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Terms of Use

All rights reserved. Any unauthorised use, alteration, etc of this document is expressly prohibited.

This document may be used for internal purposes only. It may not be distributed to any other person.

This document is issued by Technical Centre of High Technologies FZ, the Technical Centre of High Technologies, which is a branch of Federal Agency for Scientific Research and Technical Current Registers of Information and Product Records have been added to the list of electronic publications. 8% is forbidden for in-house experiments,
// however, the error is not so serious because for non-in-house
// experiments, it only means that an author cannot use his or her database
// for the experiments. On the other hand, there would be a huge number
// of authors, and it would be really difficult to manually look up and
// count the number.
if ($journal==’inhouse‘) $objs+= 8;

// Convert total object in the publication unit into per-journal units.
// Obviously, first object should be converted to 1, so divide by 2.
$objs = $objs / 2 + 1;

// Average the object size across all journals
if ($journal==’all‘) $objs /= count($journals);

return $objs;

//============================== User submitted file end ============================

//======================== User submission file begins =============================
// List of authors

$authors = array(
‚Ke Y‘,
‚Yu C‘,
‚Li X‘,
‚Zhou X‘,
‚Xu X‘,
‚He B‘,
‚Liu L‘,
‚Yu W‘,
‚Zhao H‘,
‚Li Y‘


//=========================== Calculation of a summary ==================================

$summ = array(
‚Quantity (line#/year)‘,
‚Average line#‘,
‚Average year‘


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is a train station in the city of Motosu, Gifu Prefecture, Japan, operated by the third sector railway operator Tarumi Railway.

Mototakai Station is a station on the Tarumi Line, and is located 8.6 kilometers from the opposing terminus of the line at.

Station layout
The station consists of one ground-level side platform serving a single bi-directional track. The station is unattended.

Adjacent stations

Mototakai Station opened on October 11, 1938 as a station on the Japanese Government Railways (JGR) Nōgō Line. Scheduled freight services were discontinued in March 1971, and the station was closed in 1974. The station reopened on June 11, 1978 as an intermediate station on the newly constructed Tarumi Line.

Surrounding area
The station is a quiet commuter town, with a population of around 500 people.