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[ What’s New ]
• A Freshly Updated UI with Added Functions
We have updated the entire UI in accordance with recent changes, and we hope that players who play the game have a better experience than before. The main update contents will be introduced below.
▲ UI is upgraded to the latest Android design, including an application of expanded search function.
[ Battle ]
• The Time Limit of the Battle System Reduced from 30 seconds to 10 seconds.
• Battle System Added. Battles are shown as a 3-on-3 format. There are the following two new battle styles that do not use smart AI and are simple and easy to understand.
[ Score System ]
• Battles that results in one or both players passing will no longer disappear. When all of the battles in one place result in both players passing, a panel will pop up.
• Players who deal a lot of damage and finish the battle with no HP left will no longer appear in the score.
[ Special Advancement ]
• The special advancements described below can now be used at any time.
[ Name Change System ]
• You can change your name freely. Although your actual name is not changed, the name you use in your main menu is now reflected in game content. This function is available while in a city (Note: Only Cities you own will display this function).
[ New NPC ]
• Gondan’an, a soldier who possesses a special power.
[ Various Improvements ]
• Various changes to improve the game experience.
[ Fix ]
• Fixed an issue where the fighters who were with you in Solos and Duos often appeared as though they were on another map.
[ Bug Fix ]
• Fixed an issue where the character’s HP would get reduced if the exchange rate did not match the amount of exchange with a NPC.
[ Various Improvements ]
• In the portrait menu, the appearance of the portrait now changes according to your main character’s equipment.
• Expanded the number of characters available in the Exchange menu.
• Various stability improvements to the game performance.
[ Improvements ]
• Various bug fixes and improvements.
[ Improvements ]
• Various bug fixes and improvements.

“Fantasy Adventure”
The Elder Tale is an Action RPG where you form a party to fight against powerful enemies, advance to new cities, and gather equipment.

“Whimsical Fantasy Adventure”


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Key Points to Breaking into the strong Elden World
    – Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Golden Legend keys can also be acquired through the quest system.

  • The Main Story and the Main Quests
    Start off with the beginning, and immerse yourself in the heady excitement of the evolution of the main story and the main quests.

  • The Lands Between
    Explore the World Between the main story and the main quests and the various dungeons hidden in the vast world that are filled with excitement and mystery.

  • Heroes Wanted
    Become a hero with a new heroic side quest system, and earn a variety of rewards.

  • Speed
    Challenge the high score in the Online World.

  • The Ages of Fantasy
    Customize your character with distinct elements and advances the Ages of Fantasy, which are represented in a variety of ways.

  • At Last, an Action RPG That Admits Your Creative Impulse
    Review the powerful skills you can obtain through crafting, and get to grips with the incredibly vast enemies you can defeat with your deadly swords.

    Elden Ring will be released for Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and North American users.

    For detailed information on the use of in-app purchases, including descriptions of payments, Clash of Heroes users can consult the information in Google’s In-app purchases support policy > Learn more > In-app purchases support .

    To learn more about the game, please visit

    The Elder Scrolls World, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Fallout 4, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall are


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    “Tarnished, which I absolutely loved, is a must-play for all fantasy action RPG fans in order to experience a truly breathtaking game. The game’s excellent drawing and unique aesthetic world design perfectly blend together with engaging gameplay and fun multiplayer. This refreshing and exciting masterpiece is for all those who want a new way to experience a fantasy RPG.”


    “For all RPG fans who have ever dreamed of a fantasy land where magic exists side-by-side with science, Tarnished is their story. It is a profound and solid work that rises to the level of a true masterpiece of the RPG genre.”

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    Against the backdrop of a deadly ISIS-Al-Qaeda siege on Marawi, southern Philippines war veteran Paul Galang, 50, from Bohol, is tormented by unexplained events and attacks, some of which are too bizarre to be classified as coincidences, not to mention his supposed worst nightmares.

    The reality of today’s Philippines is often far from the collective consciousness of the mainstream. In the human-overpowering confusion, one of the more mysterious phenomena is the presence of military, and even rogue military, agencies within certain communities, not to mention the widespread suspicion of such state-sponsored ‘agents’ that come in the guise of seemingly ordinary citizens.

    These incidents are not new: it happened even during World War II, when Japan’s Imperial Military Police (IJM) systematically coerced the Filipino citizenry to break the law.

    Noted political philosopher and pedagogical theorist Dr. Rogelio S. de la Cruz, the author of War, Conspiracy and Cooperation: The Political Dynamics of the Filipino Resistance to the Japanese Occupation, knew of the cases of Japanese agents all along. But he is careful to point out that the IJM is not the only one to be concerned with ‘native collaboration’ with the enemy.

    The Japanisation of the Philippines was an ongoing process that began in 1897 when the Japan-led foreign forces occupied the country after the Spanish-American War. It was a bold step – the start of a complete ‘japanification’ of the islands — which at first involved just turning the Philippines into a protectorate of Japan, with the nation’s culture and institutions continuously assimilated into the Japanese system. The military exercised this control


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    ? Dominant Styles of Play:

    ・Brave Bombardment

    It is a style of play that places a number of traps in an area, making it vulnerable to attacks from outside. This style of play is great for controlling the territory of a map and gaining an advantage in battle with a large number of traps.

    ・Tactical Enjoyment

    It is a style of play that tests an opponent’s ability to react swiftly while maintaining awareness of the surrounding enemies. This play style emphasizes the view of the opponent to use their vulnerability to attack.

    ・Unit Dynamics

    Unit dynamics is the play style of pitting the enemy against the enemy. The battle lines are drawn and the fight begins from there. This play style gives enemies the freedom to choose their battle plan and opens up a competitive conflict between them.

    ■ Action RPG Graphic Overhaul
    With the advent of the next PlayStation system (next-generation PlayStation), the classic RPGs that established the genre at the beginning of the PlayStation generation have been updated in many ways. The Legend of Heroes series has changed its concept and changed the graphics of the game. While previous titles for the PlayStation 2 had been developed on the Unreal Engine 3, the Legend of Heroes titles have been developed on Unreal Engine 4, and the game graphics have been transformed into the new Unreal Engine 4.

    The new Unreal Engine 4 is based on the prototype version, as the material component and graphics support model have not been decided yet. The graphics features have been added through a balance of hardware and software.

    The upgraded Unreal Engine 4 gives you a wonderful visual experience that will make you feel as if you are in a different world. The first 6 titles under the Legend of Heroes brand have been released on the PlayStation 4, and with the development of Unreal Engine 4, the new Unreal Engine is bound to raise the graphics of the RPG genre in particular and in the AAA category in general.

    ■ Character System Revolution
    The change in characters allows you to easily enjoy and enjoy the game play while taking advantage of the new character.

    There is a character that is born with a single hand, and there are also those that have acquired the body of another individual, such as Eltanin and Rutan. New customization options are also provided to give you the opportunity to freely change the appearance of your characters.

    The face and body of your characters are determined by the shape of the face and body of the individual whose body you will be using in the


    What’s new:

    A gameplay system that constantly stimulates you to find new ways to play. There is no limit to the sort of role playing you can make, you can assume any role that you wish.
    As a new production, the game is full of charm and action, and we’re looking forward to entertaining you with it.

    > October 27, 2018

  • Can I forget to write down the activation information? I mean, I know I can remember, but it may not be clear to the other gamers, maybe some of them will just get away.

    Also, is this the only game that can be activated through the internet? The activation window is just straight away and not time limited?

    That’s how I was told to activate, so I’m not sure, but…

    Select the account you wish to activate.
    Edit the account.
    Set the password.
    Press the verify activation button.
    Set the ICQ.
    Set the mail you wish to receive the key (it’s not a standard mail but a notification email only you can check).

    I have some doubts about the mail I set, because I was told to choose an email and a phone number, however, I just went to the skype, and put the mail I usually use for that, the one I created on my skype. Does this seems right for the activation?

    I now have yet another „playtime enhanced“ copy of Dreamland Chronicles III running on my media server, and I seem to be one of the few people around who don’t suffer from „playtime enhanced“ syndrome after closing the game and returning to it later.

    My offer: if you can send me the activation codes for Dreamland Chronicles III, I’ll credit you +1 playtime on Dreamland Chronicles III: The Lost Lands.

    This offer stands until the end of October. I’m planning on gathering as many codes as possible, so this offer is limited, and probably last a day or two.

    I’m on deviantART account called nerd-fitness


    2004-11-19, 22:38

    R.I.P. my ex-best friend. We used to make games, and everytime I logged in he logged in and we said hello.


    2004-11-19, 22:47

    I’ll give you the activation code for


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    共有的 `*os.File`
    * 标准输入流对象
    * 标准输出流对象
    * 数据文件和文件夹
    * 系统日志文件
    * 用户自定义的程序目录

    > 实际上,这都是编译器需要处理的格式化和转换

    ## 打标的提


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  • Key Features of Elden Ring:


    • The world of Elden Ring is infinite.
    • Vast plains, deep forests, and high mountains invite you to explore and experience a different world for each.
    • Gorgeous 3D environments with a variety of images and maps expand the world and challenge you even more.


    • The world of Elden Ring is imbued with a certain atmosphere.
    • A vast world, in which you perform the strategy to plan your routes in preparation for almost any event.
    • One of the characters says “Contentment rests in the fields of the provinces.”
    • You gain EXP. and learn new skills as you approach state milestones.
    • Take on quests and fight monsters along the way.