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Name Elden Ring
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How to Compete and Win By simple and easy to follow this guide, you can get near perfect and maximum winnings. HOW TO COMPETE AND WIN Step 1: Playing or Capturing Step 2: Mapping of routes Step 3: Skillful farming Step 4: Capturing at the right time Step 5: Analyze capture patterns Step 6: Capturing Capture Patterns Step 7: Masking and bugging Step 8: Hogling Step 9: Use of a flame trap and other methods Step 10: Grabbing Demon Stones Step 11: Abandoning and Returning Step 12: Buying Staff Step 13: Evaluation of Your Player Level Step 14: Clearing your Staff Step 15: Gathering all the Demon Stones Step 16: Don’t get Vulnerable Step 17: Use of Skills and Skills Step 18: Robbing Live Armours Step 19: Don’t Use Staff Step 20: Crystals Step 21: Change of Staff to identify Step 22: Avoid Getting Robbed Step 23: Sandbox Burrow Step 24: Don’t follow a Road Step 25: Don’t Forge Step 26: Battle Enemy Steal Step 27: Player changing without giving notice Step 28: Don’t Steal from Armourers Step 29: Don’t Challenge Armourers‘ war Step 30: Debug your game Step 31: Avoid conflict with other players Step 32: Not participating in Nightmare Step 33: Don’t Push NPC Step 34: Don’t Take the Safe Route Step 35: Don’t Call PvP with Other Players Step 36: Don’t Forge Step 37: Don’t Fight Other People’s War Step 38: Don’t Block NPC’s Maps Step 39: Don’t Buy Surplus Players Step 40: Don’t Forge Step 41: Don’t Ignore Real Names Step 42: Don’t Forge Step 43: Don’t Forge Step 44: Don’t Call PvP Step 45: Don’t Forge Step 46: Don’t Forge Step 47: Don’t Forge Step 48: Don’t Forge Step 49: Don’t Forge Step 50: Don’t Forge Step 51: Don’t Forge Step 52: Don’t Forge Step 53: Don’t Forge Step 54: Don’t Forge Step 55: Don’t Forge Step 56: Don’t


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • ▪ Diverse Character Customizations

    Your character can be freely customized. For example, by changing your character’s appearance and value, you can change the individual plays of your character. There are also character illustrations, and protagonist models available in the game.

  • ▪ Unique Story Engagement

    As you progress through the story of the Lands Between, a group of characters influence your choices and performance. For example, you can choose to help Lyanna or make a pledge to become a lord.

  • ▪ Various Challenge Combinations

    In the game, various aspects of defense and offensive attacks are combined as co-op tactical strategies. Furthermore, through the use of a new system, „multiplayer and online“ and „open ecosystem“ strategy, you can use your character to enjoy various enjoyable, never-seen-before, challenges, and even customize your own hot seat online.

  • ▪ Many Special Modes and Gameplay

    Discover the life and death drama of the character who is sealed in an existence where life continues to repeat endlessly. Fight your way to the richly-flavored experience of living in the Lands Between! For example, a new game mode called „battles for life“ and other new content are added.

    Online Play will be shipped with both a version that supports PVP as well as a mode that does not support it. We apologize for the inconvenience. We will prepare a meaningful announcement on the release date.

    „party with these old souls“ projection image of the game

    How to play

    【Character Customization System Overview】

    In-depth tutorial revealed.

    (Highlights for customization of characters)
    Character Customization Characters are customizable.

    ・Comes with an assortment of different sets.

    ・You can easily combine your own set with others.

    ・Can freely change the look of your character’s appearance.

    ・You can create a desirable


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    Expansive World: • Open and Enlarge A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. • Open World, but not Open World We have decided to let you open a world that is up to five times larger than that of Luminous Arc Regalia and Luminous Arc Infinity. However, there is no limit to the number of characters that can be created, and you can enjoy your own story. • A Variety of Opportunities to Experience New Adventures The world is full of diverse terrains and unique locations with their own atmospheres that change every time you re-enter. • Everything Is Connected Whether you defeat monsters in the dungeon or explore in fields, you can continue your adventure through the various connections that you encounter. • Excellent Performance We employed a new rendering technique for Dungeon Navigation and an advanced model for creating graphic details. We also invested many man-hours in faithfully porting the artworks in comparison to the previous titles. • 5×5 Map System We added an additional map system that can reduce the data load by up to 50%, and that expands the number of available map tiles. • Trick to Check the Most Beautiful Creatures We created the method of instantly checking the most beautiful female NPCs. If you tap on them, you can see an original frame from the game. • Authentic and Intuitive Controls We have implemented new features that will help you deal with various situations in the game. For example, we added a button that will show the current dungeon stage, so that you can more easily check whether you can continue exploring. • Plenty of Actions You will enjoy plenty of actions that you can choose from. The customization of your own behavior includes combinations of various actions and skills. • Fantasy, Fantasy, Fantasy We incorporated the themes, such as using the word “Lands Between,” which places you in a fantasy world and lets you believe that the story is being told by a sage. • Boss Fight In addition to the standard fight, we have also added numerous boss fight missions, such as the battle against the lord of the Hammer Peak. Enhanced Interface and Game Flow • A Unique Menu System You can get to the various modes with easy operations. With the use of filters, you can instantly access the information you want to check. • New Dungeon Navigation


    What’s new:

    PC Show More… Reviews What’s New The PvE (Player vs Environment) dungeon „The Oaken Range’s Feverspit Mines“ has been released as a content update. In addition, we have included the following fixes and improvements: • Fixed an issue where you could not build the ‚The Way of the Elden Ring‘ ‚Dragon’s Rite‘ attachment. • Fixed an issue where you could not obtain ‚Special Missions‘ from NPC servants. • Fixed an issue where you could not select ‚Guild‘ under NEP-registration. • Fixed an issue where the summon rate of monsters was raised when you meet with other players in a ‚Guild‘ on the same server. • Fixed an issue where you could not add ‚Guild‘ members. • Fixed an issue where you could not view guild information. • Fixed an issue where the ‚Vigilance‘ hero information is not displayed after deleting a hero.Q: How do I check for an empty String First thing I am having a bit of trouble with the basic workings of Hashmaps or Hashtables. As an example of my codes: String direc = „C:\Normal“; String[] filesArray = direc.split(„\“); Hashtable ht = new Hashtable(); try { for (File file : Files.list(direc)) { String key = direc.substring(0, direc.length() – file.getName().length() + 1); String value = file.getPath().toString(); ht.put(key, value); System.out.println(ht.get(key)); } } catch (IOException e) { } Now I think the line is marked is where my problem is. When the filesArray is empty the ht is essentially a Hashtable that never gets passed or set so that it returns a null if I call anything from it. Please can someone enlighten me to what I’m doing wrong? A: String direc = „C:\\Normal\“; String[] filesArray = direc.split(„\“);


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