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Name Elden Ring
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Elden Ring Free Download is an action RPG game based on the epic fantasy adventure novels by Hisashi Amagai.
It is an action RPG game that combines gorgeous visuals, an unparalleled battle system, and a heroic story.
The player controls a hero who rises in a time of unrest and chaos, along with other heroes, as he seeks the power and glory of the Elden Ring Activation Code.
* Action RPG setting where new adventures unfold on vast worlds filled with a variety of powerful monsters and challenges.
* A unique battle system with a wide variety of weapons and skills.
* Backgrounds that express the many colors of the fantasy setting.
* From the first day of you rise, to the last day of your death, you can freely explore a vast world where you can enjoy the powerful thrill of action and come to grips with the compelling drama.
* With a form of multiplayer that’s centered on the play style of each player, you can connect with others and travel together as allies.

Gather your party of heroes and set out into the Lands Between!
After selecting a character, save the realm of Elden and begin your journey.
It is up to you to lead the party on an adventure to challenge the darkness that lies at the heart of the world.


Choose one of four heroes with completely different play styles and capabilities.


A valiant and kind warrior who is not afraid to put himself in harm’s way. He is always willing to lend a helping hand when others are troubled.


A kind and generous adventurer who is always dashing from place to place, ready to fulfill his duties. He is kind to everyone.

・Duly Armed

A tough yet daring warrior who manages to wield weapons no matter how small or heavy they are. He is always ready to protect himself.


A swift and capable archer who is always ready to rally his comrades in times of trouble. He is a little shy at times.


This game is based on the novels and manga written by Hisashi Amagai, one of the creators of the legendary Bara manga.

Our vision for the Bara manga is to bring to life the rich fantasy of the volumes that we are always talking about, but have never been able to experience.

This game takes place in a fantasy setting where


Features Key:

  • The Online Game, in which the development team connects with players‘ feedback. Click here for the latest version of the feedback.
  • Realistic combat in open areas and in dungeons. The detailed lifelike battle animations and graphics make this action RPG truly take you into battle.
  • A world full of striking features and dramatic situations. The rich visual scenes in the fields and dungeons and the characters‘ actions attract you to play the game.
  • A Morality-Based Action Game With a Mythical Fallback. Although few seem to realize it, the world of action RPGs was once permeated by enormous tragedies because of the false gods who were worshipped. Seek and exterminate the false gods using a morality system.
  • Follow the news and discussion on Elden Ring:




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    What’s new:

    ★Play Offline for Free, Travel Online.
    We give you the freedom to play offline, no connection is required. Be free to enjoy the story and experience the thrill of battle with only your mind and imagination.
    ★Access to 10+ Decks & 60+ Cards
    No more endless grinding for stats to achieve powerful decks like in other gaming titles. Our character development system based on the evolution system applies to all the data obtained from Card Battles. This means the new turn begins each time the card you have randomly selected is played. So, enjoy the convenience and joy of collecting the card you want to use at that time in battle.

    We’re introducing 5 brand-new heroes.
    – Hero
    • Previous role: Warrior.
    • Latest mission: Destroy the Demon Lord.
    – Hero
    • Previous role: Warrior.
    • Latest mission: Hunt down enemies once again.
    – Hero
    • Previous role: Warrior.
    • Latest mission: Destroy Demon Lord’s tower.
    – Hero
    • Previous role: Warrior.
    • Latest mission: Battle in large scale.
    – Hero
    • Previous role: Warrior.
    • Latest mission: Have a fierce duel with a mini-god.
    – Hero
    • Previous role: Warrior.
    • Latest mission: A battle to save your child.
    – Hero
    • Previous role: Hero.
    • Latest mission: Evade the chaos.
    The perfect exercise for the mind and body, the intense GTD system boosts not only health and attack power, but also the defense of your deck that greatly affects the flow of battle.
    Not only do you challenge yourself in the war between the Gods, but the battle also stirs the emotion of curiosity with the unique interaction system where you go on an adventure with your partner in a bid to reach the heart of the story.

    *Note: Some of the images in the Package are for illustrative purposes only. The detailed specifications will be added later.

    *Game contents subject to change*


    Title: Devil’s Third



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    Download game setup from the below link.

    Click on the downloaded setup and extract the game setup.

    Run the game setup like an installer for a program.

    Click on “skip” to go to the main menu.

    Select the language you prefer.

    Click on “install” to start the installation process.

    When the installation completes, click on “skip” and you are done with the installation.

    How to Play ELDEN RING game:

    1) Create a new character.
    2) Add new party members if wanted.
    3) Move to the beginning of the map by pressing Enter.
    4) Explore and fight various enemies.
    5) Move to the right side of the map by pressing Shift+Enter or Return.
    6) Gain experience points by defeating enemies.
    7) Increase your character stats by using various equipment.
    8) Level up and battle with other players.
    9) Complete various quests for experience and items.
    10) Complete the main storyline by going to towns and special areas.
    11) When you enter the final battle, you can complete the game and get a special reward.
    12) Enter the in-game store to purchase items.

    How to Use cheat in ELDEN RING game:

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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Turn-off System.
  • Run the game.
  • Then start the game “elden ring.exe” and the game crack will automatically start.
  • Then install it and enjoy your Elden Ring.