize

    After the current winter, the rise of an unknown Empire from the obscurity

    to the continent just as we are getting to a global event in

    February. Meanwhile, in between the rapid advances of Amila kingdom,

    the residents of Karnshah and Ara remain stuck while the brutal

    actions of Emperor Amila dig deeper into the issues of the two

    continents. I am greatly looking forward to providing new jobs and

    jobs hard to get, increased popularity around new events, and 

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    How To Crack:

  • Make a backup of your files
  • Unpack the downloaded (zip) file and install the game
  • Run the game and enjoy playing
  • Supported operating systems

    • Win10 / Win 7 / Win 8 / 8.1
    • Dell C3400 / C3500 / C400 / Inspiron 1501
    • Brand New Garret’s Notebooks


    • Keyboard / Keyboard Gamepad / Keyboard & Gamepad
    • English / Spanish / French / German

    Enjoy & Support Gaming

    Greeting you is Tarnished, World Dungeon Explorer!

    Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG developed by Garret Games, which is set in the Lands Between. You travel through a vast world as a Tarnished (the name of the game you are playing) and guide him.
    The purpose of this game is to give each player the ability to create their own adventure. You start with a set of objects to build your journey and to increase your abilities.
    The game is developed to support flexible worlds and a variety of play-styles by easily access additional content with a simple link in the game.

    In this game, you can select and customize your character (form, weapon, armor, etc.) and experience different exciting scenarios and problems that were not seen in other fantasy games. You can also wander around the world and level up your character’s battle skills and abilities through multiple dungeons.
    * You have complete freedom to create your own story. Use a variety of themes and the raw materials you can obtain with them.
    * You can prepare a wide selection of strategies to overcome whatever obstacles appear in front of you.

    Also, a dedicated translation team have been in charge of localization, including dual voices-down from overseas, ensuring your immersive in this game.
    Would you like to fight monsters and gather material, to pursue your adventures with friendship?
    * Don’t miss the new fantasy action RPG coming with two new stories.
    * A


    System Requirements:

    For a player using an xbox, you will need a free Microsoft Windows 7 x64 (or higher) with at least 8GB of memory (or more).
    For the Windows client, you will need:
    1 GB of RAM
    11 GB free disk space
    DirectX 11 graphics adapter
    For those running the server on Windows, the following minimum specifications apply:
    4 GB of RAM
    24 GB free disk space
    For all clients, there are a few additional recommendations:


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