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Elden Ring Product Key: Rise is a fantasy role-playing game for users of both iOS and Android devices that allows you to enjoy the freedom of RPG gameplay while maintaining the convenience of playing on your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. Developed by Interhook, the company behind the critically acclaimed Tales of series, Elden Ring: Rise has been in development for over 3 years and promises to bring you a new type of fantasy game that blends the world of traditional RPG gameplay with an online multiplayer element. You can download Elden Ring: Rise today for FREE on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

The game offers the following features:

1. A Convergence of Worlds

In the Lands Between, unknown threats bearing danger and doom roam unchecked. More than a half century ago, the realm known as the Elden was sealed off. Since that time, only the few able to enter the Lands Between have survived, and none have reported back. However, one day, the heavens above the Lands Between began to tremble. Strange, and incomprehensible screams echoed throughout the air, and seven of the eleven entrances to the Lands Between came to a grinding halt. Even in this state, monsters of various types began to stream in from the seven disconnected regions, hunting for humans. The monster occupying the Gate of the Heavens was revealed to be the Elder God, an unimaginable existence responsible for ruling the entire world. Thus, the time has come for the gates to once again open and the Elden Ring, a defense organization funded by the nation of the Elden, will be formed to stop the Elder God from spreading its influence throughout the Lands Between.

2. An Epic Drama: Join the Elden Ring in the Lands Between

The Lands Between is a vast world. However, a world with a dangerous threat in the distance. The Elder God, who lives in the Gate of the Heavens, awakens again and its influence threatens the survival of all living creatures. This powerful god, who is responsible for the land itself, demands that all of humanity’s souls are sacrificed in order to fulfill its own vision of happiness.

The Elden Ring is an organization dedicated to fighting the Elder God. At present, a team of seven has been created to venture into the Lands Between and stand against the Elder God.

3. Classic RPG Action With a Touch of Fun

A classic action RPG that lets you enjoy the freedom of RPG gameplay while maintaining the convenience of playing on a


Features Key:

  • Remove the limitation imposed on the gameplay by a physical map, a
    permanent map is replaced by a more flexible system featuring a
    map board that randomly changes every time you play the game.
  • Automatic movement: When you play the game, your character automatically
    moves according to the current situation. Environments or enemies change
    according to how you play, and not the other way around.
  • Purchase system: You have a set number of available assets with which to
    construct your own enemy and dungeon, and you can upgrade them with
    achievements earned through playing the game. Purchasing upgrades can
    make a major difference in how you approach the game.
  • A variety of attacking techniques for weapon and spell attacks
  • A variety of actions, skills, and other systems depending on the
    character class
  • Destructible and unrecoverable objects: Every object you can attack in the
    game has a chance to be destroyed each time you attack it.
  • A battle scene that depicts multiple enemies attacking you at the same
    time, and environments that shift depending on your play style

  • A story that unfolds through the fragments that can be received from
    other players
  • A novel that features animated illustrations by professional illustrators
  • An extensive epic story with a graphic novel adaptation by professional
  • Epic Story

    It’s an unprecedented attack by an unknown and merciless enemy force.
    The Warriors of the Swords, the Blue Paladin, and the Elden Knight have
    all been slain. The Lands Between has been abandoned and destroyed, and
    its people are in peril.

    A brand new Elden story

    An alternate Elden legend that places you at the center of its course. As one of the survivors of the conflict, you have the task of investigating what has occurred.
    In the mystical lands called the Between, the mystery of the play and
    passion of the two heroines (YOUNG AND QUEEN) has led to the demise of a
    generation of Elden Knights


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    „I’ll go ahead and say that if you look at the Elden Ring as a fairy tale, then this game is clearly part of the genre of the Grimm’s fairytales. It will provide you with a little monster-hunting, mystery, a little danger and a great future.“





    ◄ Tarnished Games Release Date: 25th of September 2018

    ◄ The New Fantasy Action RPG



    From the creators of the hit series Elder Scrolls and Fallout comes a new fantasy action role-playing game where you rise, tarnish, and become a lord among the people of the lands between.

    What is the Lands Between?

    A land full of monsters and powerful monsters that once wielded the power of the Gods and Lords, but have since been reduced to mere beasts. All due to the dark, chaotic corruption of the Gods and the power struggle of the Lords.

    Gods and lords? You mean gods like Odin and the Nine Gods? Lords like Anphelion?

    Not quite. Orcs, demons, and such are the Titans.

    The Lords are former Gods and Lords that, due to being defeated in the power struggle, are now monsters. There are even many Gods from the Lands Between that have become monsters.

    The Lands Between is a land where the Gods once stood, powerful and powerful, its people seeking vengeance from the Gods, but now suffering the consequences of God’s betrayal.

    This is a story of a young man, in search of the answers that led him


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    ■ドラゴンクエストの復活!■ (2時間リザルト)






    What’s new:


    The game’s story begins with an unusual hero’s dream; however, his journey takes on a rhythm of reality that quickly unfolds. Brave warriors, who embody a willful heart facing reality, fight at the side of the hero, and there are those who are cursed by the truth of reality. In the end, the hero awakens and goes out into the light. Those who had fallen to the darkness, along with the hero, arrive at their final destination, and a new tale starts in the Lands Between.


    Explore a vast world seamlessly connected to a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs. The beautiful MonOrchid Citadel that illuminates to the sounds of the sea and the flowing river that runs through its halls boasts of 40 different areas.


    The cute characters of the game and high-grade illustrations drawn as Mario Kart-artwork come to life!


    The renowned concept artist Shunma Shunsui rose to fame for his distinctive illustrations used in Super Mario series and other related titles. The illustrations featuring Tulio from Final Fantasy VI, Shiva from The Legend of Zelda, Queen Gales from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Sekki from the Athena Project, and more, are reflected in the game’s screen!

    Certain parts of the game are also different from previous works, and the illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano will leave a lasting impression.


    Potentially obtainable artifacts are displayed with a unique item design according to their class, in addition to being equipped with a unique effect that continuously varies in strength. In addition to these, Story progression unique equipment and Story progression unique accessories appear to strengthen your character when applied.

    Luscious graphics with the breathtaking color sense of the game are accomplished using the ELVEN AMELIORATION engine (EAL) engine.
    The game has been thrilling adventurers in Japan as well


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    Wasting time with J2ME

    I just started coding and I’m trying to create a game using J2ME. While I understand some basics of ActionScript 3.0, I need some help. I want to create something like this in this game:

    This is a game in which you need to jump over obstacles. You control a character by the arrow keys on your keyboard and you need to jump over the obstacles.
    Do you know some good documentation on how to create games in this format? The only thing I know is to create an activity and onKeyDown I should call the keyPressed method of the board that I think is the game’s controller. But I’m not sure. Also, do I need to have a class that controls the movement of the character or it’s fine to keep everything in the activity?
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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Features

    1. A huge world full of images that include an open field, a castle with a moat, an enormous tower, and a giant Dragon.

    • 2. A wide range of dungeons to explore, including vacant castles, machines, and military facilities.


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    System Requirements:

    DirectX: 11
    Windows 7
    64-bit (or later)
    Intel Pentium Dual Core 3.0 GHz or faster
    1 GB RAM
    Windows 8
    Intel Core i3
    Windows 8.1
    Windows 10
    2 GB RAM