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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.65 / 5 ( 1400 votes )
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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion/ Skyrim Improved


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Passionate single player content
  • Original characters with iconic hairstyles
  • A massive map with an in-depth story
  • Hundreds of weapons and items with distinctive effects
  • Customize your character with a variety of different head and body parts
  • Complex and accurate movement/control system
  • Deep netmode battles
  • Seamless combat and character movement between the worlds of fantasy and comedy
  • Action tactics to put to the test
  • Beautiful graphics that put you in the middle of the action
  • Original single-player quests
  • Story of the world:

    The world of Astragon is in a state of flux, and the countries of the Lands Between are changing due to various calamities. Recently, a powerful darkness known as The Lamia has appeared. For the relief of the entire world, a group of adventurers participated in a battle against the Lamia in the Lands Between. However, the moment the heroes collided with the light of their blades, they were swallowed by a horrible space-time rift. In the depths of the rift, they found themselves in a world with multiple realities in which they eventually lost all their memory due to the ravages of time and dangers.
    If they were to return to their own world, the heroes might be sent to an unknown future. Thus, they decide to start anew and create a brand new world from the sands of time in which their memories have dissipated.

    Special boss monster:

    The Lamia (Space World)
    The main enemy of the game. A space version of the Lamia that we all know. But with your newly developed wieldings of the Elden Ring and the power of Utility Magic…

    Upcoming features:

    • An overview of battle statistics such as HP/MP/AP/PP, status effects, combos,


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      „I am a professional illustrator that does works for EDGE magazine, and I am very interested in the fantasy RPG genre.
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      Dear users,

      For the safety of our players, we have updated the game server and version with a new system from the morning of May 19. We deeply apologize for the trouble caused by this.

      We are working as hard as we can and our customer support is 24 hours every day. Therefore, if you would like to contact us, please do.

      Please follow the link below for details of the latest updates. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.


      – New Vocalizer option of the first line has been added.

      – Moreover, the default key assigned to the vocalizer option has been changed to „D“.


      – The ability of freeze on the background music has been added. (As long as you cannot hear the music, there are no modifications on the background of the screen.

      â–˛ The ability of freeze on the background music has been added. (As long as you cannot hear the music, there are no modifications on the background of the screen.)

      â–˛ Freeze on the background music can be disabled at any time by pressing the „SF“ button.

      – The background music has been made more vivid by default.

      – Moreover, the background music has been added in Quick Play mode.


      – As you see in the video above, the UI has been improved.

      – The UI has been changed for the following.

      – The font size of the Messages title has been increased.

      – Please be careful when you chat in touch mode.

      – To change the text color of friends‘ screen names, you can now press the „F“ button repeatedly.

      – The chat history has been added to Friends‘ Screen Names.

      – The game will display Friends‘ Screen Names when you have two or more friends connected.

      – The Font, color, and text size of the „Collapse Friends“ button has been adjusted.

      – The position of the „End“ button and „Confirm“ button has been adjusted.

      – The background image has been improved.

      – The background colors of Friends‘ List and Gifts have been improved.

      – The display of Statistics has been


      What’s new:

      @William Karlsson: THinking about FF11 and wondering if it’s true that in FF13 you can actually lose your appearance completely, despite how it seems from what you said but also from something Sony said on the FF15 thing or whatever it’s called where you have to like download a fantasy 4 cookie to transform you into a monster… if you do lose it that is.
      As for where this community goes though, is what I would like to know. It’s always been a solid-ish community. You know from tons of existing mods themselves that, just like with an RPG, the community builds. It’s where we are now. With the Doom 3 launch it really got quite involved, but the 2, 3 and 4 launch were much less so and it used to take a month or more for something to be released. What happened here was, it sort of exploded in intensity with the Discovery of Arborea, all of this new video stuff. Then I quit for a bit when the movie thing blew up out of control and never returned. And now people are talking about scaling back the community a bit.

      I’ve got nothing against a dev team who stop releasing their game and focus solely on making Tilt brush, just saying that it’s happening in this one. Right now. It’s in the same general way that people have just gotten way, WAY off track with modding and that new Star Trek Beyond movie.

      The Perilous Realm of Fantasy!
      SVN has a set of rules in place that wouldn’t allow the game owners to overwrite the.idea file, and they


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      How To Crack Elden Ring:

    • Important! Before you use [Elden Ring] Cracked, Keep in mind that the online element in this game is very weak and the graphics are very simple, however, that also means it’s very easy for you to play online with others. You must first ensure that your Internet speed is high enough to play, and ensure that your JavaScript has been enabled. A warning, despite these simple graphics, the game has the potential to be slow at times.
    • Installing the Game: As with other BrokenSword games, unpacking the installer should be straightforward. Move the zip file to your desktop or other convenient location, and then right-click on the elfagedorae.exe file and select Explore to unzip the contents into a folder of your choice. Next, click the run button to start the setup wizard. Set the location of the install, the kind of program installation, and any other options such as the language you use or what type of firewall you have, then click next.
    • Running the Game: Double-click elfagedorae.exe to start the game.

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    if your game just wont open correctly or wont start working like you expect, you could most likely be trying to run it on the wrong version of Windows your trying to run it on… If you’re using windows 10… You’re using an older version of windows 10 and need the 64 bit version in order to use the 64 bit version of the game. Sorry I cant help more but see the tutoial to find out what version of windows 10 you’re running, as well as the error message you get.

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    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 10 or later
    Windows 10 or later Processor: Intel i3, AMD A10 or later
    Intel i3, AMD A10 or later Memory: 4 GB RAM
    4 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB or AMD R9 290 or later
    NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB or AMD R9 290 or later Hard Drive: 20 GB available space
    20 GB available space Sound Card: DirectX 11 compatible sound card
    DirectX 11 compatible sound card Internet: Internet connection for game updates and online features
    Internet connection for game updates


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