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Established in 2013 by Yuzo Kano, studio President and Founding CEO of Granzella Ltd., and Jun Iwasaki, best-selling game designer at Granzella Ltd., Hitmaker, the company that he founded, I was chosen as executive producer. Along with Mr. Jun Iwasaki, I was involved in developing the game’s story and characters. The hit PSP Fantasy RPG developed by developer Hitmaker, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch™ on July 25, 2019 in the Americas and Europe! Elden Ring Online: The new fantasy action RPG is updated daily on Nintendo Switch™. If you experience a connection or encounter technical issues, you can still play by visiting the Web site. About the game: The earth has split into the Lands Below and Lands Above. Members of a race known as the Elden Ring are banished to the Lands Above. Now, those who seek to overthrow the divine rulership of the Lands Below have risen, intent on bringing death and disaster to the Lands Above. The only way to save the Lands Above is to awaken the power of the Elden Ring, and challenge all-powerful Lord Malistaire. But first, you must travel to the Lands Between, a vast world where the lands intertwine with each other, and discover the mystical “Seeds of Dawn.” As you explore the world, a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs will appear, with every quest and item adding to the feeling of vastness. You will gradually find yourself ascending the ranks of the Elden Ring, and will face off against the mysterious and powerful Lord Malistaire. Map View of Open Ground In the Lands Between, you can select one of the four classes, each with its own characteristics. Elden Knight: An elite warrior who is a master at wielding both sword and shield. Elden Berserker: An aggressive beast who loves to fight. Elden Mage: An expert at magic, able to use elemental magic. Elden Thief: A dark and mysterious thief who steals magic items. By combining the different classes, you can create a custom party with any combination of characters. Side View of Huge Dungeon Familiar Elements The Lands Below and Above consist of huge quantities of data. Because of this, events


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Creative Action RPG

    The magic you use is linked to your character. You can be strongest with a unique strategy based on magic use by yourself. You can also create a strategy to give your character the strength that is suitable for a party. You are free to choose a party and strategy that suits your play style.
  • Masterful Action Scene

    The most demanding, hilarious and difficult battles await you in the deeply instilled world of the Lands Between. There are numerous enemy types, but only the highest-level armies attack on a large scale, and only the most powerful warriors can be called upon to fight.
  • 3D Graphics for Tactical Battles

    Elden Ring captures the action scene in incredible detail, dramatically reinforcing the experience of battles.
  • Intelligent Character Development

    You can develop the character that suits you best based on the level system and customize it according to your play style.
  • Fantasy Setting

    Elden Ring is set in the mythical Lands Between (c. 4,000 B.C.E.), where humans and elves coexist. Elves are a peaceful people, but they use powerful magic to retain their independence. The lonely and numberless humans live in despair, but they secretly use magic to flee the tyrannical humans.
  • A Variety of Weapons

    Weapons are collected as you explore the Lands Between, so it is possible to enjoy them by engaging in fierce battles. The powerful skills of each weapon are different, so it is possible to take on various enemies and enjoy the thrilling battles.
  • Talent Skills

    You can learn new skills to enhance your characters as you progress. It is possible to change your characters according to their improvements, and you can strengthen your characters by learning high-level skills.
  • Balanced and Intuitive UI

    The clear UI allows clear instruction of skills with less confusion. It is possible to easily direct your physical and magical attacks in real time.
  • Beautiful Music, Sound, and Effects

    Elden Ring captivates with a combination of the music, sound, and effects. The game


    Elden Ring Free Download (Final 2022)



    Elden Ring Free Download [Latest-2022]

    1) Player If you would like to play Risen 2 or the Visceral Edition with English Localization, please download the provided application installer (64-bit version recommended) and verify your account information and payment information in the Risen 2/Visceral Edition installation page. In addition, if you would like to play with a Physical Edition of the game, please download a Physical Edition installer (64-bit version recommended). 2) Character Information This game is a single player game. Before you can begin to play the game, you will be required to fill in your character information. Note: The information that appears on the screen is your character information. Also, you can only change your character information once after you have started playing. General Information * All prices are in Japanese Yen. * “Display Name” is the data that appears on your character after a login is completed. * “Display Order” is the order at which your character appears on the list screen. * “Standard Inventory” is the inventory of items that can be equipped to your character. You can use the “Set Items” button to equip different items to your character. Please note that you cannot carry weapons and armor that are too heavy, and that once you have put on an item, you cannot take it off until you change the item. * “Equipment Slot” is the slot that is used to equip items. * “Save Slot” is the slot that is used to save items. * “Custom Slot” is the slot that can be set to use your own functions. * “Tracking Point” is the navigation mark that is used to move from Point A to Point B (through the following order). * “Skill Point” is a score that you receive as you complete certain objective actions. * “Track” is the navigation mark that is used to move within the world (through the following order). * “Objective Point” is a score that you receive as you complete certain actions while using objectives. * “Sector” is the area of the map that is displayed on the screen. * “Area” is the area of the map that is displayed on the map screen. * “S


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Cannot be installed on the PS Vita system.

    Killthulhu Bubble makes its PS Vita debut screenshot

    Read more…Brandon Sheffield Vita Game Review: Killthulhu Bubble2013-01-22T09:32:00Z2013-01-22T09:32:00Z

    Killthulhu Bubble, the upcoming PS Vita game from bubble.

    Bubble was the game that sparked my interest in the latest incarnation of Sony’s portable gaming devices. Along with party dating sim, Fancy Pants, Doki Doki Literature Club, and Vinny Fat, the Bubble Kid, it’s one of my favorite portable titles to ever exist. Oh, and I’m


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    If your friends asks about this game „Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring,“

    and you have this and you tell them that it is „A new fantasy action RPG.“

    Thats just wrong!

    To get over your delusion you have to go for the truth.

    The truth is that’s not only a new fantasy action RPG, it is a fantasy action RPG game.

    The truth is that’s not only a new fantasy action RPG, it is a fantasy action RPG game.

    The truth is that’s not only a new fantasy action RPG, it is a fantasy action RPG game.

    The truth is that’s not only a new fantasy action RPG, it is a fantasy action RPG game.

    The truth is that’s not only a new fantasy action RPG, it is a fantasy action RPG game.

    The truth is that’s not only a new fantasy action RPG, it is a fantasy action RPG game.



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Minimum Specifications: Processor: i3 CPU with SSE4.1 support Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-bit) Video: Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics device with Pixel Shader 2.0 support 32MB or greater Video RAM WDDM driver Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) support Operating System: 32-bit Graphics Driver: The latest NVIDIA® or AMD® graphics driver is recommended. Microsoft® Windows® 8.