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Elden Ring Product Key is a fantasy RPG, which currently translates into over 95 languages and releases all the latest gameplay update and DLC, including story content, consumable items and player housing updates every Wednesday.

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October 1st, 2015 – VESTIGE, developer of Action RPGs Gold Saucer and Planetarian, today announces the addition of a new in-game criteria and language to the upcoming action role-playing game: Elden Ring. The in-game criteria includes a newly added “friendly” option in the “Make a Friend” function, and the Zora language has been adopted, among other improvements. The game’s release date is set for early 2016.

The new language and in-game criteria additions are an important step towards providing an enhanced online experience. The new features are currently available through the game’s closed beta test on Android, and will be released in a patch later this year.

As an added bonus, those who purchase the game will receive a free downloadable copy of the Zora language pack.


– Online gameplay for players who share the same Zora language

– Friendship requests can be made by players through the “Friend” screen

– Support for 43 languages

The in-game criteria includes a new “friendly” option for the “Make a Friend” function. When players are in the “Online” mode, making a friend will result in friendly status being shown to that player.


“Zora” is a language adopted from Planetarian.



Elden Ring Features Key:

    AN AMAZING ADVENTURE: Crafted to be in the style of RPGs, the action-RPG module will keep you engaged in the online game world.
    An enormous story permeating a vast world

    THE RUSH OF HEROIC EMPIRE: A world where the balance of good and evil closely intersects, where the fate of Empire is decided. (via player action) – The epic action you expect in RPGs

  • WHEN AMBUSHING YOUR ENEMY INTO YOUR GRASP: Play the fight online versus other players, a real-time battle where you can enjoy your character abilities as well as an all-new level-up and level-up feature. No weak characters who wander aimlessly.
    Rapid-fire action and complex abilities to activate. – A skillful adventure

  • Pre-Sale will be starting mid-September.

    We expect to sell out so we invite you to sign up early.


    20,000 M SP
          1,000 M FK
          1,500 M FK
          – About 1.2C SP  
          – About 1.6C SP
          – About 2.3C SP
          – About 2.2C SP
          – About 1.9C SP

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    One of the most exciting action RPGs currently being developed in the world, Gray_Janus released the first alpha build of the game for Steam users earlier this week. Players who download the update will get access to two maps in the demo; one is a newly made map called “The Swamp,” and the other is a map that the team already made and released in the past, “Old Tristia.”
    “The Swamp” is a new map that the team made using the new Unreal Engine 4, and it will be available in a playable form from April 7 in the early access period.
    The game is set in a world where deserts, swamps, and grasslands surround a vast ocean; the sunny, green, grassy “Refuge Plains” are a hotspot where adventurers will come for activities and battles. The map is divided into two different areas: “The Inner Cornfield” is located in the area close to the plains, and “The Outer Cornfield” is located in the area away from the plains, giving players a chance to enjoy the wonders of the lush plains at their leisure.
    In addition to the new map “The Swamp,” players can experience the same three maps that were released in Gray_Janus’s previous game, Gray_Rise, including “Old Tristia” (a map that was released with the game last year) and two maps the team made but have not released yet, “Tristia 1” and “Tristia 2.”
    “Once the game is released, the feedback we get will be invaluable for us to make the final map,” said Gray_Janus, the game’s director. “The game is currently at an alpha stage where we are in the testing phase; we’ve only released the alpha version of the game so far, and we are gathering feedback from our testers to make improvements on it, but we still have a long road ahead of us. We have plans of releasing an online tutorial so that players will have a better understanding of the games modes and mechanics, and we’ll be releasing the first gameplay video of the game soon.”
    “We apologize for the delay. However, we wish to thank the Steam community and our testers who tested the game for us.”
    The game’s core gameplay is based on the


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    As one of the three main characters, you must rise up as a leader.
    Lead the diverse group of adventurers as they gather in Svarnahora, the sacred land of the Orion Spiral, to seek new worlds and powers.
    In the game of court card, you and your fellow adventurers must work your way up to the top card to escape from the fate you have been condemned to…Join an adventure with your friends!
    (Online play via local network)


    The card game from League of Legends. Allow your friends to play with you. Four people can play using up to sixteen cards per game with a single-player
    To make this possible, we use the WASAPI mode.
    When you have completed your summons, going to the player menu allows you to select your card from a list.
    You can wait until the other player takes his/her card, or you can continue to play with your
    If you want to play with your cards with more ease, go to the balance screen and use the lock/unlock function in
    the back of each card.


    Endlessly raising your nation’s glory to the heavens!
    The demand for speed and power has never been greater.
    In this game you can entrust your own troops, commanding their movements like an emperor.
    In the battlefield you can acquire even more dependable fighting forces with a command system over each individual
    soldier. With easy operation, create your ideal fighting force for victory!
    A maximum of ten units per village, sixteen times your present army will be active.
    Every battle will present a challenging struggle. Nonetheless, you can allocate your available troops to constantly win
    against superior enemies.

    Immerse yourself in the magnificent atmosphere of the battle field, available only for a limited time.


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  • Download & Install
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