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Flash Cards Extra Crack+ For PC [Latest 2022]

Take your child’s and students‘ learning to a whole new level with our Flash Cards Extra App! Simply open the app and select the type of flashcards you want to add to or remove from your directory. Customize your flashcard content by setting your preferred image size, flashcard image size, sound duration, sound volume, and number of sound repeats for each flashcard, and you’re ready to start creating your flashcards. With the app’s memory feature, you can set up three folders, creating smart flashcard directories for your child, students, or class. We also include a’speed‘ option that will allow you to change the duration of a flashcard to 7, 15, or 30 seconds. You can also personalize your audio to have one sound for the entire card, or you can switch it off to have two separate sounds that you can control. Easy to use yet with some advanced features, Flash Cards Extra will have you creating great flashcards in no time!
Flash Cards Extra support:
– Image size from 320×480 to 1000×1400.
– Sound length from 100ms to 1200ms.
– Number of sound repeats.
– Sound volume.
– Flashcards can be added into folders.
– Custom sound.
– Image size can be increased/reduced.
– Navigation fixed.
– Narrator mode.
– MIDI and songs playbacks.
– Easy to use, yet with some advanced features.
– Free to use.
Flash Cards Extra will help you create flashcards for your child, students, or class quickly and easily. It will help you select the image sizes that you want, the sound lengths and the number of repeats for each card, as well as allowing you to customize each sound. And it’s free!

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Flash Cards Extra Crack + Free


Flash Cards Extra Crack+

I would like to tell you about the educational program Flash Cards Extra, designed for teaching children the meaning of English vocabulary in a fun and interesting way. The program allows you to look up the assigned word in the specified folder with pictures, show the audio playback, assign a meaning and pronunciation to it, and use all of these options to create a new folder with new words and images and assign those words with their meanings.
The application works either offline or online and can be easily installed on the PC or Mac, in which case it will connect to the Internet and provide access to all of the functions. You will be able to see if the program is currently running and use it as an alternative to flash cards you have collected to show them to students in classrooms or other educational environments.
Flash Cards Extra is a very nice educational tool and a tool worth having around your PC. It is not designed for adults or someone who knows how to use computers. The program works offline and online, and has a very simple user interface. Its primary function is to provide you with a set of audio flash cards in which you can find an assortment of words, their meanings, and their pronunciations. You can add new words to the collection by choosing to create a folder containing images and sounds that you find online or in books or magazines. You can also modify existing files or remove them altogether.
Pro Features:
There are plenty of great features available. They include a spell-checker, an English dictionary, a preview function, and the ability to combine text and sound, which can make reading all of the content very easy.

Your License Agreement
It is important for you to agree to the License Agreement, found on the last screen. If you agree to the terms of the Agreement, you will have free use of the software and Adobe and your school will be able to use the software in the future. However, if you do not agree to the License Agreement, you will only be able to view the Content at the trial version’s limit. (You may need to run the software as administrator to be able to run the trial version.)
You can use the trial version of Adobe Flash Player at no charge for five (5) machines at any one time. This license is for evaluation and evaluation only and does not entitle the licensee to use the content for commercial use. The software is copy protected software.

You may not copy, modify, rent, sell, distribute, or transfer the trial version of the software, except as

What’s New in the Flash Cards Extra?

flashcards are a quick and effective way to increase your vocabulary.
When you are in a hurry or need to study something quickly, use flashcards.
They’re as easy as it sounds.

flashcards are effective, and they’re extremely easy to use.
This application is the ideal partner for flashcards.
Flashcards worked great for me in school.
I used them to memorize vocabulary and to prepare for tests.
I’m not sure about children though.
It’s a simple way of learning vocabulary, and a very effective one at that.

Flash cards are a very effective way to teach others.
This is a free program that is well worth checking out.
This program is free.
I use flashcards to study vocabulary.
I like flashcards as it is an easy way of learning vocabulary.
A free program for flashcards for Windows.
Very simple to use.
A flashcard is a way of teaching.

it’s very easy to use.
This program adds a series of flashcards to your PC that will help you learn new vocabulary.

It’s a great time-saver for me, and I use it to teach vocabulary.

Flashcard Quiz is a flashcard program that can help you learn new vocabulary, with a unique quiz-based flashcard game. You can view the entire ‚Flashcard Quiz‘ folder in one place, complete with basic descriptions and audio clip previews. When you view a new card, or any quiz card, Flashcard Quiz will provide you with a link you can use to view the card’s sound. This is a very useful application, because you can never be sure that a card will be familiar to you when trying to learn new vocabulary. This utility ensures that you’ll always be able to view the words, as well as the sound, from the cards.
Flashcard Quiz Description:
Flashcard Quiz is a flashcard program that allows you to study vocabulary while playing a game. You can use all the flashcards in the ‚Quiz‘ folder, which includes 60 cards.

All of the flashcards are well-organized, with plenty of description and audio clip previews.
You can view all of the cards in one place.

The program will remind you when it is time to review a card, or when a quiz has ended.
It is a complete system for studying vocabulary.

Flashcard Quiz is a great way of

System Requirements:

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