Seite wählen is a useful web app that is build on the Twitter API and designed to bring you the latest Twitter analytics from any profile you want to see.
The online service scans your Twitter profile and parses your latest tweets and followers. The tweets are separated into topics, mentions and hashtags. Followers are mapped out on a Google Map.
FollerMeLite is a user-friendly client for the online service.







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FollerMeLite is a free, easy-to-use, web-based interface to Easily setup and customize your search queries. Ask questions about the people, places and media you follow. Quickly access analytics and tools to analyze and measure your follower and following counts.
FollerMeLite Benefits:
– You can access’s features from any computer with a web browser
– FollerMeLite keeps you up to date with the latest from your followers on Twitter and on
– Analyze your follower and following numbers at a glance
– Quickly view your followers and followed users on a Google Map
– See a list of your top followers
– Receive a daily summary of your stats in your inbox
– Viewing profiles on is simple and easy!
– No need to add any personal information
– Search for any Twitter user or handle
– See a list of your top followed
– Lots of more!
FollerMeLite Features:
– User friendly interface
– Quick and simple to use
– The easy-to-read results help you monitor your Twitter profile and your followers
– Quick access to your analytics and news updates
– Anonymize the analysis to avoid getting suspended on Twitter
– Narrow the search to specific fields
– Narrow the search to a specific list of users or to the last X tweets
– Show the number of followers, lists, retweets, and favorites on your Twitter page.
– View your favorite users in the FollerMeLite news
– View your followers‘ lists in FollerMeLite
– View your own and other’s Tweets in FollerMeLite
– View your favorite users in FollerMeLite
– Click a user to display their Twitter profile in FollerMeLite
– Click a city to view the most recent tweets from the city
– View your own followers in FollerMeLite
– View your users in FollerMeLite
– Click a hash tag to view the tweets with that hash tag
– Add a Twitter user to your FollerMeLite Favorites list
– Add a person to your FollerMeLite Favorites list
– Add your favorite users to your FollerMeLite Favorites list
– Edit the search results in FollerMeLite
– View your lists in FollerMeLite

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FollerMeLite is a freeware for Windows desktop.
FollerMeLite Features:
– Viewer modes.
– Twitter feed aggregation.
– Covers hot topics.
– Keep updated.
– Display tweets in a list.
– Mapping of your followers.
– Includes previous tweets in the list.
– Tweets and followers sorting.
– Supports different character encodings.
– Simple to use.
FollerMeLite Compatibility:
FollerMeLite is an independent program and is not affiliated with Twitter, Inc.
How to install FollerMeLite:
You can download FollerMeLite from We have provided an installer for Windows, including 32 bit and 64 bit versions. Just click on the Download button.
Also, you may use our easy to use FollerMeLite download manager to save yourself some time.



** See update log for details **
– Bug fixes.



** See update log for details **
– Bug fixes.



** See update log for details **
– Bug fixes.



** See update log for details **
– Use of latest Twitter API version.
– Bug fixes.



No new features, just a release of the latest stable version of, included in the last update.



Fixed a few bugs and included the latest stable version of

Version 1.9.4 – Released on 09-15-2010

– Bug fixes and stability updates.



– New users can now have the ability to use the service with their Twitter accounts from
the web interface.

Version 1.9.2 – Released on 05-02-2011

– The user can now send direct messages to his/her followers, see the option in the new Followers tab.
– The search and sorting tabs show now a percentage of the tweets found and used

FollerMeLite Free [Win/Mac] (Final 2022)

FollerMeLite is a user-friendly web application that lets you view real-time analytics from your Twitter profile. FollerMeLite is not intrusive. You can move it anywhere you want, because there is no code involved. Start viewing your Twitter profile in seconds.
FollerMeLite is not a Twitter application, it is an application that runs on your system. You don’t need to install anything.
Key features:
* Free
* View and download real-time analytics
* Create your own topic categories
* Interact with FollerMeLite via Twitter direct messages
* Subscribe to get tweets, mention mentions and hashtag trends
* Set user timeline filtering preferences
* Configure what tweets to include
Download FollerMeLite for

Javascript: Efficiently Finding Sets of Similar Documents

In his recent blogpost, Dr. OphirDC blogs about his method for efficiently identifying sets of similar documents. This is a variation of the classic Jaccard index algorithm.

published: 23 Sep 2009

Let’s build a bot with NodeJS, Express, and JWT

Go to
Learn how to do the following with NodeJS, Express and JWT
– Use JWT for authentication
– Use JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for securing your requests with JWT
– Use the jwt-rsa library to use RSA-based keys when using the jwt-rsa library
– Set up NodeJS, Express, JWT, and pm2 to securely deploy your app online
– Use the reduce method for operations

published: 25 Nov 2017

From God’s Miracle to the Internet: Humankind’s History

Notes: Let’s unpack Trump’s claim that the Founders would „be rolling in their graves“ over the impeachment process. First, they wouldn’t be rolling in their graves about this, because Trump himself, in campaign speeches, said he was using his authority as President to pressure a foreign country for personal advantage. The entire impeachment process might be an abuse of power, but it’s not a surprise. It’s something they anticipated and didn’t like, but

What’s New in the?

FollerMeLite is a user-friendly web-based Twitter client that enables you to keep up to date with the latest trends in the world around you, from celebrities to sports, business to news, health to…

As a web developer, I often wonder whether Twitter has any business model other than selling followers to some unknown marketing firm from Hong Kong. In its fourth year, Twitter’s problems with trust and reliability are still not only daunting, but they are making it increasingly difficult for the company to justify its $1.7 billion market cap.

If I may quote my colleague Jonathan Grudin:

If you are like me, I doubt that companies have anything better than an eyeblink memory when it comes to pricing for a product or service. That’s why I’m skeptical when a company says that something is free. Sure it will be free to download, but ask yourself whether the company is actually willing to forgo some other revenue stream — perhaps even user acquisition, or maybe even premium content, for the sake of saving money and bringing your product to market quicker. I doubt it.

The latest dip in Twitter’s fortunes puts the company in danger of losing the influential portion of its user base, as well as possible access to its new content moderation tools. That is because for the majority of the company’s users, the value of Twitter lies in how it connects them with the rest of the world. Right now, this is being less and less effective.

But there is another Twitter. It is the one used by the influential and powerful, all the CEOs, politicians, media figures, celebrities and anyone else with the power to send out 140 characters of pithy commentary, tinged with a particular flavor of fun.

This Twitter is also the one that everyone wants to imitate, not least as a way to expand one’s own network of influence, but also because it creates a buzz that can boost one’s own image. But in a world where everyone is shouting from a megaphone, how should anyone stand out? How can Twitter’s billion users really find the voices they are seeking?

FolleRmeLite was designed for all people who want to see the tweets of top personalities and brands.

It takes the tweets of that top personalities and brands and displays them on a map of the country and/or continent you chose. It shows the location and size of the

System Requirements For FollerMeLite:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core i5 or equivalent
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible graphics card with 1 GB VRAM
Hard Drive: 30 GB available space
Web browser: Chrome, Firefox, or IE 10+
Processor: Intel Core i7 or equivalent
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Web browser: