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The game will be launched as a free-to-play title with additional virtual currency that can be acquired in-game. You can enjoy the game without a monthly or annual subscription by starting an account with the virtual currency, and you will be able to experience the entire storyline.

Developed by the Legendary Game studio of the Sierra Entertainment, who have developed some of the best-selling games in history including such classic titles as King’s Quest, Space Quest, and Space Quest II, the Elden Ring Game has been developed as an original title by the legendary game studio with a long history.

▲ A Scenario of the Game ▲

​The Lands Between is a world with a curious and dynamic world, where you will have to gather the noble hearts of the Seers to become an Elden Lord.

​-The first quest will take place in the Seft Milch, a village that draws tourists for its extraordinary history of mysterious origins.

-Noble hearts are gathered in the Kompas Island.

​-In the Gobelin Woods, a community of noble hearts is waiting.

​-The passion of the world will plunge deeper into the Dark Forest.

​-Elden Lords will have a showdown in the land full of dangers.

▲ Features of the Game ▲

​A Vast World​

An open world that has a vast distribution of land and diverse nature.

​Enticingly Beautiful World​

An enticingly beautiful world with high-quality graphics and background music.

​Variety of Game Design​

A wide variety of quests, characters, and environments.

​What’s New

● Experience the thrill of an original fantasy RPG!

● Strap your sword and summon a heroic hero!

● Game progress will be saved and shared when you link accounts!

In order to properly complete your quest, we have implemented a variety of world events that encourage you to make steady progress and test your limits.

Please note that there are many points of interest in the world that are not open during day and night. The time for each event is also subject to change.

【 Change log for the 1.0.0 update】

– Features “Elden Ring Game”

– Optimizations

– Bug fix

– Balance Adjustment

* Make a reservation


Features Key:

    – Attract attention with retro-style visuals, blend in with the text and add flavor by altering the colors.
    – Play an epic story with a young protagonist and a vibrant cast.
    – Use the newly added STR of your character as a way to affect your actions.
    – Travel through a vast land where many other players are also adventuring together.
    – Gather both new acquaintances and old friends under your banner and challenge them in combat.
    – Gain a treasure of random items and other bonuses for winning a party full of adventurers.
    – A party full of members and experts can perform many roles that are based on your equipment.
    – High-scale action combat, in which you must enjoy several thrilling battles against some of the game’s most formidable monsters.
    – Deep story and special commands deepen the drama of battle.
  • Every battle becomes part of a frantic real-time boxing match! Use „Furious Charge“ to charge at foes when locked on and fight them.
  • “Do or Die”!
    – If your health is below 50% or the gauge is empty, you will be brought back to your town after a special battle effect and a brief cooldown. This may allow you to play until you die!
  • features announced, renewed support, and new Cities of Gold event!2017-09-06T00:00:00Ian SmithJapanNew features announced, renewed support, and new Cities of Gold event!Rowan – Russian Developer Interview2017-08-16T00:00:00Press Release
    Developer Rowan (a.k.a. Roan) has a new interview with a Russian magazine. The language is a bit hard to understand, but here’s the gist of it


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    > ———————–
    > In the Lands Between—a Fantasy World
    The Lands Between is a world full of life, rich in history and imagination. There is a story behind every blade of grass, and a drama behind every stone. You’ll be swept away by how naturally they fit together.
    • A World of Fantasy
    You’ll be surrounded by spectacular scenery. The star-sprinkled heavens above, full of the spirit of the gods, blazes in a sky full of fantasy and drama. The Lands Between is a world where myths, legends, and fantasy are intertwined to create an immersive world.
    • A Story-Rich World
    Dozens of tiny stories are embedded in the Lands Between. Want to know what happened to the wizard that vanished? Or to the valiant swordsman that fell in love with a fairy? You’ll find out by traveling in the countless stories that people have created in the world of the Lands Between.
    • Explore the Lands Between
    The Lands Between is a vast world full of life and fantasy, and you can move throughout it freely in real-time. The world is divided into different regions, and as you go about your business, you’ll have numerous quests waiting for you.
    > ——————-
    > Birds
    The bird people of the Lands Between are magical creatures. There are many variations of birds, so tell them apart in order to get the right “feel” for each region.
    > Game Animals
    Game animals are different depending on the region. Try to figure out which game animals are the strongest, then go to the places where you can find them.
    > Dragons
    Rise, and release the power of the divine dragons.
    • Sun Dragon
    • Night Dragon
    • Moon Dragon
    • Star Dragon
    > ——————–
    > Energy
    You can enchant various items to receive energy. As you increase the level of your items, the amount of usable energy you receive increases.
    • Energy Element
    > Attribute
    • Amount of Energy that Can be Obtained
    > ——————-
    > • Skill Factor
    • Strength
    • Durability
    • Skill to Enhance
    • Magic to Find
    • Analysis Factor



    Elden Ring Free Download [32|64bit]

    The fantasy action role-playing game ELDEN RING is now available on smartphone devices.

    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.

    Create your own character in an era before the memories of the Elden Age fell into the void. Using a variety of skills acquired from leveling up in the game, you can craft your own way of playing the game and become a hero.

    A multi-layered story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.

    Online play that loosely connects you to others.

    Gameplay ELDEN RING game:

    * ELDEN RING Smartphone is not connected to the phone number and phone ID of the PC version. You can switch it from the Smartphone version if you purchase and download the PC version through the Google Play or other channels. However, in order for you to play together with other players on the same smartphone, your Smartphone needs to be within a range of about 20 meters of other players‘ Smartphone devices.

    Play your own way of playing, and become a hero!

    1. Menu

    (1) Add/Remove a friend with whom you can play

    (2) Play Information

    (3) Token, Gold

    2. Character Creation/Class Change

    (1) Create a character with 6 different classes

    (2) Customize class data

    (3) Class change

    (4) Customize a 5-star character

    3. Skills

    (1) 5 different skills at the same level

    (2) Skill change

    (3) Customize a skill

    (4) Collect Compendiums

    4. Customization

    (1) Customize appearance

    (2) Customize equipment

    (3) Customize equipment (1)

    (4) Customize equipment (2)

    5. Battles

    (1) Variations of battle

    (2) Monsters

    6. Buying items

    (1) ELDEN COIN Item Acquisition

    (2) Items can be also obtained from a raid boss

    7. Raid

    (1) Raids can be


    What’s new:

    Key Features

    Line Graph
    ◎ A line graph is adopted to depict narrative information and items. The color of the line represents the content needed to achieve the purpose, which can be expanded or reduced based on the player’s actions.
    ◎ The diagonal lines form a pool hall, which shows the broad events of the player and background pieces.
    ◎ The lines that forms the Fade to Black and Fade to White will, depending on the fate, gradually be disfigured by broken lines, cross each other, and vanish.
    ◎ You can see the relationship between sections of the story by clicking on the line graph and reading its details.

    Camp and Tavern
    ◎ A place to acquire equipment and trade freely.
    ◎ Invest items and sell them for big rewards at the camp and tavern.
    ◎ The camp and tavern are connected to the main world, and the items you sell there are actually earned in the main world and are different from the items you acquire from others in the camp and the tavern.

    Letter of Address






    Archive (Publication)


    I am an Altruist and I love US.

    The world is not the center, so it’s a waste of time to talk about the future or the past. If you keep playing the game, you can only come to the present with the song of your thoughts. I am a person who likes music that is heard clearly by the ears, and I am happy to be on a stage where you can look up to my eyes. I am a person that can be called an adequate woman. Looking at the scenery on the lantern table, it is time for a candle that continuously shines.

    I like games

    I like games, but I don’t like playing games that are not interesting and I don’t like playing games just to win. I like games that have a light and a fun environment and I particularly don’t like games whose environment is unclear. But I don’t mind playing a


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    Installation Guide:
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    5. Paste the [ARKIT] in the game shortcut
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    NOTE: if you dont use WSOE Please use OBS MOD Emulator to run this game and add this game in OBS MOD Emulator

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    Trademark „Elden Ring Game“ :
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    NOTE: ARKIT is running now but there is some bugs.
    Warning: ARKIT the game is running only in WSOE.
    If you want to use this game in other emulator please use wine and add „wine“ in repo

    If you want to use this game in other emulator please use wine and add „wine“ in repo

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    Thank you for download this game

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    Elden Ring Game Copyright

    Landed Cup 1st Place: ELSD3

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