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>> Un link dat apellee hat lang gewacht, hoewel hij die instelling nu “zoonéén kunst maakt.. „I think this is a terrific new way to do comics,“ Bautista said. „I like the idea of “zoonéén,” seeing the characters into these iconic positions.” He hopes other comic artists can also join in the fun. Bautista will be at a comic book convention in Brooklyn later this week. (AP Photo/Alessandro Bianchi) — ÁƒÓƒÇ‚·ÂŠÌ“€҃‚ǂœ҃ǂ€҃‚ǂª҃ǂ€҃‚ǂ“҃ǂ€҃‚ǂŒ҃ǂ€҃‚ǂ”҃ǂ€҃‚ǂœ҃ǂ€҃‚ǂª҃ǂ€҃‚ǂ‰҃ǂ