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You once lived among the humans, but the life you remember is no more. Now you are a Tarnished, exiled from the Lands Between.
You wander around the world trying to understand the reason behind your exile. All of a sudden, you stumble across a dangerous creature. Do you take it on? Don’t be fooled by its cute appearance!
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The story begins with the hero of this tale, who is also the heroine’s father. This is a tale of power and freedom.
A Vast World

• Open-World Game

• Unique Field Battle System

• Cool Characters and High-Impact Story

Sword Dressing → It’s time to dress up your favorite sword!
You can add materials that strengthen the special effects of the sword.
Unique Fighting Style

• Weak against Light Weapons

• Strong against Heavy Weapons

• Weak against Magic

• Strong against Low-Level Magic

Wield Dual Swords at the Threshold of Madness
You wield dual swords, and even more confidently wield them in places where the average person would faint.
Equip: Dual Swords

• The strength of your special effect is displayed on the right side of the screen.

• An attack power is displayed on the left side.

• Add materials to enhance the special effects of the sword.

Enhance Your Possibilities with the Craftsman’s Tools
Craftsmen can be equipped at level 60 to enhance the special effect of their sword and armor.
Weapon Special Effect

• Whether you use a sword, axe, or hammer, it’s time to unleash your special effect.
• You can improve your crafting abilities as you gather experience, helping you craft to the next level.
• The materials you use are not restricted to the resources you can obtain from the Fields.

Magic is the root of the lands between.
It is the source of power that flows from the lands between.

Do you have the power to wield magic?

① Magic Ring
A potent ring that grants you the power to cast spells.

• A powerful magic

• Master the sword and armor trade

• 100% of magic experience gained is gained from fights against monsters, which has a positive effect on crafting equipment.

② Enchant Ring
An enchanting ring that


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A New World. A lush world with hills, valleys, mountains, deserts, and so on.
  • A New Game Experience. A streamlined user interface introduces a new system that would not be possible in previous versions. Unique story elements allow the player to enjoy a layered narrative without getting lost or locked out of the game.
  • Play Style–Zero Outformer feat.A high degree of freedom, such as normal mode:'Fite your character, kill monsters and complete quests', story mode: with a compelling drama and a challenging storyline, experience the pride of playing as an epic hero.
  • ⓈLess Descriptive, More Shadowy Text, STRINGS are improved to be more subtle.
    ⒶScreenⒶshot has been improved. The game frame's shine has been removed.
    ⓈThe old „Langbook“ has been replaced with Langpop.
    Ⓐa dialogue tooltip is now standard.
    ⓈThe [Buy] button is now blue and has a button stand.
    ⒶThe [Save] button has been removed.
    ⓈThe volume slider can be unlocked all the time.
    ⒶThe minimap was updated to show the save section.
    ⓈThe [Profile] button now has text and is moved up from the tab.

    ⓈTime to be reborn as an Elden Lord.

    A single-player game with an interactive world.
    The powers of the legendary heroes of the Elden Ring unite to form a new story of death and reformation.
    You are a newly awakened Tarnished who embodies the power of the legendary Elden Ring.
    Guide this party through the long journey of life and death to become an Elden Lord.


    Elden Ring With Full Keygen [Mac/Win] 2022



    Elden Ring [Win/Mac] [Latest]

    Exploration Team – A wide variety of environment, which includes many various places.

    New Card Battle – High-performance cooperative action in battle scenes.

    Improvement of a number of battle scenes.

    Complete the world.

    Puzzle – Search for clues in mysterious spots.

    Create battle art.

    Follow the leader and become the new leader.

    Hello Everyone.

    On July 20th, we will publish the notice of the version update of the content patch1. The content update includes the Tarnished, New Hero, and new sub-weapon.

    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.



    Dramatic Cinematic Animation of a Hero.



    An artistic hero with a variety of stylish movements.

    Beautiful VFX.



    The shadow of light and the character of the dark.






    Two heroes with a variety of styles, colluding to protect the Vast World.


    Create your own dialogue with various combinations of attacks.


    Master with varying elements.

    KINGDOM COMBINATION: Sword and Armor.

    GLORY COMBINATION: Sword and Armor.

    FRAGMENT COMBINATION: Sword and Armor.

    Fusion of the Knight and the Baxenhart.


    Creative and flexible expression of weapons that combine.




    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    It is the 21st century,
    the truth continues to be suppressed.
    Those who are put to the test have been captured
    and controlled by a cult of vampires.
    • Fight the Vampires One by One
    Decipher important clues and defeat the order of vampires that are sealed away in the void of space in order to protect the human world.
    Travel to the depths of space, to fight vampires one by one.
    Use the unique combination of firearms and magic to overcome the terrifying vampires.
    In addition to defeating vampires, build a relationship with your partner to prevent further drifts.
    • Change Your Partner’s Sex
    When a vampire is defeated, your partner’s sex will change. Whether it be a male or female vampire, there are 9 different combinations in total.
    • Prepare to Meet the Sisters
    The vampires of the cult of the Muji sect have 10 lives, so when a vampire is defeated, a vampire of the opposite sex will replace it.
    • Change Your Partner’s Appearance
    Buy powerful weapons as necessary to use them on the vampiric friends from the central computer.
    Change their appearance to a hero or a heroine with different appearance.
    • Care for an Innocent Lover
    The vampire has a strong thirst for blood, and as a result, the lover is drained and becomes unable to fight.
    Give her lots of attention to take care of her and revive her.
    Upbeat Music Tones
    The music and sound are also very well done.
    Your Partner is Set Straight to Heaven

    Operation Wagon Train was set up in the middle of the River Land. There were many who wanted to steal the Death Blossom.
    What awaited at the end of the hundreds of kilometers?
    • Fight for Victory!
    War was going on in the River Land for over a year.
    Omens, warriors, and strange magic power flow in the midst of these stories.
    Your Sister is about to be bitten
    • Before it is too late!
    Alone, you will face against an Omnium.
    Encounter a host of rare beings such as Bock, Vamil, Puppy, Glasses, Aru with a ton of different weapons and different armor.
    Challenge the Great School of Magic…
    • The Mystery Ends Here!
    The School of Magic began at the end of the fourth millennium, and it has now left the magic that the tribe


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    1-Extract game with WinRar or WinZip.
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    3-Play and have fun!


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    SessionState failure in Production

    I am getting error „SessionState failure“ when I access a web page in Production server.
    The same page displays the content properly in Development server.
    Do I need to check any setting before I hit the page in Production?
    Is the issue with database or is there any other reason for the same?


    As already mentioned, check the web.config file.
    If you want it super simple (might not work) just add the following line to the web.config. It’s a quick hack, it uses the web.config from the server’s bin directory (which would already be configured for server variables, etc.)

    If you want it a little more complex, you could start with the bin folder of the site that is used most often and add code like the following.
    <%@ Application Codebehind="~/bin/LayoutEFService.cs" CodeFile="LayoutEFService.aspx.cs"


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download the crack file from the emp. or rar file from the online crack boxes.

    Install the crack in the Emp or Rar file and run the game play. Enter the admin id

  • Create a password to save you Win or make another copy to install another version for later crack.

  • remove the crack file after full play or delete the coz the crack file allow another user to crack that game..

  • if you want to crack the 7 day trial, follow the same above process or skip the 7 days trial and crack it.

  • please check the READ ME file and do some tutorial before or after you crack the game.

    Thank you for your support and did you liked the game. Hope you will enjoy the game.

    More power.

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows 10, macOS High Sierra 10.13, SteamOS 18.20, and Linux
    DVD to SD/HDMI
    Dual Core 3.2 GHz CPU or equivalent
    4GB RAM
    HDD (3GB)
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