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Python regex with variable length of characters

I am trying to implement a regular expression in Python, which should return true if there are two equal characters in a string.
For example: ‚baaaa‘ or ‚bbaaaa‘ should return true, but ‚aaabb‘ should return false.
I can do this with 2 * brackets, but I have to extend this as there may be more than two characters in the string. What would be the best way to do this?
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How do I display the date in DD-MMM-YYYY format using Moment.js

I am trying to convert the date from string to date object using moment.js like this,

var theDate = ’10-Jul-2014′;

var moment = require(‚moment‘);

var date = moment(theDate).format(‚dd-MMM-YYYY‘);


I want to display the date like this below,


I tried using a number with g on the days of the month but that just gives me the number.


You could use the parse method and then use the format method with the iso-8601 format:

var theDate = ’10-Jul-2014′;

var moment = require(‚moment‘);

var date = moment.parse(theDate).format(‚dd-MMM-YYYY‘);


I just use a shopping list app, like named Kroger List or something similar. I also have some grocery-on-the-go cards that are set up for what I would like to buy. This way, I don’t have to think about it while shopping.

I also have a loyalty card with a lot of stores. I just put all of my loyalty info in a spreadsheet at the