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AVI DivX MPEG to DVD Converter & Burner Pro is one of the applications designed to make the whole task of creating a new DVD movie a breeze, offering very user friendly features in this regard.
Besides the fact that it supports the common video formats on the market, the program also comes with a built-in burning engine to easily burn the created project to disc.
The interface is the one that makes it all possible, with a clean look and a preview panel to allow you quickly view one of the clips included in the project.
Batch processing is obviously supported, and so are the NTSC and PAL formats. What’s more, you can create DVDs in widescreen or full screen modes, while a menu creator gives you the power to design a menu for the output DVD.
This particular tool however isn’t such an advanced feature and it only allows you to choose an image to be used as background and nothing more. No support for text or sounds, but instead it bundles several templates.
The burning engine is fast and stable, but we’ve noticed a moderate CPU usage during our testing. AVI DivX MPEG to DVD Converter & Burner Pro works with AVI, MPG, MPE, DAT and other formats, offering dedicated options to set the disc volume label and configure the temp directory.
All in all, AVI DivX MPEG to DVD Converter & Burner Pro could come in handy to some users, but those more advanced are very likely to be disappointed. More configuration options, support for many other formats and a more advanced menu designer would definitely attract more users.







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System Requirements For AVI DivX MPEG To DVD Converter Burner Pro:

This mod has no known dependencies
How to Install:
Extract this mod to your Fallout 4 main folder
Installation Complete, you may now delete this mod from your computer.
Compatibility Issues:
This mod has no known compatibility issues.
For the visual model, the game only needed the armor clip model.
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Will that make it into the public build? If