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• Highly detailed graphics

• Various field maps

• A town inhabited by human, treasure, and Pokémon

• Customize your character and explore

• Build up, use special skills, and team up with friends

• Various special items, weapons, and armor

• Receive special blessings from your allies

• Various skill trees, and you can create your own class

• Interact with the environment and other players

• Various effects when using special items

• Arena Competitions

• Battle for a title and special title

• Various event and boss battles

• A variety of monsters

• Battle for a title and special title

• Various types of materials (weapons, armor, and potions)

• Various types of trading

• Login to your world through the network

• Loveable companion characters

• Exchange items and battle with your companion characters

• Skill-based game play

• Spoilers

• Support for smartphones and tablets

• Support for Android

• Support for iOS


• 80 unique spells

• An enormous variety of maps

• Smart, responsive combat

• A variety of items and weapons

• Various special skills

• Various party settings

• Battle for a title and special title

• A variety of monsters and unique quests

• Loveable companion characters

• Support for smartphones and tablets

• Support for Android

• Support for iOS

• Faithful to the RPG genre

* Features available for the „NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG“ and the „WITCHCRAFT ACTION RPG“ content may not be available in the „IN THE LAND BETWEEN“ content.

Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.

Game Industry Specification Contents


You can enjoy it on your home PC.

Please keep in mind that this software may not be used for any purpose that is illegal or is prohibited by law.



Features Key:

  • A vast open world
    Each character has a unique story and background

    • New Journey System
      A multifaceted story and a quest system which intertwine with each other

      • New Cutscene System
        An engrossing story full of vivid action

        • Battle System for Real Time Strategy
          Underground battles in a large battle maps with a variety of challenges

        • Combat Mechanics for Co-op and Multiplayer
          A battle system which reflects the character power and the right timing in a battle.

          • Unique Multiplayer System
            Online Multiplayer battles with the UnrealTM Engine

          • In-Depth Strategies for Survival
            Visually stunning battle scenes with a variety of weapons

          • A Variety of Female Characters
            A range of female characters with different skills and ambitions
      • A vast open world
        • Explore through vast landscapes and dungeons
          • A host of monsters
            • Battle system for RTS – Underground battle of co-op
              and online

              • Explore the enormous campaign
                • New story, cutscenes, and occasional cutscenes that can only be experienced in the campaign
                • Utilize over 30 Field abilities, 30 Megas and 360+ magic
              • A variety of characters, each with a set of strengths and weaknesses
                • Craft styles and „qoute“ equipment
                  • A wide range of weapon and armor pieces
              • A powerful RPG lifestyle system with abilities and special „fruits“
                • Health, play range and stats per character
                  • Equip and evolve weapons
                    • Gear crafting system – Craft new equipment or customize old gear with materials.
                    • Man-Girl duels – Connecting the characters with your own storyline.
                    • Express your soul in combat
                  • Quest system – A massive quest to further develop your character in a familiar and linear way.

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            Elden Ring

            ▲ RISE ::

            When you finally awaken, the world that was once your own is now filled with terrible beasts.

            You were born into a world that was once peaceful, but the Elden War has now begun.

            Forced to fight against life, you are left with one last choice — to become the Tarnished, or

            the hero of the Elden Ring.

            ▲ TARNISHED ::

            In the lands of the Elden Ring, the Elden War is raging…

            You must choose to become the good hero of the Elden Ring, or die.

            In this game you will use items called Mastery Points as you enjoy the world of the Elden Ring.

            ★ You need more Mastery Points to move forward into the next section.

            Please enjoy the game by collecting items as much as you can.

            ★ Find out more about the contents of the game in-depth below.

            ▲ ELDEN RING GAME ::

            The Tarnished, a hero chosen from the ranks of the Elden Ring, has returned to the „field of glory“ for the final battle, but could it also be the death of him? Now that the Vandire tribe has reached the „field of glory“, their next battle will be against the Tarnished, a hero chosen from the ranks of the Elden Ring, who stands before them with the final solution to the Elden War.

            ▲ GAME SCREEN ::

            On the battlefield, you and your allies have the same „field of glory“ divided into seven sectors. It is a battlefield where the formations, positions, and attacks are all being changed.

            The Tarnished is the light of the battle, while many Vandire warriors form a dark shadowy figure on the battlefield.

            When an ordinary Elden Champion, the Vandire, Tarnished, and Assassin are all present, they can face off against each other in the battle, which would result in a fierce duel among the three.

            ▲ PLAY STYLE ::

            The game uses an action RPG system, where you will be able to use the action of the actions of the character to solve the issues in the battle.


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