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The MIDI format name stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Your PC has the facility to play MIDI files ( .mid file extension ) via the Sound Card. The Sound Card has 128 built in MIDI Musical Instrument sounds.
You can take one the Classical Piano MIDI files and change the instruments to Banjo, Bagpipes and Steel Drums – as you wish!







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In the state of the art of MIDI sequencer applications, AJT MidiMod has been designed for the needs of those who are using MidiMod Sequencer. In this program you’ll be able to use complete MIDI Synthesizers, Controllers, Channel switching, MIDI Tracks, Program change, Arpeggios, Octave Up/Down, Escapes and much much more to create a complete MIDI File for your Music Library, or if you have the sound bank it, it will create a new MIDI bank.
AJT MidiMod Features:
– 6 different Midi Synthesizer
– 16 different controllers
– 3 different pedal arrangements
– MIDI Track
– Instruments can be placed in different locations
– Octave Up/Down
– Arpeggios
– Escapes
– Lyrics Editor
– MIDI song
– Audio pitch bend
– Audio volume
– 32 sounds from that same MIDI file bank
– 128 built in MIDI instruments
– MIDI sound book:
Now you can hear every type of Electronic Piano! From the „Grand Piano“ to the „Chapman Stick“.
– MIDI Sound Bank:
– 3 different drum kits!
– 60 different sounds in the beats of the rhythms.
AJT MidiMod Screenshots:
You can find more screenshots at the following address:

With AJT MidiMod you can capture
– Single notes
– Groups of notes
– MIDI Program changes
– MIDI Track changes
– MIDI Arpeggios
– MIDI Lyrics
– MIDI Chords
– All these actions can be stored in a.mid file and you can edit them from the AJT MidiMod’s main window.
You can open any text (.txt) document to edit it.
You can also use the Audio Editor feature to make the changes you wish to the.mid file.

AJT MidiMod Videos:
You can find video tutorials at the following addresses:

AJT MidiMod

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Version 4.1 – Released on: 11th May 2015
Add new full feature MIDI Music Sheet Editor to the top of MIDI editor – for adding MIDI Sound files – for your music files – for editing Music to be loaded into your PC – into the MIDI editor – for editing your MIDI files
‚.mid extension changed to.midx – this is to allow short cuts to keyboard button options when editing your music
– Different tune: fixed a problem with this MIDI file. It was a mistake with my type-in of the song when I created it.
– To address a bug with this MIDI file, I changed the Song Title.
– Added a license at the end of this file.
– Removed the conversion that was used to create this MIDI file from a music sheet – this is taken in the Time Signature box.
– Added a few extra explanations at the top of the MIDI Editor in the Help menu to better explain things to the beginner/intermediate keyboard player.
– Minor alterations to the keyboard buttons.
– Some minor corrections to where MIDI in the song and some corrections to the programme list and credits at the end of the file.
– I have to thank my friend Melody from’‘ for correcting some mistakes I made in this file.
– You can have a look at Melody’s video in this Midi Mod, which shows Melody’s Music Sheet Editor is a useful alternative to the stock ‚MIDI Editor‘ that comes with your PC.
Link to Melody’s video at:
Link to Melody’s Music Sheet Editor at:

Melody’s Music Sheet Editor:

What’s this version 4.1?
I added a new music sheet editor into the MIDI music editor. This version is in writing, as I have added the option to write a music sheet in a new section of the editor. You can write a music sheet in this section – or you can use Melody’s Music Sheet Editor – as a smaller alternative to the Music Editor which comes with your PC. You can see what Melody’s Music Sheet Editor looks like in her video.
Under this new section of the Music Editor – I am going to have a song, Song Name – and then put all the instruments or MIDI files into

AJT MidiMod Crack + Free Download [Win/Mac]

The ajtmidi.exe is a free MIDI Editor and MIDI Chord Pad for Windows. The ajtmidi.exe enables you to edit, add, delete and copy Midi Notes, Chords, Arpeggios and Patterns.
The ajtmidi.exe runs without any installable plugins, so the MIDI Editor contains all features that are in a complete MIDI Editor. The ajtmidi.exe can edit most of the Midi

MIDI Exchange is designed as the perfect tool for inter-operability with other MIDI Exchange enabled applications.
It comes with a collection of 37 different MIDI files and it will upload and download the MIDI, MIDI-X files from your hard drive.

Advanced MIDI Cloning software for Windows! MIDI Cloning software is an advanced software tool for creating MIDI files from a MIDI file or samples.

Advanced MIDISTRIPPER software for Windows. Create your own Cased midi files from your old midi files, and extract the track information for editing old midi files. With powerful options to extract different events from the MIDI file as you wish.

Advanced MIDI Resident BLUE software for Windows. MIDI Resident BLUE can be used as a standard midi sequencer, as a high performance midi recorder, or as a function generator – all at once.

Audio Editor is a powerful sound editor and sampler for Windows. Play with thousands of musical instruments, create your own sounds, add effects and mix sounds together. Create professional sounding effects like reverbs, delays, reverb guitar, vst effects, reverbs, phase shifters, echo chamber. Use state-of-art WYSIWYG audio editor to remove unwanted noise from any part of audio clip. Select and remove noise from the beginning, the middle or the end of your audio files. Choose any frame as noise marker and apply effects as you wish. Apply Normalize function to give your sound a realistic sound. Remove clicks from your recordings with negative click. Add your own name and description, and send your file as WAV, MIDI, MP3, AAC and MPC.

Audio Editor is a powerful sound editor and sampler for Windows. Play

What’s New In AJT MidiMod?

It is a Real Instrument with a Preset MIDI pitch, play time and volume. When you play the Instrument it plays the same as if the Instrument had been played in Real time. You play it like you would with a real Instrument.

AJT MidiMod Description

AJT MIDI Art is a special midi playing program that allows the user to experience the Midi Play System. With AJT MIDI Art, you can take any rhythm MIDI file and make it play like a real instrument. With two click in the editor you can record your own Midi Play, press the record button and the musical notes will be recorded and saved in a.mid format file.

AJT MIDI Art allows you to play any rhythm MIDI file on any MIDI sound card. For example you can use the.mid file of the classical piano and turn it into a real classical piano on any MIDI sound card.

AJT MIDI Art enables you to play any rhythm MIDI on a Real Instrument with the Real Instrument Sound. The recorded MIDI can be used for any purpose. It is not limited to any MIDI sound card. You can use it on any MIDI sound card without any problem. It has Midi files for Piano, Clarinet, Organ, Flute, Bagpipes, Accordion, Guitar, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone and a wealth of other instruments.

AJT MIDI Art enables you to record your own real instruments for later study or experimentation. It also enables you to record yourself playing a real instrument and turn it into a MIDI File.

AJT MIDI Art allows you to go further than other Midi playing programs because it does everything. All the Midi playing programs allow the user to play rhythm MIDI files. AJT MIDI Art does more. It allows you to play many other real instruments and turn them into rhythm MIDI files that can be used for any purpose.

With AJT Midi Art you can use the Midi files you find on the internet or download in our homepage to create your own Midi files. You can save the MIDI files of these instruments on your hard disk to use them later in the rhythm MIDI or for recording your own instruments on your sound card.

AJT MIDI Art is written in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash. It is very fast and very simple to use.

AJT MIDI Art is a music information mapper which allows you to record and playback many of the most common

System Requirements:

Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit)
Mac OS X 10.7 or later
How to Download
Click Here
Input the email and download link on the page you are redirected to
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