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The best part about using Photoshop is that you can take it one step further with After Effects. The two programs compliment each other and can be used at once for even more possibilities. In this video tutorial, you’ll learn about the steps in the process of creating a simple image that has been filtered through one texture and then further modified with one new layer. This is great way to learn how to manipulate and make a scene look better. The process Create the scene First, we’ll load an image of a beautiful cloud-like picture that we’ll use as our base image. Step 1 Load your image of your chosen subject. In this case, I’m using a cloud landscape. Step 2 Press Enter or Return on your keyboard to split open the image and create a new image document. The image will be duplicated and placed in the document. Step 3 Using a new brush, stroke in the image, making sure not to cover any of the base image. Step 4 Change the blend mode to Soft Light. Step 5 Since there is a much stronger highlight color in the cloud, we’ll use a radial gradient for the highlights to pull the color into the highlights of the clouds. Step 6 With the gradient layer active, press Ctrl/⌘+C/⌘+Ctrl to copy the radial gradient. Step 7 Hold down Shift on your keyboard and paste the gradient onto the new layer. Step 8 With the gradient layer active, press the Lasso tool in the toolbox and click on the gradient so the Lasso tool highlights the gradient. Press Shift+D on the keyboard to make the tool either larger or smaller until the highlight overlaps with the rest of the gradient. Step 9 Using the Free Transform tool (Ctrl/⌘+T/⌘+Ctrl), resize the gradient to the desired size. Step 10 Adjust the blending options to about 60% using the Opacity field of the bottommost menu in the Layers panel. Step 11 Double-click on the blend layer and rename it „Hard Edge.“ Step 12 Double-click the blend layer and rename it „Filtered.“ Step 13 With the text tool, write some text onto the image. Step 14 Select the text layer

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Photoshop is the most popular image editing software available on the market today. It started out as a drawing tool and has evolved into a powerhouse of an image editing program. This Photoshop tutorial will help you on the most basic level, and introduce you to everything from file-naming to cropping. You will learn how to start creating an image, draw basic shapes, add objects to your image, and then add what appears to be paint to your image. And that’s about it. Photoshop is a graphics program that has been around for many years. Photoshop allows the user to create images that have depth, and a sense of three-dimensional visual imagery. Photoshop is for everyone, whether you’re an artist, photographer, graphic designer, web designer, or even a hobbyist. In this tutorial, you’ll learn about the basic concepts of Photoshop, from using the tools to the tools themselves, and how to apply them and use them to create new images. You will learn: How to start an image in Photoshop. How to do basic drawing in Photoshop. How to add objects to an image and move them around. How to use Photoshop’s tools to edit and create new images. There are many Photoshop tutorials out there, but many are either focused on showing you how to make professional-quality images and videos, or on how to use Photoshop for certain purposes. But Photoshop is made to be used for all sorts of things, and we want to show you just how much you can do with it. Photoshop comes with a few pre-installed templates that you can use to create some samples of images, but they don’t teach you much. And you don’t want to be limited to those particular images. So, we will show you how to create a range of different types of images so that you can learn by doing rather than by reading. This Photoshop tutorial is focused on getting you to understand and feel comfortable with the tools in your toolbox, so you can start creating beautiful images and hopefully impress your friends with your newfound skills. This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to start an image, how to use the tools, how to add objects, and how to edit those objects. You will learn to create a portrait, a food-related image, a funny image, and a photograph of a flower. Photoshop is a great 388ed7b0c7

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Q: How to load external java script file in GWT I am new to GWT.In my project we are using java script in a form of external script file.I am using the following syntax to load it. ScriptLoader scriptloader = new ScriptLoader(); scriptloader.setBaseUri(„//calculator.js“); scriptloader.addDomReadyScript(Calculator.NAMESPACE, Calculator.class); i am trying to load it in my GWT form like ScriptLoader scriptloader = new ScriptLoader(); scriptloader.addText(„calculator.js“, „alert(‚HI‘)“); But it is not working.Any suggestion? A: In your example, scriptloader.addText(„calculator.js“, „alert(‚HI‘)“); will only add javascript code to your page that will be executed as soon as the page is loaded. In order to actually run the javascript code, you need to call some constructor of your javascript class like ScriptLoader.ScriptManager Q: How to select the titles of the every 3rd div with jQuery Title 1 Title 2 Title 3 Title 4 Title 5 How can I select the „Title“ on the 3rd div by using jQuery? Ex. I want to get the „Title 2“ as the result. Thank you. A: You can do this with $.each() $(„.test_3“).each(function(){ alert($(this).find(„span.title“).text()); }); Or since

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Q: Get Http response code in Silverlight Hi I am using a HTTP server with REST Api in my silverlight application and want to get the HTTP response code with HttpWebRequest. I am not getting the correct response code in the OnResponseChanged() method of the HTTP handler. The Code I am using is below: public string Start(string path) { if (Client.IsServiceRequest) throw new Exception(„Cannot access service when no client“); var httpWebRequest = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(new Uri(path)); httpWebRequest.Method = „GET“; httpWebRequest.Headers.Add(„Accept-Encoding“, „gzip, deflate“); HttpWebResponse httpWebResponse = (HttpWebResponse)httpWebRequest.GetResponse(); if (httpWebResponse.StatusCode == HttpStatusCode.OK) return string.Format(„OK“); else return string.Format(„{0}“, httpWebResponse.StatusCode.ToString()); } public void OnResponseChanged(object sender, EventArgs e) { string response = Start(„“); this.Content = response; } Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? I did not find any example on this on SO or Google. A: How about using: Try httpWebResponse.ContentEncoding.GetEncoding(); or httpWebResponse.ContentEncoding.GetEncoding(„utf-8“); You may get one of a few encodings depending on what the server is sending you. Heroes of the Realm Heroes of the Realm is a series of fantasy novels written by Elizabeth Moon, detailing the adventures of Caitlin Blackthorne, an American woman

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SteamOS 5.0.0 or later OSX 10.10 or later Intel Core i3/i5/i7 4GB of system memory 1GB of graphics memory 2GB of HDD space ***Refunds will be granted for the full amount of purchase *** Version 0.8.0 – Re-examine the Mac version’s compatibility, and fix a few bugs. – Visual differences between the Mac and Windows versions, and missing buttons.