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“HyperMotion Technology” is also being deployed for a number of other FIFA-licensed games, which include FIFA 16’s first-person perspectives, such as the Frontline in Ultimate Team mode and the “Freekicks in FIFA 17.”

In addition, FIFA 17 introduced the “Next-Gen Heading,” which significantly improves performance in head-to-head matches. Real players were used to collect real-life data, as was done with FIFA 20.

“We are proud to use innovative technology in our flagship title,” said Todd Sitrin, senior vice president of product at EA SPORTS. “Using multiple technologies in our games creates an authentic, unique and player-driven experience.

“The next-generation FIFA game engine is a key component of our product pipeline and we continue to invest in our technology to create the most authentic football experiences possible.”

„We’ve been waiting for a team as dedicated to world-class soccer as EA to partner with and take on this challenge,“ said Peter Dahlberg, chairman of Visceral Games. „The feedback from players around the world has been tremendous, and the community continues to push forward to make this the best FIFA yet.“

“The addition of teams has been hugely successful for us in FIFA Ultimate Team,” continued Mr. Dahlberg. “But for Ultimate Team to truly be successful, it needs to be as realistic as possible to truly capture the speed and intensity of a real match. With thanks to our friends at the world-class technology team at EA SPORTS, we have been able to take the experience to the next level.”

„We’re incredibly proud to be working with the Visceral team to bring the most authentic gameplay possible to our fans,“ said Peter Skillman, executive producer at EA SPORTS. „As the biggest football game in the world, we take player feedback very seriously – the team has carefully and meticulously listened to what players need from their favorite sport in order to deliver the most authentic experience they’ve ever had.“

In FIFA 17, the Next-Gen Heading completely re-engineered how players pass the ball to create natural passing with pinpoint accuracy. It’s a big improvement for FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) in the Arena, where players can rack up monstrous high-class cards like Gold, Platinum, Silver and Royal


Features Key:

  • World-class „HyperMotion“ ball control – a brand new ball will pass, control and react to the player as if it’s made of rubber.
  • Make play-style adjustments – with the Player Impact Engine, players react, recover and speed differently depending on a number of new factors, including the current situation. On top of this, you’ll also be able to improve the reactions of your players with Training Mode.
  • Discover creative play-style in new „Off the Ball“ features – with Off The Ball, players can’t run with the ball, and players can take advantage of every passing, shooting, dribbling and off-ball running skill. Players also react differently using the new Player Impact Engine.
  • Unique game modes – new item, player and stadium goals featuring an experimental Goalkeeper Robot, a first-of-its-kind Team Balancing system, major new attacking options and reworked media coverage.
  • True Player Motion combined with Body Approximation – the highly anticipated feature which improves ball control. You can now pick balls and move using the optimal movement pattern of the player on the pitch.
  • Responsive coverages – with the powerful new cover intelligence engine, pass and tackle as well as cover it and rebound action will become more realistic. This variable cover intelligence really does result in a level playing field for all. Instead of being able to predict how a cover will respond to your attack, your opponents will no longer be able to beat you with a lazy roll of the ball.
  • LIFE LIKE REACTION TO BALL & PLAYER FLIPS – with the revolutionary Player Impact Engine, players will be more realistic and immersed with their tricks and flips. Each player will have different styles to pick a new path, and each will react differently to the ball, the player and the environment, as well as recovering from the referee’s decision and fall back.
  • New goalkeepers – new animation, new state of mind, new tactics and new Skills. New ‘judgement’ goalkeepers will now have opinions and bias, giving you more options as to how you play.
  • Referee view – using the Reveal The Ref’s Earstick feature, you can now see what the ref is thinking at any time. Hint, clues,


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    Classic Match – проводится набор выпадающих событий, когда победитель или завоеватель получит минимальную награду по региону, примерное время или домашний матч.

    Live Events – время и места отмечаются каждый месяц. Согласно данным опроса, вы можете рекомендовать победител


    What’s new:

    • Fifa’s AI is back. The AI had been in gradual decline in the 21st Century, leading it off several backwards seasons of unimportant gameplay for the franchise. But in the new edition, everything comes fully back on-board, including a completely upgraded goalie system, as well as other aspects of the game. There’s a great new story mode in the game too.
    • The new fully-realized micro-transactions are being called out as ‚broken‘ by gamers, but are expected to not be in retail, which is good. There are a lot of small cosmetic elements in the game, some of which should help with that, but perhaps won’t. We’re cautiously optimistic. However, the complaints over the micro-transactions could have a ripple effect as seen with the franchise in 2015, when micro-transactions were the most notable and vocal issue players had with the game.
    • FIFA 22 lets you’summon the darkness‘ in FIFA 21. A new customisation and balance feature lets you add features that impact the entire team with a single button press, which is too much for some, but can be really satisfying when you are able to screw over a full team in a single custom move.
    • EA and Liverpool became partners with $18 million worth of ad spend.


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    FIFA is a series of association football video games published by Electronic Arts and developed in close cooperation with the world’s governing body of football, FIFA. The games cover the sport as it is played around the world, including national leagues and competitions, and feature playable national teams, realistic game play and beautiful stadiums.

    The FIFA name refers to the licensed game publishers, EA Canada and EA EMEA, as well as the official game developer, EA Canada.

    What’s new for FIFA in FIFA 22?

    As the landmark title of the FIFA series, FIFA 22 is filled with new features that bring the authentic experience of football into your living room, including passing, movement and player control, crowd roar, new camera angles, improved ball physics, all-new stadiums and the community now joins players in the worldwide celebrations when a new FIFA World Cup champion is crowned.

    Season Modes and Seasons

    There are now more ways for you to enjoy the unpredictable drama of football around the world. Play with your friends in the latest FIFA World Cup mode, featuring an expanded set of authentic teams and more playable countries.

    Six of the newest FIFA legends (and they are really, really good) have added to the excitement of the new celebration mode. Teaser trailer

    Or take on your friends in the new FIFA Ultimate Team™ mode with a mind-blowing and game-changing array of new gameplay cards.

    Earn rewards and diamonds while completing challenges in the new Diamonds in Distress mode, plus there are new challenge tournaments for you to play online and win more rewards and diamonds.

    In the single player campaign story mode, Barcelona beat Bayern Munich to the FIFA World Cup™ title, which means that the legend of Lionel Messi has made its way into the game.

    Real Madrid vs Juventus. FIFA • FIFA 22 | Available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC

    Real Madrid vs Juventus. FIFA • FIFA 22 | Available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC

    Real Madrid vs Juventus. FIFA • FIFA 22 | Available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC

    Real Madrid vs Juventus. FIFA • FIFA 22 | Available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC

    Real Madrid vs Juventus. FIFA • FIFA 22 | Available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC

    FIFA 22 brings the community into the celebration when


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    If you own any of the Guild Wars games, you’ll be able to take advantage of the 10 new content types by simply logging into your current account in the “AWESOME”10” section of the game. If you don’t own the Guild Wars games and wish to play the new content, you can purchase the content from the Games Store.

    About the GUILD WARS series
    The GUILD WARS series is the evolution of the critically acclaimed world of Tyria, which players first explored in the original Guild Wars. Players once