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– GameDevStudios
– Epic Games
– Programming: Hyosung
– Modeling: Velly
– Animation: Jack (Epic Games)
– Battle: KOB
– Sound: Mannsgreener
– Programming: Fan Dong-Beom
– Programming: Joonhee Kim
– Programming: Dae-Hee Kim
– Programming: Yong-Jo
– Programming: Seung-Hwan Oh
– Programming: Jihwan Jang
– Programming: Sung-Duck Yoo


Features Key:

  • New online elements and online play.
  • A launch of online multiplayer-game contents ever since launch.
  • The return of a portion of the band that was drawn into the blood-stained spirit country of the Arcane Realm in Dark Chronicle.
  • Various items that change the gameplay of each character.
  • Various items for your living space.
  • Improved battle system and improved PK feature.
  • An improved player interface and graphics.
  • Bright colorful graphics to heighten the effects of magic magic.
  • Dragon Quest Orphen Chart

    • Lv.1-90: Main character, usable during battle.
    • Lv.91-120: Second character, usable during battle.
    • Lv.121-150: Character skill, usable during battle.
    • Lv.151-180: Skill that enhances the power of a piece of equipment, usable during battle.
    • Lv.181-210: An epic artifact, usable during battle.
    • Lv.211-225: Special attack that deals more damage than normal attacks, usable during battle.
    • Lv.226-240: Boulders that deal damage over time to all enemies, usable during battle.
    • Lv.241-245: Battle that thrusts first, usable during battle.
    • Lv.246-250: Skill that permits the second character to use the first character’s weapon, usable during battle.
    • Lv.251-255: Skill that brings forth the strength of the arcane rune against enemies, usable during battle.
    • Lv.256-266: Skill that enhances the effects of items, usable during battle.
    • Lv.267-275: Skill that increases your resistance, usable during battle.
    • Lv.276: The “Philosopher’s Stone”, usable during battle.
    • Lv.276+: The “Philosopher’s Stone +”, usable during battle.
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      It’s easier for me to make connections with characters when the characters look like real people and the world they are part of is very real. The First World is anything but real at first, but it seems to have a good spirit. It’s so worth the price tag even if it’s only twenty bucks. People who are familiar with Japanese RPGs like to expect all games to be at least 75% sword fights. Usually by the halfway point of the adventure you are laughing at the devs for not being able to incorporate a more exciting and more focused action adventure platformer. The combat is fun, but it’s nothing more than fetch-quest-erase-now-get-sword-erase-now-do-that-again. The shop cards can be interesting when they have unique cool armor and weapons.

      As for the issues I have with the game itself… Nothing major. The voiceover is really weak. The story isn’t very good. The graphic look is like that of a much, much, much lower budget game from a country that doesn’t even have a space program. Even the writing is quite poor. For that matter, as a game that you would buy for ten bucks, even if it was up the ass in the gutter, it should be able to provide a good game, but it doesn’t.

      The beginning of the game could have been a lot better. The gothic setting is quite attractive, but the characters and the story are weak. If you’re thinking „Hey man, I like stories like Skyrim… That’s nice, I guess,“ well, then, you need to go talk to your mirror. They’ve got the same plot, but you need to know the difference. The game’s main selling point is the „You can make it. Go, go, go, go, go!“ spirit, but that is only through the third world. By the time you make it to the last world, it’s over, even if you want it to last a little longer. Even in the third world it’s kind of a tease. No character will interact with you that you actually get a chance to talk to, everyone hates you, so that means that you have failed and basically aren’t even in the game.

      It’s like some kind of RPG where you actually fail. It’s like a boring hack and slash fantasy action RPG with no story that wastes your time and tries to pretend it is something it isn’t. It’s like Twilight Sparkle rolling


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      The game has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. The game has been rebuilt from the ground up.

      Please take a look at the new features that you will find in this game version.

      Features Added in this Game Version

      Story Mode added to Summon and Adventure Mode.

      The main mission of Story Mode has been added as: No.1. Do your best to become a Lord of the Land Between using all the best weapons.

      “Battle” has been added to Adventure Mode.

      Adventure Mode has been reworked and is now divided into six “parts”.

      Adventure Mode has been reworked and is now divided into six “parts”.

      • “Part 1”:

      Beginning of game

      Chapter 1 : Discovering the Elder Land.

      Chapter 2 : Beginning of the Exploration

      Chapter 3 : Getting On the Airship and Flying to the City Gate

      Chapter 4 : The Exploration in Mountain Pass

      Chapter 5 : Taking Back the City of Bel-Lamira

      Chapter 6 : The Last Chapter: The War Against the Queen of the Dark Lord

      • “Part 2”:

      Wolven King’s Castle – Chapter 1 : Fire on the Harbor

      Chapter 2 : The Battle in the Forest

      Chapter 3 : Escape in the Forest

      Chapter 4 : The Battle in the Fire Castle

      Chapter 5 : The Battle in the Forest

      Chapter 6 : About Bel-Lamira

      • “Part 3”:

      The Prince’s Mansion – Chapter 1 : The Horsemen’s Route

      Chapter 2 : The Battle in the Hidden Palace

      Chapter 3 : Runaway Battles

      Chapter 4 : About the Planet’s Current Situation

      Chapter 5 : The Battle in the Evil Castle

      • “Part 4”:

      Queen’s Castle – Chapter 1 : Fire on the Harbor

      Chapter 2 : The Battle in the Dark Castle

      Chapter 3 : The Awakening

      Chapter 4 : Battle in the Abyss

      Chapter 5 : The Battle in the Dark Castle

      Chapter 6 : About the Return of the Elden Ring’s Headquarters

      • “Part 5”:

      Elden Society – Chapter 1 : The Awakening

      Chapter 2 : Rescue the


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      Actual Features include…

      • A Massive World
      • Customizable and Exciting Characters
      • Various Ways to Fight
      • Incredible Graphics in 3D
      • An Epic Drama Created from a Myth
      • Character Customization
      • Unique Online Scenes

      To experience the Lands Between – The Elden, seek out the loot ball floating in the sky, right here, right now.

      "The Lands Between" is presented by:

      NIS America, Inc.

      03-20-2015. NIS America. A product of NIS America, Inc.

      "The Lands Between" is copyrighted 2015 by NIS America, Inc., distributed by NIS America, Inc. All rights reserved."

      "The Lands Between" © NIS America, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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      The Lands Between", the official app for the Elden Ring" is coming soon!

      A description of the update will come soon.



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      As we mentioned earlier, the onset of the 2017-18 season is fast approaching, and there will be some changes


      How To Crack:

    • Download and install the complete version of the game.
    • Open your game folder (usually C:\users\[your_name]\desktop\eldenring) using Windows Explorer.
    • Run the “cracked” version of the game by pointing the cursor to the Elden Ring folder you opened in Step 2.
    • Double-click the game file to start the installation process.

    • Follow the prompts to start the installation process.

    How To Activate License Code Free:

    • Logon to your game account.
    • Click “Profile” on your MyPage.
    • Click the “Manage” link under “License Information.”
    • Locate your license number. It is usually in the form “[id].[game_name].”
    • Click the “Activate” button. Enter a License Key and click “Confirm.”

    How to Play?

    Step 1:Input your License Code

    Step 2:If you do not own the full version of the game, the game will automatically send you a confirmation via the mail and you get your license which will allow you to play.

    Step 3:Once you get the license, click on the game icon to activate the game.

    Step 4:You are ready to play the game.

    Step 5:After the game is activated, you can start enjoying the game.
    You can also play the game simultaneously through a multiplayer mode.

    "The Adventure Continues"

    Some of you might have guessed it, right? I’ll never get tired of posting news about Elden Ring, and the world of information about the game continues to grow as time goes by! So keep it up and


    System Requirements:

    Intel Core i5-2400 or equivalent;
    AMD Ryzen 7 1800X or equivalent;
    Windows 10 or newer;
    At least 4GB of RAM;
    20GB of free disk space.
    Some features require newer versions of Unity and/or the Oculus SDK. We’re working to make these available on Windows as well.
    See the System Requirements page for specific Oculus SDK and Unity requirements.
    NOTE: We strongly recommend all users update to the latest version of your operating system as it is often required to use features like face


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