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“We found that hyper motion capture data provides truly unsurpassed insight into an athlete’s movement patterns,” said Peter Schöttel, Head of FIFA Technical. “Using this incredible data, the HyperMotion engine pushes the player animation models and behavior patterns to new heights, making the players more reactive and truly authentic.”

FIFA 22 introduces several options for users who want to make tweaks to gameplay in the game. These include „Matching Trajectories”, which allow users to switch between the main and Sub Trajectories, „Motion Continuity”, which allows users to customise how performance-driven animations like chasing down a ball or turning a defender break down, „Trajectories”, which give users control of locomotion behaviours for all players and the decision to use a „Body Trajectories”, which give users more control over human body movements.

“The HyperMotion engine has been developed to be the most efficient and precise in its functionality and responsiveness,” Schöttel continued. “For matchday optimization, FIFA 22 introduces World League Teams, which run 10 different game modes for clubs of different levels of success, allowing players to practise their skills and gain fresh perspectives on the game.

„This unique system will help all FIFA gamers to better get to grips with their real-life speed and performance data, while their team-mates also benefit from using this valuable information.”

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FIFA 22 Features:

Introducing the “Motion Continuity”, „Trajectories” and “Body Trajectories” features:

Users can control all player animations, as well as the body animation of the players. This allows users to have more control over the the players’ locomotion, enabling them to perform more realistically in real-life. To further improve the real-life simulation, users can choose to set the player to perform the new body based trajectories. Users can also choose to enable this by default in the Save/Load Game settings.

„Matching Trajectories” – Switch between main and sub-trajectories

Users can create more vibrant matchday experiences by switching between main and sub-trajectories. This feature lets users switch between the two and tailor


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Enhanced gameplay with new player animations, dribbling controls, better ball handling, and dribbling controls.
  • Experience the most realistic ball physics ever with the combination of speed, bounce, durability and carromball.
  • Climb brilliantly into the air thanks to new airborne controls.
  • AI and co-op create the perfect team dynamic. This isn’t the last match you’ll have to play.
  • Master your game with a new refined Pass Decisions and new Pass Types.
  • Rise with a new FIFA Pro Kit Creator and discover a massive range of customization options with a brand new new Pro Kit Creator.
  • A new fast-paced Season mode means the adrenaline is just as intense as the opening minutes of the FIFA World Cup.


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FIFA is the world’s biggest sports video game franchise and the most successful and popular sports video game franchise of all time. The world’s bestselling sports video game franchise is back with FIFA® 22.

Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

FIFA 2K17 is the official video game of the 2017 Confederations Cup. As the only FIFA game licensed by the Confederations Cup, FIFA 2K17 offers fans a whole new soccer experience as the teams from around the world compete for the title. Play online or in local matches against 11 other official Confederations Cup countries. This is FIFA like you’ve never seen it before.

Kick off in FIFA 2K17, the definitive edition of the global soccer phenomenon, and get ready to show the world what’s up! Fulfilling the hype, this is FIFA like you’ve never seen it before.

FIFA 2K17 showcases an all-new, interactive experience that will feel fresh even after years of play. Play with more than 1,000 new animations, trajectories, and touch controls. Imagine the nerves as you take a shot, see the entire field react to your every move, and feel the pressure of finishing in the final minutes. FIFA 2K17 delivers the most realistic experience of soccer ever created, all while staying true to the best real-life game available.

FIFA 2K17 is a bold new experience in soccer gaming. Experience all new visuals and technical developments, and notice the huge enhancements across all game modes and game types.

Want to play alone? No problem. FIFA 2K17 has all the fun of offline play but now in the most realistic way ever.

FIFA 2K17 brings you a great deal of exciting multiplayer features too. Take on friends from all over the world, or compete in online multiplayer games, including new modes, game types, and cards that will challenge you on and off the pitch.

Powered by Football™, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 brings the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode.

What is FIFA?

FIFA is the world’s biggest sports video game franchise and the most successful and popular sports video game franchise of all time. The world’s bestselling sports video game franchise is back with FIFA® 22.

Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

FIFA 2K17 is the official video


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FUT allows you to build the best team in the world from the world’s top players, all while managing their career, collecting badges and unlocking items to help you dominate the competition. Featuring unique “Casual vs. Competitive” game modes, FUT also gives you more control over how you build your squads with “More Ways to Play”, including new manager cards, brand new kits, and more.

EA SPORTS MVP Moments – Perform spectacular goal celebrations in FIFA Ultimate Team, with the ever-popular EA SPORTS MVP Moments mode. Watch clips of your best goals in full action, featuring musical and visual effects, and even download them to your EA SPORTS Football Club account, so you can share them with your friends online.The Liberal Nationals have claimed they have no „records“ relating to the buying, selling and hoarding of tickets in an investigation of an „undescribably corrupt“ ticketing cartel.

The LNP has refused to release records from its pre-selection period over allegations of „tickets for sale“ and „concerns about the boundaries of the ward“, saying it does not have „records of any kind relating to tickets for sale.“

The LNP has also refused to hand over details about the audit of its pre-selection ticketing policy, saying it is separate to the issue of its treatment of tickets for sale.

It follows revelations that up to 2000 electorate office tickets for sale were sold by the party to the likes of bettor Laurie Oakes in 2017.

The Coalition refused to tell the ABC what information it had on the audit.MOORE, Okla. – One voice gets louder and louder as the Moore tornado rumbles down the highway in Thelma and it’s not the storm.

„Hallelujah the storm is over,“ Mark Bray shouts over his shoulder at a Winnebago and I’m on the back with him.

More than 200 miles away, more than 7,000 miles away, we aren’t even half way across the country, but here we are, driving down a two lane blacktop highway in an old two door jeep with only the flickering of lightning bolts in the sky to break the oppressive silence.

„If you didn’t know any better, you’d think we’re in a small town. This is the best part of rural America,“ Bray says of this rural Oklahoma home he is


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