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“FIFA Core Values for the Players: intelligence, passion and style,” help develop the authentic playing style that gives gameplay both a physics and emotional connection to the sport. Defending deep midfielders need to keep their concentration and read the game, while playmakers need to attack the opposition with precision and creativity. The ball mechanic has been extended to ensure that in real-life situations, it is harder to make use of player skills for deceptive movements such as chipped passes, or to take advantage of defensive weaknesses.

As well as motion capture, the game also includes support for Kneejerk’s “RealWii” technology, which can replicate the skill and physicality of players with a single leg action, with or without the support of a second player. Other motion-capture features available in FIFA 22 include player-specific crouch-speed, rhythm of pose, and choice of movement direction.

This year’s FIFA Ultimate Team card sets also include more card packs than ever before, including the Ultimate Soccer Pack (available November 29), Ultimate League of Legends Deck (December 5), Ultimate FIFA Pool Deck (December 12), and Ultimate FIFA Power Pack (January 10). FIFA Ultimate Team card packs remain the fastest-growing part of FIFA Ultimate Team on PlayStation 4.

Since launch, more than 19 million players have been able to enjoy the FIFA gameplay experience that is PlayStation 4, and over 2.5 million players have acquired more than 500 players in FIFA Ultimate Team. FIFA 22 will release on PS4 globally on November 27.

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November 25.


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Features Key:

  • Face All-Star Team in Ultimate Team – 12-time FIFA World Player of the Year, World Cup-winning Ronaldo, 7-time FIFA Ballon d’Or winners and more make a stellar #blessedgroup.
  • Console-First Gamplay – No menus, no settings, no save games – the new new FIFA console gameplay experience brings you right into action.
  • Bombast Rivals – Play matches with a lineup that features the most venomous footballers on the planet, from Daniele De Rossi to Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Philipp Lahm.
  • Match Ambience – Play inside the stadiums or the world’s most desirable bars and clubs.
  • Legends Mode – Join the likes of Ronaldo and Drogba to play in exclusive matches created just for FIFA 22.

Xbox Game Includes:

  • FIFA 22
  • FIFA 22 Dynamic Live Commentary
  • FIFA 22 Dynamic Visuals


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All the Most Important Information, Ranked

With more than 1,000 changes to the core game, innovations across 11 game modes, 30 All-Stars, and more than 200 new and returning player traits, FIFA 22 is the most advanced football game yet.

Gameplay Features

Featuring Intelligence Formation AI

Add intelligence to your formation and the best team will react to their specific opponent. AI tactics will change as the game progresses, so you need to adapt and change your plans accordingly.

Intelligence Formation AI

Touchline Technology

This new playmaker camera for tackles and headers brings a new dimension to attacks and set-pieces, making it easier to predict the course of a game-changing goal, and the off-ball response in defence is immediate and reactive.

Touchline Technology

Extra Time

The ball is awarded to the team that scored a goal in extra time.

Extra Time

FIFA’s Newest Artificial Intelligence Engine

Bristling with new innovations for player-management and tactics, FIFA 22 uses the power of artificial intelligence to enhance the realism of every game with things like tactical intelligence, smarter off-ball challenges and smarter tactical AI on the ball.

Artificial Intelligence

FIFA’s Newest Animation Engine

No face recognition. New animations and player skills. Full player animation with over 30 million player models.

Animation Engine

FIFA’s True Player Physics

Fully-realistic character weighting. Improved collision detections. Take-ons are more visible and predictable.

True Player Physics

FIFA’s Newest Player Trait Engine

This new player trait system brings an old-school league system to FIFA, where players can be rated by skill and passion.

Player Trait Engine

FIFA’s Newest AI System

A total of 330,000 new animations, including “identical twins” for player models — one still, one animated — with new models and animations for nearly every national football team.

AI System

FIFA’s Newest Fight System

For the first time in FIFA history, players can fight for possessions. “Restrictive and Snap” gameplay at set pieces, such as corners and free kicks, help bring balance to attacking and defending.

Fight System

FIFA’s Newest PK System

No more penalties


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FIFA Ultimate Team is back and better than ever. Whether you’re a longtime fan of FIFA Ultimate Team or are new to the franchise, the all-new FIFA Ultimate Team experience is a brand new way to build, train and compete with your favorite players in FIFA 20.

Experience how the new gameplay systems in FIFA 20 work together to create the most authentic, complete and football-focused experience of the series on all of the platforms you play.

Live the life of a footballer in FIFA 20. Prove yourself on your club’s field and reach the heights of the game’s pinnacle. Game Modes
FIFA 20 sees the return of the popular Game Modes from PES 2019 with FIFA Ultimate Team modes as well as tournament play modes.

* FIFA 20 Game Modes
Career Mode – Take charge of your managerial career as you work your way up the football ladder.
FIFA Ultimate Team – Build your dream squad with authentic and realistic kits, balls, and more.
My Team – Create your own unique team with a new squad editor.
FIFA Ultimate Team Leagues – Customise your game with the FIFA 20 Leagues.

Console and PC Release Date
The worldwide release date for FIFA 20 is May 27, 2019.


Sega has announced that the Nintendo Switch will be getting the demo for the launch of the game in North America, and the demo will be available starting on April 26. We have also received additional information regarding the demo. The demo will be the “Base Game” version of the game, will feature the standard edition of the game, and will be available for all Nintendo Switch consoles, so if you already own a Nintendo Switch, you will be able to play the demo. The demo will only be available for a limited time and will not be available for the other platforms like the PS4 or Xbox One. The base game of the game is available for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, and the virtual reality version of the game is available for PS4.Q:

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