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HyperMotion technology will also be available in video-based modes, including, but not limited to, Career Mode, Teammate Connection, Training Ground, Ultimate Team and Create a Team. Each of these modes will include a selection of players equipped with HyperMotion technology, and you will be able to select and play as one of them.

FIFA 22 also includes a new pro-driven Live Training Centers, where you can train with licensed clubs, players and coaches.

Key Features:

Live Experience – Realistic, authentic, and emotion-driven gameplay with Real Player Motion.

Reinvented Teammate Connections – Teammate Connections enhanced with AI Tackles, AI Plays, and AI Highlight Reels.

3 on 3 Online Tournaments – Take on friends, rivals, and the world in FIFA Online 3-on-3 single-match, Season and Leagues.

Create a Team – Craft your perfect team of 11 players.

Create a Group – Play with friends in friendlies, and compete with fellow community members in score-based competitions.

Additional Content:

Paid Skill Games: Earn Credits to unlock exclusive gameplay and squads.

Buy and Sell, Trade and Loan: Inventory Management and Football Manager-style ownership structures.

Experience Your Dream Team – Customise your squad for your preferred playing style, and see which players fit your team’s style of play.

Extreme local teams: Play in licensed settings and against clubs from around the world.

New Features:

FIFA Ultimate Team – Create the best team of 11 players.

Create a Club: Customise the look and feel of your brand, and choose which kits to wear as you play.

I can’t wait to play this game on PS4!! All of the cool new features look amazing and the graphics of this game has never been better. It looks even better than FIFA 18 with a load of technical, animation and gameplay improvements. I’m extremely happy with this announcement, FIFA 19 was very disappointing and in comparison Fifa 22 is looking very promising!!

I can’t wait to play this game on PS4!! All of the cool new features look amazing and the graphics of this game has never been better. It looks even better than FIFA 18 with a load of technical, animation and gameplay improvements. I’m extremely happy with this announcement, FIFA 19 was very disappointing and in comparison Fifa 22 is looking very promising!!



Features Key:

  • Groundbreaking Motion Capture technology.
  • The centerpiece of FIFA 22’s gameplay experience, FUT provides a plethora of FIFA gameplay features, including more mobile controls that allow players to move and shoot with ease.
  • New Pro Dribbling Animations.
  • New Player AI Engine tweaks.
  • Enhanced Keeper Bots, improved goalkeeping controls and AI.
  • The Transfer Market.
  • Football Manager.
  • Emotional Teamwork.
  • New Live Debuts, stadium generation, Artist Learning.
  • UI Update.


Fifa 22 Product Key Full [32|64bit]

FIFA is the pinnacle of football, giving you the power to make plays, dictate the pace and control the most intense and dynamic simulation of the beautiful game. You’ll build your dream team, manage it strategically, and lead it to victory against more than 100,000 players from over 150 nations using your innovative new Frostbite™ Game Engine and vision-capturing ZR2™ camera.

Fun in the Fan

Fans are creating an all-new experience on the gamepad: Control your player through the crowd. Battle opponents and use fans to your advantage by performing crowd push-ups, set up tifos and more. Battle against other players at all 22 stadiums around the world in a series of interactive crowdsourcing events.

New Pass Master Control

New Pass Master Control lets you move quicker through space by dictating the pass and the angle of the pass to the receiver. Only certain receivers can be passed to, so become familiar with the strategies of your favorite players and transfer them to the pitch to finish moves with pinpoint accuracy.

Smart Squad Management

Fifa is a team sport, so you need a squad of players with the right skills to complement one another and dominate the pitch. The smartest moves aren’t always the obvious ones. Consider planning long-term career and club moves to get the best players in the best positions.

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On and off the pitch, you’ll have all the tools you need to make the game more authentic, more rewarding and more enjoyable.

Live Your Legend

Set up your perfect stadium with the all-new Seamless Construction Kit in the MyClub mode. The Customizable Stadium now allows you to place fields in your club’s own colors and symbols, as well as custom ads, sponsors and other team-specific features. Import your real-life club photos and logos and work your way through your new community. Then explore the Stadium Creator and build the ultimate home for your team.

New Frostbite Engine Powered:

Combine the fluidity of Frostbite games like Titanfall with the accessibility of FIFA and you get FIFA. The Frostbite engine delivers more realistic stadiums, crowds, player models, ball control and ball physics.

100+ All-New Seasons:

You’re still playing the same game. But you know FIFA. So you can adapt your footballing skills to a new season by switching your tactics, formation


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Enjoy more ways to build your Ultimate Team than ever before. Tackle challenges, make deals, and build your dream team with more than two million players worldwide, with thousands more added every day.

Road to Glory – Become the ultimate player, perfecting and mastering every aspect of the game in a new experience that pushes you to the limit. Build a squad and face real-life competition as you test your skills in a series of quick-fire FIFA tournaments

FIFA Park – Test your skills in the ultimate baseball experience where the ballpark stands in and around your very feet.

FIFA Live, TV and Radio – Enjoy live TV, Radio coverage and exclusive content with the addition of social media integration to give you an immersive experience as a fan.

3D User Interface – See the beautiful world of FIFA with enhanced player and team visuals along with an immersive new UI that brings fresh player animation and presentation.

Improved Instant Switching – Switch from player to player in games instantly. Use the new double-tap feature to go from one player to another seamlessly.


Streaming live chat in Football via its official app is now available in new live events this season, including the likes of Manchester United vs. Tottenham Hotspur, and the Europa League Qualifying fixtures.

Subscribers to Sky Sports and BeIN Sports will be able to access the streaming service on their devices.

With the addition of social media in the app, users will be able to connect with their favourite teams and players, as well as be at the centre of the action.

To add to the excitement, a variety of live betting products are available through the app to enjoy.

Users can make bets on who will score the next goal, or choose to bet on the last goal that will be scored.

Read more about this new application and the possibility of more live events on our official Website:

Note: Live streams of games in which Soccerex is involved can be found here.

10 December 2016


Following the enormous success of Soccerex’s crowd-based event Soccerex Cup, 2017 sees the brand new Soccerex Cup take place in Malta on Saturday 22nd May 2017.

Soccerex is now looking to take its community gaming concept to


What’s new:

  • New trophies
  • New cameras: Goalcam: Deep zoom and post-match media
  • New crowds: Diverse local stadium atmospheres in all 32 stadiums
  • New friendlies and tailor-made tournaments
  • Customise your Pro Player better than ever, build and evolve your legend
  • New play style – new players, new attacking roles, and new defence styles to master
  • Increase your power
  • Play the Association – developed in partnership with the EPPN and in-game coaching animations
  • Enhanced Autonomous Mode : Personalize your AI and compete without limits with AI-controlled teams and players


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Take your skills to the next level with FIFA. Rediscover a game that is all about the unpredictable thrill of the chase and delivering the most skillful ball into the sweetest spot.

FIFA is an all-encompassing sports experience: Whether you’re competing against family and friends, or taking on the world online, FIFA is all about action and adventure.

FIFA 16 (2017) is the #1 most played soccer game in the world, with more than 250 million players playing during the 2017 FIFA World Cup™™. With three expansion packs already released, FIFA 16 will be instrumental in unlocking FIFA’s next creative phase.

Key Features:

An All-New Engine-The FIFA engine powering FIFA is the most advanced, robust and intelligent football engine in the world. Powered by a new prediction system, ball physics, the new Focus Targeting system and realistic player movement, FIFA delivers a gameplay experience that couldn’t be more authentic.

New Player Trajectories and Movement-players sprint, stretch, cut inside and shoot with ease, as the ball slides, bounces and rolls naturally off the turf.

Football Intelligence-Catch, control and shoot with the same Football Intelligence you expect out of your teammates. Every touch and pass is calculated and reactive – the ball will move at your pace, and always in the right direction.

Long-Term Global Goalkeeping-The improved Keeper AI adjusts to unpredictable situations, movements and fatigue, while the new Keeper Traits system gives players the option to tailor each shot in a variety of ways.

FIFA Ultimate Team-A new Skill-Based Draft offers even more ways to customise your team, and spend real world money to earn the finest players in the world. FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is your chance to grow from the very beginning, and become the greatest player in the world.

The Journey-The Journey mode, returns with a completely new campaign to follow, featuring all 32 teams from the world’s top leagues. This season’s edition features brand new stadiums, authentic pitches and a host of new club-based gameplay features.

Gameplay-The highest attention to detail has been paid to the tactical battle of the ball. Spot on: even the smallest of interactions between players has been recreated with the ultimate level of attention to detail.

New Augmented Reality (AR) Experience-Using the power of AR, fans will experience the thrill


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System Requirements For Fifa 22:

Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64-bit)
Intel® Pentium® IV 1.86GHz or higher (or AMD equivalent)
Intel® HD Graphics 4000 (or AMD equivalent)
Microsoft Windows 7
Hard Drive:
500MB of free space
Microsoft® Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000/Natural Ergonomic 15-Inch or Microsoft® Natural Ergonomic 4000


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