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Name Elden Ring
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From the 1970s, a time of mythology and fantasy, a group of heroes rallied together and founded the Elden Ring, a guild bound by the shared promise of protection. The Elden Ring’s number has more than doubled in the years since their founding and now includes many different races, calling to life an entire world they have not properly known, and to unite their powers for the greater good.
The game takes place in a world that sees the loss of magic and a further decline in general prosperity, leading to an increase in crime. A young boy by the name of Carl Barbour arrives at a small village in the eastern mountains to find that the head of the village has been murdered. Despite his lack of experience, Carl has a sort of power that provides him with extraordinary abilities, so he uncovers what happened at the village and unravels a conspiracy that could only have been hatched by a group of devils.

The game features a wide variety of aspects that cover a wide range of topics.
■ Beautiful and Highly Detailed World
The Lands Between is a world that has lost its magic. The country has become dirt-covered and poverty-stricken.
However, this is a world full of beauty, full of memories of a life of leisure and majesty, and a stage for a great drama of good and evil.
■ Brilliant Combat Style
The combat system is designed with an emphasis on player feedback and a fluid and active combat system that mixes action and RPG elements, and offers the most immersive experience available for CRPGs.
Players will be in close cooperation with the characters they meet and will be influenced by their actions.
■ Dynamic Hero
On a quest to discover a conspiracy, a young protagonist is faced with his own desire as well as the unknown influences of destiny.
Players will have to ponder on what role they should have, and cultivate their own style of play by forging their own paths.
■ Curiosities and Mysteries
A mystery that has been lost, a legend hidden away, and a vast world full of secrets. Carl, along with the other characters, will venture far from the sheltered village and embark on a journey to seek out these mysteries.
■ Rich Story and An Original Setting
The Lands Between is a world that sees the loss of magic, and a further decline in general prosperity.
In a world where superstition and science are rejected, the true source of sorcery is a great mystery.
■ Dynamic Online RPG
Online features,


Features Key:

  • Isothalian Art
    The Lands Between is a world of fire and ice. The art of Elden Ring
    reflects the essence of the cold winter, and the art of summer, the fire. Elden Ring’s graphics are
    designed with genuine beauty, a design of high technical specs that perfectly imitates the scale of the World

    (This feature requires Japanese Language Support.)
  • Experience the excitement of the war-torn World Between!
    When the tower used to operate as ‘the World Between tower’ suddenly becomes ‘the Tower between’, an invasion
    begins in earnest. Elden Ring’s protagonist, together with the Lords of the party that have been invited, is
    the first to encounter this new crisis. With their support, they reach the tower and participate in battle
    against large-scale attack.

    (This feature requires Japanese Language Support.)
  • Butterfly Sector!
    On what is called an entirely different floor, there exists the multi-layered butterflies of a very
    special sector. When a Lord moves in certain patterns by using tools, they can harvest from the butterflies.

    (This feature requires Japanese Language Support.)
  • The Brave class ‘Seism and Enchant’!
    Asa-Chikara and Jehora-Borera have voices that sound so powerful that they can even overwhelm the
    strongest. For example, when striking the ground, they send out destructive vibrations in all directions.

    Download Information

    Clicking on the above arrow will redirect you to the EULA page.

    I can also be accessed on western platforms

    Through the Steam platform, it is possible to download the game for PCs from western
    platforms including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia,
    and New Zealand. These countries do not require a regional public agreement.
    Dedicated servers for the game are available in North America, Europe,
    and Japan.

    If you encounter any problem such as unstable game play,
    please contact our customer


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    Elden Ring Download [2022-Latest]

    1. Price
    Price differs depending on the region and type of consumer.

    2. Gameplay
    * The cultivation aspect of the games will be released in early 2019.

    3. Shop
    * Release date and information on shops will be released at a later date.

    4. Theme songs

    Release schedule:

    ■2019/10/07 (Mon)

    Disc. 1 – Combat and Battle NPCs in the dungeon:

    – Ordin Vermillion, the leader of the Ordin Knights
    – Ardan, Ordin Knight who is a total opposite
    – The High Priestess Valoria
    – Valoria’s Grandson Maktos.
    – The Golem Artisan
    – Maxin, a boss who is fighting in the battle against the Ordin Knights
    – The Ordin Knight’s commander
    – The Ordin Knight player
    – An actress
    – The Ordin Knight player
    – The Ordin Knight player
    – An actor
    – A Knight 2 who is fighting against the Ordin Knights
    – An Ordin Knight who has a fear of heights
    – The High Priestess’ Master
    – Various other enemies

    Disc. 2 – The Lands Between’s Map

    – Various Random Maps (Reserve one map)
    – Various Random Maps (Reserve one map)

    ■2019/10/14 (Tue)

    – The Arena’s Champion Map
    – Various Random Maps (Reserve one map)

    ■2019/10/21 (Tue)

    – The Arena’s Specialist Map
    – Various Random Maps (Reserve one map)

    ■2019/10/28 (Tue)

    – The Arena’s Event Map
    – Various Random Maps (Reserve one map)

    ■2019/11/04 (Tue)

    – The Arena’s Special Map
    – Various Random Maps (Reserve one map)

    ■2019/11/11 (Tue)

    – The Arena’s God Map
    – Various Random Maps (Reserve one map)

    ※If you are someone who wants to reserve an area, please make a reservation on this page.

    * The descriptions of the dungeons in the Arena will be released in 2019.

    ■2019/11/18 (Tue)

    – The Arena’s Sub-


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


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  • How to Play Online (mode UNDEFINED):

    • In the desktop version and launcher application, select the multiplayer tab.
    • Click the “Play” button
    • Select your Lobby and enter the password

    Region Supporting

    Elden Ring has been tested in the following regions:
    North America: United States
    United Kingdom: Northern Ireland
    EU: Germany
    Japan: Noushokukei, Japan
    Asia-Pacific: Hong Kong
    South America: BrazilQ:

    How do I return to the previous View when passing Data using segue.destination

    Currently I’m working on a 3 screens requirement, first Screen where the user can select(via a table view) to continue to the 2nd or the 3rd screen.
    I managed to manage this task using segues using Storyboard ID.
    I was able to perform a navigation between 3 Views segue generated in my main ViewController without any problems.
    let vc1 = segue.destination as! Vc1

    vc1.somemodel //which contains a model

    func prepareForSegue(segue: UIStoryboardSegue, sender: AnyObject?) {

    if segue.identifier == „BackToMain“{

    let destViewController = segue.destinationViewController as! UIViewController

    destViewController.somemodel = self.somemodel //works fine



    What I found though is that it gets difficult if the user has to manually update the view from the


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
    Processor: 2.8 GHz Dual Core or faster
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: 2 GB DirectX 11 capable Video card
    DirectX: Version 11
    Hard Disk Space: 5 GB
    Additional Notes: This VR game works best with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. For best results, we recommend the minimum recommended hardware.
    Mouse and Keyboard Controls: The game supports mouse and keyboard controls using the default gamepad or X360/XOne controllers. If