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The biggest action RPG in history is here!
Ever had those days you wanted to see how the world would look like if that fantasy action RPG out of your childhood was actually real?
Well, now you can experience all that fun as you take on your role as an Elden Lord in the Lands Between, a vast and grand open world with its own unique setting and experience.
You’ve been lied to.
You were born to a girl who ended up dying in a noxious swamp.
With your life in limbo, you reached adulthood only to find out that, no, you do not exist.
Your childhood friend, Allan, finds you and holds you by the hand, crying out in desperation, asking you to come to this world and fulfill the promise of a fairy tale and a childhood dream.
However, there is an ominous shadow that casts its influence over this world, and the world itself asks you to choose a side.
A vast world full of excitement awaits you in game, where you can create your own Elden Lord and begin the long journey.


Slay your way through this vast and grand open world to clear your name and become the first-born of the lineage of the Elden Lord!


Slice, shoot, and stab with the strength and dexterity of an adult human man!


Take cover behind your shield to avoid hits and attacks, then unleash your devastating special moves.


Wield your weapons with a familiarity of playing the original game, controlling your movements by flicking your finger to the direction you want to move.


Prepare to unleash your special movement that creates massive damage and powerful combos with a single button.


Manage your stamina as you fight against multiple enemies at the same time, and fight even more enemies with the aid of your allies.


Experience exciting dynamics by interacting with your allies and opponents in a variety of ways!

■ Overall Gameplay

The world of the Elden Ring Cracked Version is a vast world full of exciting situations and a variety of places. The game world is divided into three different regions, and you play through them all to clear your name as you level up.
In the first region, called “Surges,” you will explore various environments and battle against massive monsters.
In the


Features Key:

  • To Everywhere
    The freedom to go anywhere and explore any place, from the burrow of a centaur to the cauldron of a wizard, to all places in between, will bring you the most wonderful adventures. The journey to become an Elden Lord begins first in the scenario, which takes place in two places related to the story. This is the only place where the player can readily customize his or her character, or challenge others through battles, though the other places can also be visited.
  • Locations Full of Diversity
    More than 120 areas that contain resources will satisfy your thirst for exploration, from the vast grasslands and mountainous ranges to grim, dark forests and underwater caverns. Even places such as schools and towns have their own unique atmosphere.

  • Build Into Your World
    The areas described above appear as maps to you and others. Your own character will be built through the actions you perform, such as cut grass with a scythe or pick up items or push objects.
  • Your Own World
    It is the first time you have entered the world of Elden Ring, and yet you already feel at home. “Your world.” The face of the land known only to you has emerged. There are no other players, but your adventure awaits you in the game that you yourself have created.

  • Authentic Battle Experience
    We can boast that the battles in this game are “full of vitality and thrill.” Your character’s energy and other stats, such as defense, magic, or agility, can change depending on the actions you perform during battle. Battle helps you to determine your opponent’s movements and make an exciting decision.

  • Take Your Time!
    To obtain more resistance and summon a stronger attacker, the endless hours you spend preparing for battle in single-player mode will pay off.
  • Battle System
    Each of your enemies has its own strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the efficiency of your attack, they may enjoy being attacked or even enjoy a mutual battle. As an action RPG, the game greatly emphasizes on “the thrill of simple operations and the excitement of complex ones.” You can enjoy the comprehensive skills and action of the battle system while seeking to please yourself.
  • Fascinating Updates!
    With constantly updated online elements, the game will continuously offer high-level service from its early start up.

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    This is the story of this WORLD.

    To those who have been, are, or will be, is this world where we can travel freely, where we can make a living, and where we can easily communicate?

    Or, is this world, which we have been and will be, destroyed by God?

    While we have been traveling in this world, we came to a conclusion that was so obvious.

    But there is one that does not agree.

    Because he has been born in this world, he feels as if he is entitled to the result of our journey.

    Every day when we go out and come home, he makes a noise in the basement.

    He only screams at us in the dead of night.

    He only scolds us in his mind, and does not let us sleep.

    This is the middle of the night.

    This is the time when we stop breathing and fall into sleep.

    An Interview with the Author

    I’m here.

    I am doing nothing.

    I have been waiting for a long time.

    Why am I doing nothing?

    The End of the Interview

    I was born in this world, and I am doing nothing.

    Why am I doing nothing?

    What I am doing is living.

    I see people happily being carried by my parents.

    I see people in a rush and flowing through the halls.

    I see people celebrating their major and small success.

    I see people enjoying the delicious food they are eating.

    I see people tending to their business and taking care of their family.

    I see people marveling at the beauty of the world.

    I see the people of this world living with a smile on their face, and love as their heart.

    It is a day of happiness for everyone in this world.

    It is a day of happiness for everyone in this world.

    This is the moment when the world revolves around you.

    I lived happily in this world, and I was always well-liked.

    But now, it is already my 15th birthday.

    I will become a man.



    Elden Ring Crack + Download [Latest 2022]

    Released 10/29/2017




    Arguably one of the biggest hits of the last generation, and still arguably one of the most accessible (and best, as it happens) RPG’s released this generation. It has a great story, the kind you enjoy after you slog through a dungeon for days, and it builds on nearly every aspect of the genre. It is also a horribly underrated title, and one that deserves far more attention than it ever received. Were it the only title in the genre, it’d still be enough, but we’re also faced with similar releases from more modern games, some of which are really excellent, others of which are trite and boring. Thankfully, it’s a pretty fun game, and it has the enjoyable premise of „so, you’re in a dungeon where you’re not supposed to be. What do you do?“ as its highest point.

    I’ll dive into the pros and cons a bit, then.


    -This game really takes the RPG experience into the realm of modern combat, which is both thrilling and a bit old-fashioned. Performing well with your attacks is exhilarating, and it’s also easy to see if you’re doing it right. The game can handle serious simulationism in combat, but it’s a little more casual than The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which I found to be a bit more straightforward. This game acknowledges that some people prefer this style of gameplay, and it includes a mode for those who prefer a more casual gameplay experience, where the dialogue scenes are much longer than they should be.

    -The battle system is also a bit more straightforward than Zelda’s. You can have the camera turn behind your character and watch your enemies die in the background, and you can use items or fight alongside allies. You get rewarded for succeeding, which is important, and the difficulty does a good job of balancing out the rewards with the risks involved.

    -The game has an in-depth quest system that actually has multiple NPCs you can interact with at any time. It’s a bit like Final Fantasy Tactics in that regard.

    -The characters are quite deep, each with his or her own motivations, and they have multiple story arcs. As one of my favorite games, it’s very easy to get attached to and invested in the characters as you talk to them and experience their thoughts.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    After buying this game from the WotEshop I downloaded it and found a logical bug. If I go to NPC > Inventories, it keeps on refreshing the screen (I have a 30 KTP PC). The game keeps on loading the inventories and the characters instead of staying at the login screen. So that I had to restart to fix it.
    The Good: I liked the good graphics of the game. The minimalistic interface. And the colors were well balanced. The Bad: I had a major problem that the game was unable to start (loading screen could never clear).

    Report this game

    Saw this one for the first time and loved every aspect of it. A solid RPG that doesn’t take its time to tell its story, instead moving you along and demanding to know from you next or what you think will next unfold.

    And in addition it has an ultra combo based on parries and dodge in addition to regular attacks. One of my favorite games of all times. The Good: Sweet combat mechanics that return you to the days of 2nd edition (1st edition has also a good combat system but with infinite AP). The Bad: The story is quite short and the guild system outside of the storyline (which doesn’t exist anymore outside of the storyline) is quite boring.

    Report this game

    Great game. Random level events, something to do with every level. Multiple ways to level. Great colors and designs. Are some grinding beats for the leveling items (by far the best aspect of the game), but nothing so bad that it ends for the whole game.NIAID notes a substantial increase in the number of late stage Tbc’s and progressive cancer cases that are resistant to first-line therapies. There are no approved second line therapies. These data suggest that existing treatments are failing in a significant subset of individuals with DS-TB with an urgent need for more treatments for these failing patients. Previously, we identified novel treatment strategies and preliminary data on the efficacy of combinations of first- line TB drugs and these’super‘ multi-drug-resistant (MDR)-TB treatments provide the basis for a new NIAID AIM. A pre-IND meeting has been organized to discuss the IND-ability of Super MDR-TB. Only 2 of 60 compounds met the technical criteria for IND in the open field trials and just one compound progressed to the screen. The first compound, BP109 targets ToxR and will be the subject of future 2PD


    Free Elden Ring [Updated] 2022

    ELDEN RING game


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download the game and extract the winrar archive!
  • If you already have the game on steam or have it installed. run the game and click click and run if you’re using windows!!
  • If you already have the game on steam or you have it installed. run the game and click click and run if you’re using Windows!
  • Run the game and accept a licence agreement for activating the crack!
  • After that, restart the game and enjoy its story!
  • Enjoy playing and don’t forget to give us a like and share!
  • Enjoy yourself!
  • Disclaimers:

    • -The crack provided, you need to install and run it on steam!
    • – The patch DOES NOT delete your current game, if your game is destroyed due to the patch you can begin your game from the beginning

    Fix & Reliability of- Save & Load System
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    Fix some problems if you have prog names and resolutions below 1024×768