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TV Series – Icon Pack 29 is a nicely designed collection that brings you some fresh icon replacements for your regular files and directories, as well as for dock applications.
The icons included in the set come in two distinct formats, namely ICO and PNG. The former is the native format supported by Windows for any files and folder, while the latter is used mainly by dock programs that will handle this particular file type for the icons of the applications they host.







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The set of icons from Icon Pack 29 comes with nice visual contrasts, very detailed shadows, and good texture for all the included icons.
The set includes a bunch of various files and folders that you might find useful for your daily activities, such as documents and contact managers, Internet browsers, and many other programs.
Icon Pack 29 features a total of 14 folder icons, including the desktop, music and video folders. All of them receive nice retouching and nice clear details for the icons, as well as for the text labels, just in case they get missed when the icons are placed in a nav bar.
There are 24 icons for files and folders, such as worksheets, download files, and instant messenger contacts, which come with nicely detailed shadows and solid and smooth visual textures.
Icon Pack 29 – Size – Statistics:
The set of icons included in Icon Pack 29 packs a total of 2298px * 1579px, which makes it 76.4 Mb in size.
Icon Pack 29 by IconPackHome

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TV Series – Icon Pack 29

Why should you download Icon Pack 29?
The program packs a nice collection of over 300 icons of various file types, so that you can benefit from an assorted look on your desktop.
It is created with a pretty wide range of themes to choose from, so that you can combine them to get a customized interface depending on your needs and preferences. For those with a Windows 7 background, it offers a nice collection of Aero themes.
It is suitable for those who want to make sure that their programs look nice regardless of their platform.
This pack is available for 32-bit and 64-bit systems and offers updated icons for recent programs and add-ons, so that the look and feel of your desktop gets improved in no time.
Why did you create Icon Pack 29?
While Icons are among the most frequently used icons, and are also expected to be of high quality, on some occasions, even the best designed icon will not look as good as its alternatives. That is why I created Icon Pack 29, because it offers you some really cool and unique Windows icons, which will make your desktop look stylish.
Icons included in Icon Pack 29 are of almost all different file types, and they are of different resolutions, so that they can fit perfectly into your style.
Icon Packs: Icon Pack 28, Icon Pack 28: Recent Release Download
What’s new in Icon Pack 29?
It offers some subtle improvements, as well as a fresh look, so that you can obtain a great look for your desktop.
A couple of examples are a new set of icons for project and folder items, along with the recent icons for Windows folder toolbars.

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TV Series – Icon Pack 29 Crack [Mac/Win] [Latest 2022]

This pack comes with 250+ high-quality icons, of which roughly 20% were designed and created by the pack author himself. Other than that, the rest come from the public icon packs collection. This pack also includes a collection of icons for the following directories:
– Downloads, Music, Videos, Pictures, Documents, Network, Temporary, and others
– Move application icons to the taskbar, the Dock, and the Windows 8 Start Screen.
– The download is in ZIP format and needs a special compression tool to be unpacked.
– The icons are limited in their size, see the post for size and usage guidelines.
– The pack includes the icons in PNG format for every file type (with the exception of ZIP archives).
• Does not include an option to change the background color of application windows.
• All icons are included in SVG format.
This pack is the first installment of the series „TV Series Icon Pack“, its main focus is replacing the regular Windows icons with the ones from popular TV series (The Avengers, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, The Office, and others).
• The pack was created for both Windows 8 and Windows 7.
• The pack includes icons for both system and user-specific folders.
• The icons are limited in their size, see the post for size and usage guidelines.
• All icons are included in PNG format.
Installation and usage:
To install this icon pack, download it from here and unzip the contents of the downloaded archive. The icons will then be located in the folder, where you executed the unzipping tool.
You can use the files in their current location on your computer, just unzip them to any place you like. However, it is recommended that you drag all the icons from the zip archive into the folder, where you keep your icons for faster access.
You can use the icons according to the following guidelines:
– Double-click on the files in your Windows 8 start screen. You can also open the apps‘ dash to access them.
– All icons are limited in their size, see the post for size and usage guidelines.
– The pack includes the icons in PNG format for every file type (with the exception of ZIP archives).
How to access the icons in the pack:
– To access the files directly in the Windows 8 Start screen, drag and drop the icons from the extracted ZIP into the Windows 8 start screen.

What’s New In?

Icon Pack 29 is a nicely designed set of the new icons that will refresh your Windows desktop and do wonders for the look of any other programs installed on your computer. It includes a wide range of pixel-perfect icons, ranging from applications, folders, windows, process icons, utilities, gadgets, and much more. The set also supports ICO and PNG icon formats.

An Icon Pack for Windows is a collection of desktop icons that work in combination with your existing hardware and software to give you a more attractive, contemporary and fun look to your Windows desktop.
TV Series Icon Pack 29 Included Files:

17 small and 47 large icons,

40 colors available to choose from in the Icons palette,

and much more.

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