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Download 🆓 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






HyperMotion Technology augments the on-ball intelligence of some players; player movement, tackling and fighting. It creates more realistic ball physics, challenges the AI to respond faster to unpredictable player behaviour and it enables players to use more dribbling moves with more distinct attributes.

To see players‘ movements, impact and movement more accurately, the game allows for some players to be playing as a player that has just been struck. For example, in a tackle, the player is likely to temporarily step out of the action. This process lets the player leave their image in-game.

Improved Player Movement

This is perhaps the most significant addition to player movement, as it enables the ball to get stuck in some situations due to the player’s close proximity to the ball. The game adds AI awareness to players.

The new motion capture data and the ability to play as a kicked player are combined with animation fidelity and new player movement controls. The player movements are more realistic with faster, more dynamic turning and accelerations.

Improved Physics

FIFA Game Development continues to invest in improving upon real-world physics engine technology. The new physics technology has been accelerated to give quicker and more realistic player movement and collision response. With better collision response, you’ll notice that players get more time to react when they collide with an opponent.

AI Improvements

The human and technical elements of AI have been improved in FIFA, with the introduction of the Player AI, Tactical AI and the Trainer AI. Player AI allows the game to automatically gain an advantage over a player during a game.

Tactical AI provides real-time context-based situational awareness that helps intelligent players make the right decisions and execute tactics.

Trainer AI allows players to call up individual players in matches, in addition to coaching team tactics.

New Movements

The Player Progress View has been redesigned with new animations and improved detail. The view allows you to quickly see player histories, details about a player’s game highlights, play and exercise history, all from one screen. In addition, players can now use the new Player Information overlay to view advanced player stats, including the ability to compete in knockout tournaments.

Improved Player Controls

Players are able to run faster, make more precise dribbling moves, and strike the ball with greater accuracy, more effectively placing passes.

The movement controls for the back-pass, slide tackle and slide-


Features Key:

  • Level of detail for clothing, ball, walls, ground, players, player likenesses.


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EA Sports FIFA is the most authentic football video game experience available. Each year, millions of players travel to the FIFA World Cup™ on the PlayStation®4 system, the Xbox One, Windows PC and on mobile devices, to play and compete as real-world teams.

FIFA is the most popular sport in the world, with an estimated 1.5 billion players in 223 countries. Each year, FIFA World Cup™ is the most-viewed non-sporting event in the world and is available to more than one billion fans.

What are the differences between FIFA and FIFA Ultimate Team?

FIFA and FIFA Ultimate Team have both been in continuous development for over 15 years. While they share the same core gameplay, FIFA Ultimate Team has evolved into a unique game that focuses on building a player’s dream team. Players start with a randomly generated squad and can acquire additional players through a single-player or multiplayer draft system, in-game packs, or player trading. Players can earn coins from matches, and completing daily challenges – such as collecting certain number of assists, or making a certain number of saves – also grants coins. Players can exchange coins for packs that contain new players and unique items.

We work hand-in-hand with our partners to get every new pack right, and have refined the process for developing new player cards. We’ve made changes to how players acquire packs and we’re integrating packs to the single player or multiplayer draft systems.

FIFA Ultimate Team offers a wealth of customization options and packs, including the ability to purchase both new players and custom-made player cards, as well as cosmetic content. Players can develop a rich, authentic and original player experience.

What are the differences between Ultimate Team Seasons, Seasons and Seasons Seasons?

Ultimate Team Seasons offers the biggest roster updates in the history of the franchise with the introduction of Homegrown players and the development of a new and improved Player Card editor. Ultimate Team Seasons allows players to draft or purchase players from previous World Cups. Players will be able to obtain additional fan content such as kits, decals and community-created content while using a new item editor and submitting fan creations to the Ultimate Team community.

How do I get FIFA Ultimate Team?

The Ultimate Team Season, coming in August 2016, and Seasons Seasons will be available as free updates via the PlayStation®4 and Xbox One firmware updates. All players will receive the following


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Compete for the ultimate prize in the popular Ultimate Team mode. Choose from 6,000+ possible player and equipment combinations to customize your squad. Gather a team of the world’s best footballers and battle in daily and weekly matches against others around the world. Sign the world’s greatest players and be among the first to own them. Build a dream squad with the world’s most coveted footballing stars.


Open Beta

The FIFA® 22 Open Beta will test features and content for FIFA 22, including:

New Team Styles

Added New Team Styles

New Cards

Added New Cards

New Freekick Moves

New Freekick Moves

New Match Day Difficulty

Added New Match Day Difficulty

New Difficulty

New User Interaction

Added New User Interaction

New Visuals

New Visuals

New Freekicks

Added New Freekicks

New Formation

Added New Formation

New Player Move Types

Added New Player Move Types


New Commentary Team Leaderboards

Added New Commentary Team Leaderboards

Custom Player Settings

Added Custom Player Settings

Compete in Local Matches

Added Local Matches

Manager Tools

Added Manager Tools

Custom Kits

Added Custom Kits

2-Player Online/Match/Single Player

Added Online/Match/Single Player

Local/Online Matchmaking

Added Local/Online Matchmaking


FIFA Exclusive Features

FIFA PlayStation®4 is the official gaming platform of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia™ and will see enhancements for the FIFA World Cup experience on the console.

New FIFA World Cup Matches

In FIFA World Cup, fans will compete for their country as one of 64 competing nations. Choose from the UEFA Country Groups and Intra Groups and battle in 8-15-matches matches. Begin with a Qualifying Round Match to determine your first-round opponent, then compete in the group stage and the knockout stage to reach the FIFA World Cup Final.

FIFA World Cup

The Socceroos will compete for a place in the FIFA World Cup™ as they head to Russia, and it’s an opportunity that has never been more compelling.

United States

With an increase in fan support compared to


What’s new:

  • Career Mode
    • – Player Career Online – For the first time, players can now progress their careers in FIFA 22 Career Mode, starting their first club in their first year of play and progressing through the ranks to have fun and experience with their friends.
    • FUT Draft – New free-to-play feature gives fans the option to draft a real-life football star into their FUT 22 squad.
    • FIFA 2K Pro
    • Power up Player Movements – With the addition of HyperMotion Technology, players on the pitch will have ever so slight movements captured, which FIFA 2k Pro will use to move the players‘ virtual attributes more realistically. Watch your player and teammates behave in a way that was never seen on a football field before.
    • Player Masterclasses – Watch the all new Player Masterclass Tutorial, a way to better teach the gamer how to play the game with the help of a professional coach.
  • The Journey
    • The Journey introduces Club and World Rankings in FIFA 22. Every match matters, and every detail counts. Clubs play more matches in less time, and FIFA 22 brings you closer to your club and the FIFA World Cup than ever.
    • Highly competitive Seasons with a full roster of fixtures in Europe, Africa and Asia.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team
  • Introduction of FUT Draft – Fans also have the option to use FIFA Draft to draft real football players into their Ultimate Team. FUT Draft gives new fans the opportunity to pick up the potential superstar for the future.
  • Team Building – With the introduction of FUT Draft, a new feature is available called “Team Building”. This provides users the ability to build a team that best suits a certain role they wish to play.
  • FIFA 2K Pro


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The FIFA franchise delivers the biggest, most authentic soccer experience on any platform. With FIFA for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC and Mac, and Android mobile, FIFA is unlike any other sports title.
Powered by Football™, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 brings the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode.

What are the PlayStations?

Unlock content by linking PlayStations to your EA Account. Save game progress across up to four consoles (PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac). See your Friends list. Watch videos and share your gameplay. And more.
Powered by Football™, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 brings the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode.

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System Requirements For Fifa 22:

Windows XP/Vista (32/64-bit) or newer
Windows 7 (32/64-bit) or newer
Mac OS X (10.4+)
Android OS (2.2+)
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