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As the birthplace of the Elven race, the Lands Between have been inhabited by the elves for a long time. The Elven civilization has experienced some hardships, due to the repeated invasion by man-like people called “Humans”. The Elves need to embrace their own power and defend the Lands Between from such threats. The Elves have a strong religion called “The Star”, and many Elves believe that “The Star” is a sacred resource with which to ward off the threats. Through the religion, the Elves are born as either the light or darkness, called “Elden” and “Tarnished” respectively.
However, a dark personality called “Dylar” has been manipulating the power of the Elves to keep the balance of the Lands Between in his own hands, and has been dealing with the enemy as a ruler. Although he now controls the Elves’ power, there is a force, which is called “The Elden Ring”, that seeks to awaken the power and recover the grace of “The Star” and defeat Dylar.


■ A Structure with an Evolving World
• Battle, a dramatically different online RPG
Battle takes place through dungeons which are three-dimensionally drawn, giving it a sense of depth and a high degree of freedom.

• Rise and Become a Legendary Hero
• The player can fully customize their character by their appearance, weapons, armor, and special skills.

• Content that Changes from Dungeon to Dungeon
• Every dungeon is full of various circumstances and characters.

■ Visit a Variety of Dungeons
• Single-player dungeons where you fight against powerful enemies as an Elden Lord or a Tarnished Elf in the first edition.

• A Multitude of Dungeons
• Multiplayer dungeons where you fight against allies or enemies, who are different from those encountered in single-player.

■ An Elaborately Complex RPG System
• R1, the attack command, places a mark on the target and attacks.

• R2, the thrust command, will attack the targeted enemy’s weak point.

• R3, the cast command, allows magic to be cast.

• F, the jump command, will teleport to a distant location.

• S, the special command, will be executed.

■ A Massive World
• A vast world with a high


Features Key:

  • Creative Combat.
  • Lots of Dungeons.
  • Multijob tasks.
  • Rallied party plays multiple roles.
  • Expandable skill trees.
  • Customized difficulty settings.
  • Full Japanese manual.
  • System Requirements
  • Newness

    It is the year 330,911 in the Lands Between!
    For the first time, fantasy RPG fans can create their own fantasy world, live in it, and level up!


    • Create your own kingdom.
    • Take part in the grand story.
    • You’ll be able to freely try out a variety of ideas and create the sort of town or village you want!
    • Encounter countless unique dungeons.
    • Take part in more than 500 content events at any time.
    • Play a game against a partner in real-time multiplayer.

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    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    Suiciders Pocket 2 has an ultra strange and somewhat captivating ambiance thanks to the in-depth ATB composed. The euphoric thinking in its music and the rich serenity in its balancing will give the full sense of enjoyment.


    • An old and brave knight who wields a sword forged by fate and has dedicated his youth to hunting sorcerers and other evil-doers.

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      [Game Review] by Chaos‘ Returning Player (Oct. 09, 2018)

      With its hit title, “Wadisimu Dream Nūrna”, Polygon began to be known as the GameDeveloperToWatch.TARNISHED, the eSports-inspired fantasy action RPG being created by Wadisimu, a dev studio under the Polygon label, was announced in June 2018. After the announcement, expectations towards the game immediately reached a fever pitch as we waited for further information on the project. A beta test of Wadisimu Dream Nūrna, however, was finally held in September 2018. The beta test was an extremely successful one as the game was able to complete the first scenario without any major issues. The most noteworthy thing about the beta test, however, was the fact that there was no character leveling. Although I appreciated the fact that the beta test didn’t feature any character leveling, I felt that there was a notable difference between the beta test and the original game with regard to character design. For one, with the beta test, players had a choice of four different character designs. If you didn’t like any of the designs, you could unlock the ones that you liked later on. Not only that, but with beta testing, there was an option to play as the characters that you unlocked. So, at the end of the day, there was a very wide range of choices that players could make. This is a feature that I believe will be greatly missed if the beta test is part of the full game. In other words, if players don’t enjoy a certain aspect of the beta test and wish to re-experience it, they will be unable to do so because they already have the starting character. Which brings me to my next point. Amongst the four different character designs that can be picked, there is one that is very different from the others. This character is wearing a tank top and a military uniform. It seems like the developers chose to create this character because they thought that tanking was something that it would be beneficial to the players. Although tanking wasn’t really my cup of tea, the tank top certainly changed my mind. This character has unique abilities that make him useful. He starts with two attack techniques, one of which is a deadly lightning attack that will kill even the most powerful enemy. Another one of his attack techniques is the


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      Australia, Ireland, Belgium, and Austria launched


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      Enjoy an Invitation-free trial of the PS4 version of Tarnished!
      A free download of the PS4 version will be provided starting on July 19, and will be made available to the public after the completion of the closed beta test.

      ■About Tarnished→ 
      Tarnished is a new fantasy action RPG developed by Isamu no Sacrifice, featuring a co-op story that is told and driven by various characters inside a wide-scale world. The game features high quality graphics and a rich cast of memorable characters that impact the stories of the Tarnished Lords.
      Unlike other Fantasy RPGs, Tarnished is unique as it is focused on combat and action sequences and provides users with a deep and enjoyable RPG experience unlike that of conventional Fantasy RPGs.
      The game will be released for the PS4 in Japan in 2019. 


      For more information regarding Tarnished, visit 

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      North America, Europe, and Asia,


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