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OpenLayers 3: Keep selected vector type (string versus byte) by clicking the vector control

I’m building a mapping system with OpenLayers 3. It shows a map with a selected vector via an icon on top of the map like the one in the following picture:

The icon is a character from the vector data source like „O“ for the yellow vector. On the left side of the icon in the picture is an ellipse with a small flag icon. This is some kind of selection indicator and on right side of the icon is a selector to select the vector with (string versus byte data type).
The problem is, that when I click on the vector to select it, the type of the vector has to be changed from string to byte. But in reality, the change is a click a area of the vector, because I change a certain pixel of the vector. This is not what I want. In the second case the pixel must have been changed without clicking.
For example when I click on the character „O“ (yellow), the type of the vector is changed from „O“ (string) to „1“ (byte).
I searched online for a solution but I didn’t find any. For example in this topic a user changed the type of the vector to byte in one click. But in my application, when I click with one hand I want to change the type in a click area, not on one pixel.


Solution is quite simple!
You need to handle change event on this control. For example if your element has class’show-selector‘ you need to add this code to function change:
function change() {
if (this.selectT) {
this.selectT = null;
} else {


AutoZIP® II is a reliable compression and archive management utility ready to assist you in creating and decompressing archive files. Combining ease of use with advanced functionality, this application promises to provide high compression rates and multiple platform support.
Assortment of supported formats
One of its most important advantages is the variety of formats that it is compatible with. It can output popular archive types such as ZIP, 7Zip or TAR, as well as more special formats, such as WIM, BZip2, GZip or Xz.
The range of formats it can read is more generous. Along the aforementioned formats, it includes files such as RAR, CAB, DMG, MSI, ISO, ACE, ARJ, CHM, CramFS, DEB, FAT, HFS, IHA and the list does not end here. Self-executable archives are also supported. Therefore, AutoZIP II can handle an assortment of file formats, which makes it a serious competitor to other similar tools.
Explore, modify, create and decompress archives
The application features an Explorer-like interface where you can browse your computer and use common file manipulation options to copy, delete, move, rename files or create folders. Furthermore, it automatically detects the location of the Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive folders, displaying a new tab for each to facilitate access to files.
Creating a new archive is very easy, since all you have to do is select the files to compress and use the dedicated option in the right-click menu. On the downside, you cannot do this with AutoZIP II from the Windows context menu, since the application does not feature shell integration.
Archives can be opened, explored and modified without decompressing and new archives can be created for any files that are already stored in a compressed file. For security reasons, you can assign a password to your archives.
Professional support
The program is also able to integrate with popular services, including Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive. Users can also set up scheduled backup jobs.
A worth-having compression utility
AutoZIP® II is a good alternative to more popular compression solutions, providing a generous feature set, including multiple volume split options, archive merging, task scheduling and email sending. While it is easy to work with, having it integrated into Windows‘ right-click menu would be much more comfortable for every user.
Download AutoZIP II and other software demos


AutoZIP II License Key


If you want to help other people keeping their documents uncluttered and safe, you would appreciate the well-designed and functional locker that is Lockerz. This well-known document storage option, which is now offered as a widget and standalone application, promises to provide both security and access to your private files. It enables you to encrypt all the data and folders on your computer and makes them inaccessible without a secret password. This way, you can share them with your friends or even the whole world. At the same time, it does not mess with the usability of your computer, so you can continue to use your PC as normal. This is why Lockerz is a good choice to store all the documents that you do not want to forget.
Encrypted and password-protected storage
When the program launches, you will be asked to confirm the name of the file to which you want to add a password. Next, you can also add a safe file name, which will automatically be replaced with a randomly generated alphanumeric password. And since your documents can be named, you can name your chosen file with any name of your choice and then tag it to mark it as a private file.
The actual storage can be password protected as well. If you want to, you can assign passwords to all the folders that are available in the list or to a specific one, so you can share the folders by assigning the same password to each of them. All of them can also be password protected individually.
Storing the files in Lockerz can be very convenient, since there are many other folders you can store your encrypted private files on. This application will make it easier to find a designated place to store all the documents you need to be confidential.
To unlock your documents, you can either enter a password or log into the program. If you are logged in, you can see your documents in the files list and you can work with them with no limitations. This is how you can edit your documents and view other files and folders without providing the password.
Your files are encrypted by using the best encryption algorithms that are currently available. With Lockerz, you can be sure that no third party can access your files.
How safe is Lockerz?
Lockerz is based on open-source technology that does not require any special antivirus software. It does not perform any background scan of the files stored. This means that Lockerz cannot cause any damage to your documents, and

What’s New In?

AutoZIP II is a compression utility with advanced features. Working on multiple platforms including Windows, macOS and Linux, this program offers a versatile range of options. One of the best features is that you can easily create and archive multiple volumes, and easily merge them into one archive file. With this utility, you can easily create a ZIP archive, CAB, DMG, ISO, WIM and more archive files. What’s more, you can access any of your archive files from any of your storage destinations. You can also use this program to unzip archive files, which will return your files in the form of any of the supported file formats. Other features include file or folder renaming, zip password protection, archive merging and even tagging and emailing your compressed archive.
What’s New
Version 1.2.0:
– Fixed: Empty Volume Problem
– Fixed: Drag and Drop Problem
– Fixed: Email Notifications
– Fixed: Crash Problem
– Fixed: Help file issue
– Fixed: Merging of Volume
– Fixed: Run in Terminal
– Fixed: Rotated Volume
– Fixed: Shell Integration
– Fixed: Memory Leak
– Fixed: Minimize to Tray
– Fixed: Profile Saving
– Fixed: Video Codec Support
– Fixed: Accessibility Settings
– Fixed: Thumbnails not updating
– Fixed: Volume/Folder Modeling
– Fixed: Create Volume
– Fixed: Create Volume dialog Issue
What’s New in v1.3.1
– Fixed: Window Shadow
– Fixed: Stream Error
– Fixed: Problems with Profile Installation
– Fixed: Problems with Saving the Windows Registry
– Fixed: Download Error
What’s New in v1.3.2
– Fixed: Control panel issue
– Fixed: Reset Decompression Profile option
– Fixed: GPU Acceleration Settings
– Fixed: Uninstaller
– Fixed: Notifications
– Fixed: Problems with Videos
– Fixed: Installer message
– Fixed: SUBSYSTEM:Installer
– Fixed: Force Close issue
What’s New in v1.3.2.1
– Fixed: Unable to create folders
What’s New in v1.3.3
– Fixed: Problems with File Renames
– Fixed: Various Issues
What’s New in v1.3.4
– Fixed: Problems with Password Protection
– Fixed: Problems with Unzipping
What’s New in v1.3.5

System Requirements:

Supported OS:
For Windows 64-bit, support will be limited to 32-bit versions of DirectX. This version will not support Windows XP.
Supported Direct3D Version:
DirectX 9 and DirectX 10
Two Different Game Modes
Classic Mode (Newtonian timing)
Weird Mode (Tune the game to your personal wackiness)
Normal Mode (Easy)
Hard Mode (Extremely hard)
Mouse Support