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Free Video Joiner is a program that you can use to easily merge and convert videos of various formats, including AVI, WMV, MOV and MP4. The tool comes with a simplistic interface that has few features. You can import videos by using the file browser only, since the „drag and drop“ method is not supported. So, all you have to do is specify the output destination and extension in order to initiate the merging process. In the list you can view the name, size and source path of each file. During the task, you can check out a log file, but you cannot view elapsed or remaining time. The application requires a low quantity of system resources and takes a long time to complete a task. Free Video Joiner didn't freeze or crash during our tests. On the other hand, the program failed to convert a video with the RM extension, automatically overwrites files with the same name, doesn't allow you to cancel the task (you have to exit the application to do this) and doesn't give you the possibility of naming the output file or arranging videos in the list before joining them. To conclude, Free Video Joiner is a good program for merging videos but it still needs to integrate some basic features. Even so, feel free to test it for yourself to see if it fits your preferences.







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Autorun Manager is a tool for Automating the beginning of programs, including Winamp, Media Player, Pinnacle, Crystal Disk Decryptor, etc. There will be more and more applications listed, which will be uploaded to the website. Also, the program will allow you to easily create your own Startup Toolbar and Startup Menu. You can add your programs to it, as well as keep your windows and tools wherever you like them. The program not only installs programs to the Startup Menu, but also allows you to remove them as well. Usability All the menus are well organized, easy to navigate and packed with a lot of information. The Start Menu can be easily edited, with each section being customizable, so you can have the drive, toolbars, games, utilities, etc. The program comes with a bunch of interesting options, making it easy to customize your Start Menu. The Startup Button also contains a lot of useful features, to install and remove programs, adding custom actions or simply remove the Start Menu option. It’s also possible to use the program to run your programs and start directly your software. The application has a neat interface and neat features, making it a useful tool for anyone who likes to automate and program their computers. Software Editor Description: For anyone who needs a software editor that can understand various file types, especially in the Mac world, Software Editor fits right in. Software Editor is a pretty good software editor. It has a lot of options and features. For example you can use it to create text files, images, video and music files, and even empty files that can be created from templates. Software Editor is a pretty good software editor that doesn’t require any programming. It is easy to use and is a good choice for any Windows user. Software Editor Features: 1. Create text files 2. Create video and audio files 3. Create image files 4. Create music files 5. Create empty files 6. Open text files, import and export text files 7. Open image files, import and export image files 8. Create multiple blank files 9. Open music files, import and export music files 10. Create empty files in text editor 11. Open and close files in a text editor 12. Create empty files in database 13. Open and close files in a database 14. Open and close MySQL files 15. Open and close record manager files 16. Import and export record files

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A useful utility for managing autorun autostart applications. Autorun Manager Free Download allows you to control the startup and shutdown of Windows applications, as well as the system shutdown options. The program allows you to specify programs to run on startup, set the time of the shutdown, or change the date on which the shutdown occurs. Autorun Manager includes the following key features: Create an autostart rules for a program You are given the option to create one or more autostart rules for any executable program that you want to have automatically started in Windows Vista/7. You can select an option that allows the program to be started by either a logon, start menu, or both options. If you select an option that lets the user start up a program right after Windows boots up, the program will be started as soon as Windows logs on. Select a time for your shutdown You can set when you want the computer to shut down. You can choose an option that lets the computer shut down on a predefined date, or a time of day or time of day. Use custom shutdown options You can use custom shutdown options. For instance, you can turn off the monitoring service, disable desktop notifications, prevent the task manager from automatically starting up, or prevent shutdown by applications. Manage shutdown options: You can easily manage all the shutdown options. You can assign a custom shortcut key to do anything, such as shutting down all services, restarting the computer, closing the Windows 7 taskbar, or minimizing all windows. You can also use a shortcut key to shut down your computer at a specific time, e.g., 5 p.m. You can simply stop your computer from shut down by the system when a particular application performs a specific task. For instance, you can only allow the program to shut down the computer when it closes a certain file. The program is easy to use; you can immediately apply any changes to the selected program. Autorun Manager Key Features: Create an autostart rules for a program Create an autostart rules for a program Create an autostart rules for a program Automatically manage an autostart rules for a program Autorun Manager is an easy-to-use utility that lets you easily configure your startup and shutdown options. The software includes everything you need for controlling the startup and shutdown of applications. This software provides easy access to the startup and shutdown control options that let b7e8fdf5c8

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Autorun Manager is a system utility to create autorun shortcuts for CD-ROM disks. It is also designed for Windows XP Media Center Edition and Windows Vista.Autorun Manager is a system utility to create autorun shortcuts for CD-ROM disks. It is also designed for Windows XP Media Center Edition and Windows Vista.Autorun Manager lets you create autorun shortcuts to CD-ROM disks. No setup required, besides Java As long as you have Java installed, you don’t need to set up anything else. This means that you can save the executable.jar file to a custom directory on the disk or copy it to a USB flash drive, in order to directly run it on any PC with Java. It doesn’t modify Windows registry settings or create files on the disk without letting you know about it. Create autorun shortcuts for CD-ROM disks Autorun Manager is designed to enable you to create autorun shortcuts. Since the tool uses the Java capabilities and especially the JNI library, it does not depend on the operating system, which means it can work on any computer. You can easily specify the title for the shortcut, as well as add text, picture, background image and more to the launch page. These options will automatically be added as tags, when the shortcut is created. You can also create a short video clip as the launch page by using the supported video tools. For this purpose, Autorun Manager utilizes the very same video formats and video codecs that are used in Windows Media Player. In addition to creating the launch page, Autorun Manager has several very useful functions that can help you create your autorun shortcuts. Windows XP Media Center Edition users can create a CD-ROM Disc player shortcut to autorun audio CDs and play them on external media devices. For Windows Vista users, Autorun Manager lets you create an autorun file for a USB thumb drive or an external hard disk. You can easily use this option with the USB Thumb Drives as well as the external hard disks. After creating the autorun file, it can be saved on the disk using the USB drive. When the USB drive is connected to the computer, you can launch the autorun file with no additional setup. Although Autorun Manager is not very user-friendly, it is quite efficient when it comes to creating autorun shortcuts. Decaffeinate is a free program that can automatically remove unwanted

What’s New in the Autorun Manager?

Autorun Manager is a flexible application that enables automatic launching of several installed applications. It features an adjustable, easy to use graphical interface that is ready to use from the moment you start this program. Autorun Manager can scan Windows registry entries and files system to automatically start/stop executables. The application offers a friendly graphical user interface for setup/control of your programs. It can scan the Windows registry and files in a system folder for arbitrary executable executables, it supports dlls and exe files. Autorun Manager can schedule application’s running. It features a scheduler which can run programs in accordance to time rules. Autorun Manager offers a graphical interface for user interaction. Autorun Manager provides a friendly setup wizard and a scheduling system with a scheduler. The application has a scheduler which can start, stop and restart any executable which can be found in the Windows registry and files in the system. The program supports automatic scheduled execution of executables on any Windows system. It can be used to schedule the execution of executables on demand, at any time and in the background. With minimal setup requirements and complex configuration, the executable will be allowed to run at any time, without user intervention. Autorun Manager allows to register a list of folders, where you want your executable to be accessible in the next startup. It implements a „wrapper“ feature, which enables to „hide“ the executable from the Windows operating system. Autorun Manager supports the following global settings: [I] Start Options[I] Start Options[I] Start Options[I] Preload Programs[I] Preload Programs[I] Preload Programs[I] Scan for your Programs[I] Scan for your Programs[I] Scan for your Programs[I] Create Log[I] Create Log[I] Create Log[I] Close Log[I] Close Log[I] Close Log[I] Clear Log[I] Clear Log[I] Clear Log[I] Clear Log[I] Reset Preloaded[I] Reset Preloaded[I] Reset Preloaded[I] Reset Preloaded[I] Reset Preloaded[I] Reset Preloaded[I] Reset Preloaded[I] Reset Preloaded[I] Destroy Folder[I] Destroy Folder[I] Destroy Folder[I] Destroy Folder[I] Destroy Folder[I] Cancel[I] Cancel[I] Cancel[I]

System Requirements:

CPU: Intel Quad-Core i7 2.8GHz or better Intel Quad-Core i7 2.8GHz or better RAM: 6GB+ DDR4 SDRAM 6GB+ DDR4 SDRAM GPU: NVIDIA GTX 660 / AMD HD 7870 or better NVIDIA GTX 660 / AMD HD 7870 or better Hard Drive: 25GB 25GB Operating System: Windows 8.1 Windows 8.1 Network: Broadband Internet connection Broadband Internet connection Sound Card: Any latest DirectX 11 sound card.