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The game you have been waiting for!
A fantasy action RPG powered by the development studio behind the acclaimed HEXAGES® franchise. The background of the Lands Between is described in the national history. In this world, people live peacefully with the creatures in harmony. However, due to the rise of corrupt forces, some nations, and individuals have been taken over by sinister and vicious ambition. You need to use your powers to go back in time and put your own stamp on history!

Stroll through the villages and towns while going back to the past.
Talk with the locals and build your relationships to strengthen.
It is time for you to embark on an adventure that will change history forever!


Game Type: Fantasy Action RPG

Price: $19.99/play (Xbox One/PC)

1. Universe and Gameplay

The Lands Between
The Lands Between is the game world that is the setting of the story.

Various Open-World Scenes
For a fantasy action RPG, you can freely roam the world map and battle against enemies.

Map Viewer
The map viewer allows you to browse the map by region or town.

Town Management
The bottom screen allows you to view the towns and handle the town management.

A World Full of Excitement
A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.

PVE Battles
You can fight battles against the monsters with random encounters in open fields or town squares.

PVE Battles
You can fight battles against the monsters with random encounters in open fields or town squares.

Rise, Tarnished
Characters can grow in fame as they gain experience, while they can grow in strength through attribute progression.

You can collect materials and gold to expand your attribute level and equipment.

New Characters
Characters can be developed and perfected by expanding your attribute level.

Attribute Level
You can increase your attribute level and obtain new skills by improving equipment and strengthening your base strength.

Rise, Tarnished
Characters can grow in fame as they gain experience, while they can grow in strength through attribute progression.


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Equipped with the magics of the Elden Ring, the guide puts you in control of the action.
  • Discover and interact with enemies and NPCs.
  • Create and develop your own character.
  • Connect with other players and journey together into Lands Between.
  • Elden Ring characters:

    • The Guide
      • Search dangerous lands for beasts, monsters, and traps; and form a party with living companions.
      • Like all the companions in the Lands Between, you should treat them with respect and be understanding when their judgment differs from yours.
      • Training and questing can accumulate for your companions.
      • The companions you set out with earn levels, which leads to increased skill, improved statistics, and special skills.
      • Like an in-game partner, your companions will make your life easier in battle. As you perform missions and collect quest items, they will increase in strength and capabilities.
    • The Hoarder
      • Equips magic and special weapons, and crafts weapon blades to strengthen your battles.
      • Discover new dungeons and find unique game pieces with your sword and gear.
      • Perform optional roles to deepen the characters of the companions you found.
    • The Traitor
      • Equips magic, fights alongside enemies, and randomly switches partners.
      • Select an opponent and fight monsters to earn your level.
      • After you earn a certain number of levels, you will be sent to face a specific monster to prove yourself.
    • The Tracker
      • Performs both passive and active actions, and grows in level when performing actions.
      • Listen to the messages your companions accumulate, and get involved in the action when you’re there.

    Elden Ring tutorial is now available!


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    対応機種:PS4、PS Vita


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    Choi Il-Ryong-

    Producer / Director

    You’ll be able to enter the world of the game, Tarnished, with your body as your ally, but you’ll also have to strengthen your own body in order to grow the dimensions of your life.
    The story is a story of a 3-D world where time and space intersect, where every event and every scale intertwine with the other, and in which we can freely take part in a heroic adventure together with other players.
    Your story begins in the world of the game, Tarnished. Players will be able to freely search an enormous world that has never before been seen.
    Your own body is your ally in this world, but it is also necessary to enhance your body to grow the dimensions of your life.
    The story is moving on a new path that connects the basic elements of time, space, and number into one.
    We will try to create an exciting online experience where players have a sense of unity and brotherhood while taking part in a heroic adventure with other players.
    The game is an online RPG. We’ll also be introducing a new combination where players can directly connect with each other in order to share their experience while taking part in the game together.
    We’ll also be introducing the type of game where players can have a sense of unity and brotherhood while taking part in an epic adventure with others.
    As for the genre of the game, we are in the process of developing a fantasy RPG.
    We’ll also be introducing a new type of game in which players can take part in various events together with many other players.
    We’ll be pushing the concept of RPG further, so we will try to try to create a fantasy drama that can appeal to many people.
    Also, our development team is trying to create games that can provide excitement to many people through the combination of high-quality graphics and rich audio.
    At the moment, we are focusing on online games, and at present we are creating battle, RPG, and collecting games for mobile platforms.
    Regarding future plans, we would like to be able to make games on platforms such as smart phones and


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Cyon’s official site (Japanese)
    English home page


    – Cyon Co., Ltd. In the name of the Elden Ring…

    – Cyon Co., Ltd.

    – Face the fate that is fate, the end of all things, and we will all perish in a fiery storm. Let me hear the sound of your voice. I will fight with the hateful winds that blow over this land.

    The Injustice: Engineer 

    „For more videos like this check out The Injustice: Engineer „


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    bought from In App purchases But got game and not play.Never play because of non working.

    eldenring.exe Install Error

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    After getting some virus and second replacing the game with the play once but the firewall blocked it and I could not play then I had tried four times but the result is same again and again.
    Below are the steps that I done to get it work.
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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 7
    Processor: 1.8 GHz
    Memory: 3 GB
    Graphics: DirectX9.0/11
    DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
    Hard Drive: 1 GB
    DirectX Required: Yes
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Additional Notes:
    The only way to unlock the additional firecrackers is by simply joining the game and playing in co-op mode.
    Also, there is no way to play the game single player and unlock the firecrackers.


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