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The name R4M stands for Read 4 Me. R4M application was designed to free up your time on reading documents and emails. R4M is good for proof reading and capable to read text from clipboard or any pasted text into text window.
This software has been tested with MS Outlook and MS Word for MS Office 2003. Default document for reading is rtf (reach text format). In order to read emails you have to allow access to your inbox and have emails marked as UnRead in your inbox.







Read 4 Me Activator Free Download For Windows [Latest 2022]

Cracked Read 4 Me With Keygen is good for English only proof reading.
– Allows preview of text including images.
– Support for TLA (Timeline Lines)
– Multi Language support (Russian and English)
– Supports Multi-language support – English, Russian
– Option to show/hide text on screen
– Option to show/hide text on screen or a word document
– Access text (Copy/Paste) from Clipboard
– Copy/Paste in own folder
– Create read-only versions of documents you read
– Support for some OCR (Optical character recognition)
– Option to turn of OCR
– Option to show/hide OCR results
– Support for PDF, TLA (Timeline Lines), TEXT and plain TEXT format
– Support for TLA, Timelines and Word Doc files.
– Good for reading rtf, doc, txt, html, odt and PPT,
– Allows you to add several fullscreen text windows.
– Support for MS Outlook support – MS Outlook 2003 and MS Outlook 2007 with OAB (Office Access Bridge).
– Supports MS Outlook Express support – MS Outlook Express 2007
– Support for MS Word support – MS Word 2003 and MS Word 2007
– Support for MS Office support – MS Office 2003 and MS Office 2007
– Supports MS PowerPoint support – MS PowerPoint 2007
– Supports to read documents without installing Office
– Supports to save documents as PDF format
– Support for PDF format
– Support for PDF files
– Support for rtf, doc, txt, html, odt and PPT
– Supports to add several fullscreen text windows
– Created for personal use only

Wikipedia’s explanation of R4M. It is a „read four me“ application for MS Word and Outlook 2003. „This application is not intended to replace an office word processor, but rather to free up time during your mail checking or review tasks.
I would recommend this application to people that work on a job and do not have time to read all the incoming messages. This is not a mail reader and it does not send mails or calendar events to an exchange account. This application is only to read mail.“ Read the description at the Wikipedia article listed below.


Read 4 Me Cracked 2022 Latest Version is a simple application for MS Word and MS Outlook 2003. It was designed to free up time during mail checking and reading tasks. It does not send mails or calendar events to an exchange account.

Read 4 Me

R4M is a new software designed to free up your time on reading documents and emails. R4M is good for proof reading and capable to read text from clipboard or any pasted text into text window.
At the work place we use MS Word to generate documents. We copy it directly to clipboard then paste it in email we send to colleagues.
On the email client we already have rtf format pre-installed and the only problem is when we want to read that document or email we have to open it, save it first.
What R4M can do:
R4M can copy text from clipboard or text area and automatically open in the specified program. So you can open that copy in any application.
R4M can save text as an email attachment and it’s a really fast way to email documents or articles.
R4M can read text from attachment of any file and convert it into readable format if the file format is not rtf.
R4M can read txt from text area or shortcut or text file on your desktop.
You have several options to choose how to display the text file: columns, lines, words.
You can even choose to display the file as HTML or PDF or any other format.
R4M will not prevent you from opening MS Word, or any other program you want to use.
R4M will not change the original document. So if you change it you have to do it from MS Word.
R4M is a lightweight application, you do not need any type of registration to use it.
Supported languages:
– English
– Spanish
– French
– Russian
– German
– Czech
– Polish
– Hebrew
– Dutch
– Italian
– Portuguese
– Swedish
– Danish
– Hungarian
– Finnish
– Greek
– Polish
– Romanian
– Bulgarian
– Ukrainian
– Czech
– Turkish
– Latvian
– Portuguese
– Romanian
– Bulgarian
How R4M works:
When you get the program, you install the ActiveX component (so no need for user’s machine activation).
After the setup wizard has finished, you can open website and start using it.
Settings are stored in „%APPDATA%\R4M\Settings.xml“, so they can be easily backed up.
R4M can handle multiple files.
You can select a shortcut to start R4M.
You can

Read 4 Me

The program R4M performs multiple functions. When you start the application you can choose what to read first or all. All the documents with multiple tabs is handled as a single document. Documents can be copied from clipboard, which does not require saving first. The program is as flexible as desktop RSS-reader and an alternative of RSS or ATOM feed reader. You can add folders or search them, marking as read or mark as unread. The program supports drag-and-drop. You can read and delete emails. Supports all MS Office and MS Outlook client programs.

You can choose what document is to read first.

It is very easy to use.

Installation (Office 2003):

– Install R4M from archive.


Open R4M  application.

Open Mail folder in MS Outlook.

Choose a folder or document to read.

1a. Before opening a document, if it’s a file based on.odt,.txt or other regular text format, R4M  performs a check to make sure that the document’s encoding matches the application’s. If it doesn’t, R4M  will open a document conversion dialog to let you re-enter the document’s encoding. Otherwise, you’ll proceed directly to the document.

1b. If you’re opening an attachment, such as a Word document, a picture, or an Excel spreadsheet, you can right-click the document’s icon, and choose „Open With“, then choose „R4M“ from the list that appears. When you click OK, the document opens and appears in the reading pane.

2. If you would like to open multiple documents, click Add, then select the documents from the list that appears. In order to add more, just repeat this step.

3. To close R4M and return to the desktop, click the „X“ on the application icon.

If you have more questions, please go to our forum:

If you like the program, you can support us with a donation. We are an Open Source Software project and donations help us with the support and upgrades of the program.

Have fun!

R4M Team

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What’s New In?

– R4M is designed to read your text documents and emails from your clipboard or pasted text to any window in your system, including MS Word and MS Outlook.
– This software is user-friendly and easily accessible. R4M means you have less chance to miss any part of a document you are reading.
– It is recommended to install the R4M for MS Outlook and MS Word. MS Office Office 2003 Standard versions are required for reading documents. Download R4M for Outlook from here:
Read 4 Me Features:
– It is able to read text from documents, emails or clipboard.
– You don’t have to specify document to start reading.
– You don’t need to use mouse to highlight and read text.
– You don’t need to display the R4M window all the time and you can make it invisible.
– You can hide or show the R4M window by pressing the Ctrl + Alt + \ – keys.
– You can see what are the next lines of the document, what is the next word.
– You can use multiple R4M windows to read several documents at the same time.
– You can close the reading session of a document by pressing Esc key or by closing the reading window.
– The software can show you the highlighted part of a document.
– You can fast scroll down to read all the text in a document.
– Read 4 Me is very easy to use.
Read 4 Me Pro Features:
– Allows to access unread email messages in your inbox.
– Allows to access unread messages in your sent items folder.
– Supports multiple windows for reading multiple documents at the same time.
– Read4me offers to use several different formats (Rich Text, plain text, Rich Text), supports XPS format and also standard text format.
– Opens many different types of files.
– You can allow and ban access to applications (app).
– Press Ctrl+Alt+ \ to close all the windows of Read 4 Me.
– Allows to synchronize between MS Word, MS Outlook, MS Access.
– Highlight words and does auto text completion.
– Allow to highlight phrases, allow to skip words and uses full spell checking, auto correction and grammar checking.
– Supports cut, copy and paste commands.
– The capability to add custom actions and short cuts to the–44UYhUrq7cQgT8wSiT

System Requirements:

* Recommended: PCIE-compatible NVIDIA Geforce GTX 760 or greater, Intel Core i3 or greater
* Recommended: PCIE-compatible AMD R9 270 or greater, AMD R9 270X, AMD Radeon R9 280 or greater, Intel Core i5 or greater
* Recommended: PCIE-compatible AMD R9 390 or greater, Intel Core i7 or greater
* 10GB free space on your hard drive
* Downloaded the latest version of the game. You can download the latest version