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NLite (for XP) (LifeTime) Activation Code Download



I’d suggest using FreeDOS, which is a small Linux kernel-based „image“ that you can use to build your custom OS. You can use it to boot from a flash drive, a CD or even the Windows Installation CD.
I’ve built a version of Ubuntu that uses FreeDOS as its main bootloader. It’s just a case of placing the FreeDOS files on a USB drive, booting from it and following the on-screen instructions.


There is a fairly new program, called UniSys, which will remove unneeded applications, as well as unused parts of Windows (such as the Drivers and Tweaks, which users often don’t want or need). You can download it here. I haven’t tried it myself, but if you want more information, it was released on April 1, 2011, I believe. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have any!

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NLite (for XP) Keygen Full Version



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Nlite – Recovery Edition…




nLite Recovery Edition is a package of software utilities that allows you to perform several tasks, including editing and adding drivers to your System BIOS. In addition to that, it contains two tools – Systemrestorer and Systeminfo which will create bootable Windows RE which you can use to fix your PC and restore it to a previous condition. Using the first option, you can take a system state which contains every necessary hardware and software component. The second option lets you check the system for any problems including faulty hardware or firmware, missing hardware components, or incomplete or corrupt files.

nLite Driver Updater is a utility which helps you download and install drivers from the Internet for your hardware.

nLite Easy System Tweaker is a companion to nLite which can be used to set up tools which will help you modify your system at different levels: Basic, Advanced and Expert.

nLite Bootable Creator is a tool for making a bootable recovery disc from your hard drive. It can help you create FAT12, FAT16 and NTFS images that can be used to restore your system, recover your data or just create a bootable image for your USB drive.

nLite WebSurfing Cleaner is a free tool which allows you to remove or clean up the extra folders and extensions that might interfere with the proper operation of your web browser.

nLite Backup is a simple to use application which allows you to backup the database of your files, documents, email, and other data which are stored on your hard drive.

nLite Driver Downloader helps you download and install drivers for your hardware.

nLite Secure Booter is a solution that allows you to create a new and personal copy of your boot record.

nLite Hardware Checker is a handy tool that can help you check your system in a flash to verify that all the components are working properly.

nLite Scan is a simple tool which allows you to see the size of your hard drive and its occupied space.

nLite Flash Upgrade Maker helps you create ISO image

NLite (for XP) Free Registration Code Free Download

nLite, the Free
Uninstaller. Computer expert nLite uninstalls program
components and other software you never want or need on your
computer. It allows you to uninstall or add programs, change
computer settings, create a bootable CD or DVD, and modify or
create a compressed ISO. nLite supports all Windows versions
from Windows 95 to Windows 10 (32-bit & 64-bit versions), as
well as MS-DOS and DOS.


Users have reported nLite will not uninstall system files
related to Microsoft Windows Explorer (such as My Computer). It
is not designed for that purpose and you might need a third party
tool. (2/6/2020)

Since nLite is free to try, you can use it even before buying the full version. So, if you find it somewhat confusing or if it doesn’t quite work the way you’d expect, simply try the free version for 30 days before buying the full version. The trial version includes 2 free uninstalls!
The trial version is broken down into different steps, so make sure you read it through all the way.
Step-by-step instruction
Step 1:
Download nLite and select the option for the Windows XP image.
Step 2:
Click Browse and locate the ISO image on your hard drive.
Step 3:
Hit Start and in 2-3 minutes, nLite finishes the process by creating your customized ISO.
Step 4:
Once the process is over, click on the icon labelled Disks to open the New Disk dialog box.
Step 5:
Type in an appropriate name for the ISO (ex. „Install.iso“) and double click on it to start the installation.
Step 6:
Browse and select the folder where you want to install nLite.
Step 7:
Now simply hit Next and wait for the process to be finished. Once it’s done, the dialog box shows that the installation is successful.
Step 8:
Now simply hit Save to save the installation on your hard drive or select the option for Make it executable.
Step 9:
Finally, restart your computer and all the changes will be reflected on the new installation.
In my personal experience, nLite has proven to be an efficient tool that provides you with the control and freedom you need to uninstall unwanted

What’s New In?

Simply the most advanced and powerful software for creating your own Windows recovery discs.
It is an all-in-one system utility for creating images of your own Windows CD or DVD. Once nLite is set up correctly, there is no need to copy any data to re-create an ISO file. Use nLite’s default or custom actions to include just the drivers, updates, hotfixes, custom tools, and more that you want.
Everything is done in a single click, and you can also create bootable Linux CDs or DVDs.


Only files which you download or you install yourself will be removed.
It will allow you to customize your Windows OS. For example, it will allow you to add applications you want, change Windows user account settings, and even remove unused or non-essential files.
The ISO can be used for installing Windows from the command-line. Also, it can be used to create recovery disks or USB flash drives.
It creates bootable images that can be used for restoring your system or reinstalling Windows from the Command Line.
The ISO can be burned to a CD or DVD.

nLite (for Vista) – PC – Windows XP – Free Download

New! – Upgrade to support more powerful and flexible options.

nLite – Beta


nLite is easy to use. It allows you to create your own Windows from the first time you boot. Simply choose the tasks that you want to include, such as install updates, install drivers, tweak registry values, select user options, select your preferred desktop theme, even modify your Windows XP startup order. You can customize what is going to be included on your disc by using nLite’s powerful built-in installer. This means that it will ask you whether you want to include a specific software or a component.

You will be able to use its built-in auto-installer to create your own Windows 7 disc.

The program does NOT modify the original Windows files. It just adds new files to the CD or DVD.

What’s New in Version 7.1.4

– Fixed launching only in English language.
– Fixed the problem with two taskbar buttons in 7.1.3
– Fixed the problem with some components and error message
– Updated all components

nLite (for Vista) Description:

nLite is easy to use.

System Requirements:

Windows 10 or later
Mac OSX 10.10 or later
4 GB RAM or more
HDD space 100 MB or more
Internet connection required to play games or perform transactions
GamersGate account is required for all
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