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Given the sheer amount of ads and trackers online nowadays, browsing without a tool to block the advertisements and ensure your privacy can be rather frustrating at times. Unfortunately, browser extensions have an impact on your computer resources, particularly if you own a relatively old computer with little RAM. Maiar is browser designed to help you surf the web safely as it comes with an embedded ad and tracker blocker, all that without putting too much strain on your system. Packs features to protect your online security and privacy The app is based on Chromium, so the interface is modern, minimalistic and user-friendly. As you would expect, the controls, hotkeys and handling the application is done similarly to any browser based on Google's open source project. The highlight of the application stems from the fact that it comes with an embedded ad blocker that impedes unwanted content by default. This is one of the reasons why the app can load up the pages faster than similar tools in this category. In addition to ads, the browser also blocks trackers along with those irritating, unexpected videos with audio that automatically start playing in your browser. Allows for secure site upgrades whenever possible A further noteworthy feature is that the app automatically upgrades to HTTPS for a more secure, encrypted communication. Therefore, you can benefit from more protection as your data is going to be confidential when typing passwords, credit card details or when transferring files. You can check out the summary for the total number of trackers and ads blocked, HTTPS upgrades and an estimated time saved on the welcome screen. The first page also includes a handy clock along with the last pages you visited and a link to the Chrome web store. A reliable browser that protects your privacy and allows you to surf the web two times faster In the eventuality that you are looking for a tool to browse the web, but your PC resources are limited, then perhaps Maiar is worth a try. According to the developer, the browser is highly optimized and can load websites two times faster than Chrome.







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Get it now for Free. Maiar Cracked 2022 Latest Version browser is a browser that surf the web more easily and faster than Chrome or Firefox. You can browse the web in peace without ads or annoying trackers. What’s new in Maiar For Windows 10 Discover the new features of Maiar. Use the functions of Maiar to optimize your speed and efficiency. How to start Maiar? 1. Click 2. Remove the old browser. 3. Download the new Maiar. In the future, Maiar will upgrade to remove malware and adware. Maiar Pro What Is Maiar Pro? Maiar Pro is a browser that supports Google Chrome features only. It is more powerful than Maiar, and will be updated frequently. This is the best choice for users who want more features and functions. Maiar Pro will be updated to remove malware and adware. Install Maiar Pro now and get an instant speed boost! About Maiar With Maiar, you can surf the web without limits. Maiar features: Maiar is a safe, secure, and fast browser, it’s built on the open-source Chromium source engine, and is an ad-blocking extension for Google Chrome that offers superior performance, privacy protection, and the ability to block advertisements. Maiar has the power to speed up and save battery life. Note: Download the Maiar Pro version for more features. To install this app, you must have the full version of Google Chrome, Chromium 56.0.2924.87 or later. Maiar Pro Version Changes The main new features of the Maiar Pro version are: Ad Blocking The ads in Maiar-based browsers are blocked out of the box and no configuration is required. This will help you get rid of ads on websites and maintain a better surfing experience. Website Speed Based on Chromium, Maiar PRO has a super fast, optimized performance Online Privacy Maiar PRO has several secure features: The extensions and themes in Maiar PRO are more secure and can be updated. In addition, we have improved the security level, and other features in Maiar PRO, these are: How to install the Maiar PRO APK for Android? The easiest way to install Maiar PRO is

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Maiar is a browser designed to help you surf the web safely as it comes with an embedded ad and tracker blocker, all that without putting too much strain on your system. If you are still searching for ways to browse the web more safely and faster, then perhaps this is the browser you are looking for. Maiar Features: Blocked ads: – Built in ad blocker – No 3rd party scripts – No tracking URLs – No plugins – Supports Http to https – Tab protection – Chrome extension support Trackers Blocked: – No online storage – No offline tracking – No service workers – No autofill data – No device fingerprinting Good for: – People looking for an ad and tracker free browser – People with limited resources on their computer – People who do not want to use a browser that is installed on their system – People who prefer to use the browser that comes with the operating system they are using – People looking to browse the web safely and faster Ads: – Built in ad blocker – Support for automatic images – Support for auto completion of search queries – Built in image compressor – Built in css resolver – Built in css minifier – Built in lightbox – Built in media video player – Built in console – Built in netflix – Built in messenger – Built in reddit – Built in stackoverflow – Built in wikipedia – Built in youtube – Built in dark theme – Built in autocomplete – Built in image browser – Built in browser history – Built in print view – Built in screenshot capture – Built in canvas bookmarklet – Built in direct page – Built in firefox – Built in keylogger – Built in blink tag – Built in google voice – Built in facebook – Built in twitter – Built in instagram – Built in messenger notifications – Built in imgur – Built in amazon – Built in microsoft – Built in direct youtube – Built in microsoft store – Built in news – Built in dictionary – Built in alexa – Built in google – Built in reCAPTCHA – Built in line numbers – Built in line zoom – Built in inspector – Built in developer tools – Built in map – Built in undo – Built in copy 2f7fe94e24

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– Protect your online safety and privacy – Embedded ad and tracker blocker to limit ads and improve page loads – Auto upgrade to https – Allow for secure site upgrades – Show last 10 tabs visited – Check your clock on the home page – Automatically launch home page with https – Protect your information and security – Save data using less memory – Save time on the website – Protected by own privacy policy – Improve your security with the browser – Fast, simple and safe – Auto-update – Works on all popular browsers – Safe on all devices – Secure and fast – Works on your desktop or mobile – Based on Chromium and open-source software – Cloud browser – Supports https – Automatic upgrade to https – Fast and easy to use – Loads fast – Autosaves data by less memory – Incognito mode – Proxy mode and clear cookies – Brave Safe Mode – Keyboard shortcuts – Various themes and colors – MD5/SHA1 check – Add-ons for further options – Auto-upgrade to https without notice – Other settings – Censorship tools – Advanced settings Privacy Badger is the most comprehensive privacy extension for modern browsers. Use it to protect your right to privacy when you browse the web. Features: * Autoplay blocking * Autoform filling protection * Autoplay rate limiting * Captcha protection * Address-based ad-blocking * Zero-configuration * Most of these features are deactivated by default for a more secure browsing experience. Practical Use Privacy Badger is a free add-on for Google Chrome (and Chromium-based browsers like Opera), Chromium, Firefox, and Brave, which means that you can use it for free. With Privacy Badger, you can: * Keep your web browsing habits private without having to worry about malware on websites * Prevent online marketers from tracking you with cookies * Avoid online advertising * Keep your browsing safe from free, ad-supported websites * Protect against websites that secretly log your keystrokes Use on mobile Although Privacy Badger supports desktop browsers, it may not have as many features on mobile. You can use Privacy Badger to browse the web safely with the following features: * Blocks trackers * Blocks the „Like“ button * Blocks in-text links to external websites * Blocks

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Combining modern features with easy to use, and relatively strong security, Maiar is a solid tool that secures your privacy and allows you to surf the web at more reasonable speed. Sponsored links are advertisements provided by the advertisers to help the site maintain feature as described in our Advertiser Disclosure. You can learn more about the ad section here. Now, you can check out the app in the Google Chrome web store. Looking for a Responsive Suite for any Business? Are you tired of spending a fortune on CRM Services for your Company? Then, Sitepick should be your next choice. Sitepick lets you personalize your experience with one-click for free and no continuous updates. More on Sitepick: Sitepick is the only CRM which is free for Companies with 10 or more users, and no continuous updating, it is a best choice for smaller size companies. Most of the CRM services charge monthly fees, Sitepick however offers the service free of cost (no cost at all). Each time you add more users to your account, you need to pay only 10€, while the older versions of Sitepick only charged 5€. Sitepick Features: – According to the company, sitting in a large database is not a problem at all. You can easily export or import your data from other CRM that you already use and Sitepick will import them automatically. No matter how much data you have, you can import the data with just one click. – You can add and share contacts seamlessly and make recommendations (just like Facebook). – From launching the app, you can start using it right away and no more training is necessary. With the Sitepick app, managing your contact list will be very easy, even if you have never used a CRM before. – You can easily use it on multiple devices at one time including your mobile phone. For example, you can take a call from your friend and manage your tasks, calls and messages at the same time from your phone. – You can also access and adjust your data from any device that has an internet connection. – With the help of Sitepick, you can easily add new contacts to your account and you can also sort them based on different parameters such as company, mobile number and social network. – The price of Sitepick doesn’t include the service you will receive with

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Supported OS: Windows 7 (SP1) or later 32-bit or 64-bit Memory: 1 GB RAM 2 GB RAM or more Graphics: 128 MB of RAM Windows 10 DirectX®: Version 11 Storage: 2 GB available space How to Play: Please register the game first. Then you will be redirected to the download page. Thank you! Also known as: Multiplayer Explore a huge virtual world with thousands