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VideoCAD Lite 2.6.90 [Latest 2022]

VideoCAD Lite offers a powerful and easy to use solution for designing and editing CCTV setups. Find the VideoCAD Lite reviews and features at www.softvac.netQ:

How to decide the number of DbContext instances for each request?

Consider the following Data Context:
public class DbDataContext
public DbDataContext()

public DbSet MyTypes { get; set; }
public DbSet ChildMyTypes { get; set; }

It is used by only one request:
public class MyController : Controller
private static DbDataContext dbContext;

public MyController()
dbContext = new DbDataContext();

public ActionResult Index()
return View(dbContext.MyTypes.ToList());

My question is – how to decide the number of dbContext instances for each request? I know that when using dependency injection, the DatabaseContext class is created once and all controllers that are needed to access DbContext will share the same instance. But this is an example, in real world, I need the DBContext per request. What is the recommended approach for this? Is it a good practice to have different contexts for different requests? Or only one context for each request is acceptable?


You can use Session state to store your context.
private static MyDataContext dbContext;
public MyController()
dbContext = new MyDataContext();

In your views, check for the context in your query like
ViewBag.MyType = dbContext.MyTypes.Any(m => m.Id == id);

//This will be replaced by your MyDataContext
public static MyDataContext MyDataContext()
if (

VideoCAD Lite 2.6.90 For Windows

• Defining video camera characteristics and monitoring line
• Video overview and 3D camera positioning
• Equipping a video surveillance system with a web-server
• Detecting and reporting intrusions
• Line placement for video feeds
• Projecting video channels in the 3D view
• A wide array of standard, advanced and complex 3D objects
• Built-in tutorial and a detailed online documentation

VideoCAD Lite brings its user interface completely flat with our brilliant flat design. In order to achieve this appealing and an easy to use interface, we have made the cabling buttons and tabs flat like the buttons, so it will not effecting the looks of your interface.
* Flat Design * Provides a unique flat design with flat tabs and buttons in a wide array of flat and creative designs.
* Choose from 5 designs! * 15 flat styles and 5 designs. Each design based on a different color scheme.
* Many color options! * Many color options for download. Please choose color design you like from the list.
* 5 interface styles! * Each style consists of different buttons, tabs and shapes. You are free to choose your favorite style.
* 15 design shapes! * Flat style contains various designs such as three-point shape, star shape, etc. To fulfill your design, you are free to choose these shapes.
* Free for commercial use! * It is free for everyone who want to use our Flat UI kit.
Please note that it is a flat kit.
* Polyline Projection * This is a line projection but users can draw various shapes. If you want to make complex line projections, it is good for you.
* Shadow Effect * I added the effect of a shadow, this can be a good effect for a flat design.
* Universal Kit * This is our Flat UI kit. This is exactly the same as our previous UI kits. It is free to use for a personal or commercial use.

Simple tools that will help you create and edit 2D and 3D graphics
This software allows you to create, edit, export and import a variety of 2D and 3D files. It is packed with a variety of tools that will come in handy as you begin designing a project and designing 2D or 3D elements. However, the interface may have a small learning curve, but it will be a short one and your comfort level with the application’s tools will increase over time.

The main elements of the software are 2

VideoCAD Lite 2.6.90 Crack +

VideoCAD Lite is an affordable and powerful video surveillance system design solution for CAD professionals and home/business owners alike. It will provide users with easy-to-use interface for designing CCTV setups, utilizing a set of tools for providing extensive advantages for design and video surveillance projects.
Comprehensive and efficient SDK for VTC Designers/Modellers
All users need a solid working knowledge of C/C++ programming. Nevertheless, the versatility and the SDK capabilities of VideoCAD Lite make this application very useful for VTC designers/modellers. It will offer them with a solid software solution for designing and managing various pieces of video surveillance equipment in-house or in the third party, with a powerful SDK feature set.
Creative/Artsy at its core
Imaginative design is at the heart of VideoCAD Lite. Its interface and user experience are specifically built for creative/artsy projects. However, this asset will still retain its numerous features that could be of interest for professional and home users alike.
The application offers presets for selecting, adjusting and controlling video feed line management or 2D projections, as well as a set of advanced tools for defining video image characteristics, camera positioning, lighting or object rotation parameters.
Extensive documentation:
Consumers who seek to learn about this utility will enjoy a comprehensive manual for better understanding the application’s features, as well as a good list of resources for further assistance.
– Extensive and functional CAD editing tools for designing a video surveillance system
– Cons:
– Unorganized and disorganized menus; PDF tutorials and instructions.
– Slightly outdated technology

CAD Tools for CCTV Systems Creator
– Freeware
– CAS software.
What is CAD Tool for CCTV System Creator?
The very best CAD Tool for CCTV Systems Creator can be a powerful application for designing and managing computer-aided designs for video surveillance systems. This freeware is freely available for use.

CAD Tools for CCTV Systems Creator
-CAS software.
What is CAD Tool for CCTV Systems Creator?
CAD Tools for CCTV Systems Creator is an affordable CAD tool designed for VTC systems designers and modellers. This tool is a CAD tool for CCTV systems designers and modellers. It offers a set of innovative tools for creating 3D models and for managing video surveillance projects.
CAD Tool for CCTV Systems Creator is a design tool for CCTV Systems designers and modellers that is created

What’s New in the VideoCAD Lite?

It is a comprehensive utility that offers both CAD and editing features in a versatile and customizable package.
VideoCAD Lite is a full-featured application that will appeal to a wide range of users. Even if it is not the most sophisticated or user-friendly 3D CAD application, it will appeal to CAD fans and users who might want to try their hand at designing a CCTV infrastructure from scratch, and perhaps project their home into the future.
A good collection of templates, customizable presets and a plethora of features will help users to create their own video surveillance systems in no time. All users will enjoy a consistent software solution for designing a professional video surveillance system and advanced features for 2D and 3D editing. With its user-friendly interface, it will be a breeze for beginners to use its features. However, it will still require a good level of knowledge about 3D CAD tools and CCTV systems.
VideoCAD Lite (formerly known as VideoCAD 3D Lite) can be easily downloaded for free by following this link:

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System Requirements For VideoCAD Lite:

OS: OS X 10.8 or later
Processor: 2.2 GHz Intel Core i5 or later
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 750M or better, AMD Radeon HD 6770M or better, Intel HD Graphics 4000 or better
Networking: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Software: 2GB+ available space
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