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“The game goes beyond what other fantasy RPG games have done so far.”

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A world called “The Lands Between” brims with a beautiful and fantastical world full of various elements. You take on the role of a hero named Tarnished who embarks on an adventure in this land. It was once ruled by the legendary Elden Ring Product Key, an empire established by the goddess Zofia. The world was then plunged into darkness as a result of the neglect of the power of the Elden Ring.

In this shattered world in chaos where the cycle of violence is endlessly perpetuated, you discover the power of the Elden Ring by calling on the souls of the fallen and make a choice in order to build a new future.

A story about a hero who fights to free a world and a girl who struggles to understand the true meaning of existence.

In times of war, the lands between a group of parallel worlds is thrown into turmoil.

The world where you make your choices is one of those lands.

“You’ll be able to freely choose your own unique play style.”

“You will rise to become the brave and mighty Lord Elden, and together with the people you meet, help to rebuild a world.”

“A great God-Goddess delves into your heart and challenges you to set your own goals.”

“It is destined to be a unique action RPG that attempts to shake the heart and head of the genre.”

“Your choice matters.”

“You’ll be able to experience a story where the various thoughts of the characters all intersect in the Lands Between.”

“The world is full of a great variety of situations.”

“Standalone game with no need to complete the main story of the main game.”

“The game goes beyond what other fantasy RPG games have done so far.”

“You can freely create your own character.”

“To play as


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    Elden Ring

    We’ve all played fantasy role-playing games. We’ve all had at least one harrowing encounter with a D&D adventurer or a Baldur’s Gate adventurer. We’ve all run face-first through Monster Hunter and wailed about the infinite resources we spent, only to find out that we didn’t defeat that one monster in front of us in the first place. And we’ve all read the introduction to a Death Note game or walked away from an adventure in Skyrim and said, “This isn’t a game, this is a chore.” But there’s something special about a game that you can play for an hour or two, walk away from, and come back to a few hours later—and never feel like a chore.

    The land between the fields of Elden and Traktir is as vast as it is beautiful. There are wandering villages, magnificent castles, hulking monsters, exciting landscapes, and a host of other obstacles. There are opportunities for exploration, and there are high-stakes battles aplenty. Fighting in The Elden Ring Crack Keygen is dynamic, challenging, and sometimes frustrating, but it’s often rewarding, as well. The actions you take on the battlefield determine the layout of the next encounter. You choose your battles and your weapons, and you’ll come across opportunities to use them. The Elden Ring is a relaxing RPG, but it’s not without depth.

    The Elden Ring is a Final Fantasy-style RPG, but it’s not Final Fantasy XII. There are plenty of character classes, which means you can play as an Amazon, a Mage, an Orator, or any of a slew of other classes, each of which possesses unique weapon and armor skills. A class isn’t permanent, and the three classes you start with are entirely subject to your actions and the equipment you bring into battle.

    Combat in The Elden Ring is action-based, but the emphasis isn’t on whacking monsters or clicking a mouse to steal souls from their bodies. Your core abilities, known as Battle Arts, are your weapons of choice. Most of them can be augmented with a variety of skills, which unlock more powerful effects or allow you to use them from outside combat


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    -> Action RPG game with great freedom (Elden Ring)

    1. Action RPG battle

    In the ARPG action, you will take on the role of a character at the bottom of the rung of the class system and battle to complete a quest.

    From here, items and other information that you obtain will allow you to increase your levels. The items you receive from the quest will have their own values.

    You can also purchase items by way of the market.

    Shop the items that you acquired in the quest. They have various prices, and you can purchase items with in-game money, the gold you earn from quest completion, or the money you earn from selling items in the game.

    2. ARPG battle

    FEATURES ARPG battle

    Evade and attack with a variety of weapons and magic.

    A variety of effects can be triggered using special skills.

    A variety of subquests can be conducted when completing quests.

    A variety of weapons and armor can be equipped.

    A variety of items can be purchased from the market.

    A variety of subquest types can be conducted for the completion of the main quest.

    Explore an epic world with a variety of gameplay and story options.

    Players can strengthen their characters using various equipment and acquire new equipment.

    Players can purchase new subquest types.

    Various game events are carried out.



    Character Customization

    • Choose your character’s gender and face type.

    • Choose a name, customize the outfit, and determine the four bases of your character’s appearance.

    • Create, equip, and decorate your character’s weapons and armor.

    • Choose which secondary weapons and equipment will be equipped.

    • You can choose one of the four bases to customize your character’s appearance.

    • Create accessories with various effects using an accessory maker.

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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Hello Everyone,
    Welcome to the official homepage of Elden Ring, an RPG game that is being released in Eastern Asia.
    Among the many games released by Mobage during this period, it is the first time to release an online RPG online. Mobage is famous for its proprietary game engine and other unique ways of online game development. It is also known as the world’s most natural and easy game play.
    If you are looking for the information about the game, please look over our website.If you like what you find, please follow us.
    Elden Ring Official homepage is

    Please enjoy the game.
    The staff of Mobage.

    Narubee, a play tester
    Yusha, a play tester
    Iro, a Play tester/Proofreader
    Sangnoo, a play tester/Proofreader
    Roripan, Mobage’s software engineer
    Sem, a play tester/Proofreader
    Save time and let your mobile do the work
    for you!

    Tue, 07 Apr 2013 07:06:03 +0000Andruena

    Hello everyone,

    Welcome to the official homepage of Elden Ring, an RPG game that is being released in Eastern Asia.

    Among the many games released by Mobage


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    ————————————————–Please read this instruction before using the download below————————————————–
    First of all, unzip the file downloaded and open xdelta.
    Open „/bin“ folder of program files of xdelta.
    Make sure you are in the folder of ELDEN RING game and double click the ELDEN RING game.exe file.
    Then you can see the game interface.If you are a new user who do not know how to use the application, you can click on the tutorial button.Or
    If you are an experienced user, you should know how to use the application,you can skip the tutorial.
    Click on „Run“.Click on „Load saved game“.Choose the saved data and click on „OK“.
    Then, you can see the first logo of the game.
    Click on „Save“ and save your game.
    [ Settings ]
    1. Game Settings
    – Controls
    – Commands
    [ Conditions ]
    1. ELDEN RING Game Difficulty
    2. Other Conditions
    [ WINDOWS OS ]
    1. Which OS you use(XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8)
    [ Download ]
    1..Zip archive file(.zip)
    2..exe file
    [ Usage ]
    1. Run Settings
    – Equip
    – Items
    – Commands
    – Auto
    2. Settings
    – Game Settings
    – Conditions
    – Items
    [ Crash Report ]
    1. An error occurred.
    2. Time limit exceeded.
    3. Illegal command.
    4. Cannot be transferred because file system is full.
    5. Cannot be loaded.
    [ FAQ ]
    1. What is this game?
    1. What is this game is the new fantasy action RPG with the new touch-based interface. It has a vast world where open fields and huge dungeons are seamlessly connected, and an epic drama born from a myth.
    2. What is the story?
    A multilayered story told in fragments. A drama in which various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.
    3. Which OS?
    How to install and crack ELDEN RING game:
    First of all, unzip the file downloaded and open xdelta.


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • 1. Unrar.txt – Extract the zip folder and install patch within (use the extractor included or WinRAR).
  • 2. Uninstall any games or program associated with Elden Ring
  • 3. Download EDRI-Menu-I02.exe which is a modern version of the first menu screen and the sound for the game, and unzip EDRI-Menu-I02.exe to any location where this file is installed
  • 4. Unzip and install the game in normal windows installation
  • 5. Start the game and follow the instructions in Play Manual
  • 6. Run the game. Click on register.
  • 7. Click on the start button and follow the onscreen instructions. Congratulations, you have successfully finished your first installation!