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Below are some of the key features that you can use to create and modify images.

1. Blending Modes

Photoshop has many tools to help blend various areas of an image together. Some of these tools include the Color Dodge, Color Burn, Color overlay, Linear Burn, and Linear color Dodge tools.

The Color Dodge tool is the opposite of the Linear Dodge tool, which is used to lighten or darken specific areas of an image.

The Color Burn and Linear Burn tools can be used to create those cool retro looking watercolor effects.

Using the Linear Color Dodge tool is just like it sounds. You can lighten or darken specific areas of your image using the slider. The Color Overlay tool allows you to have that cool, light fuzzy effect when you blend colors together.

Photoshop also has a Diffuse Glow filter in Photoshop. Here are a few other filter options you can use:

2. Gradient Maps

Gradient maps are used to create interesting transitions in images.

You can create both radial and linear gradient maps. You can adjust the direction of the gradient and the size of the gradient.

Create a radial gradient map by simply dragging the end points of the gradient map. Create a linear gradient map by holding down the [Shift] key and clicking the mouse in the direction you want the gradient to travel. You can then adjust the gradient’s size with the arrows. You can also select different colors for each of the end points.

3. Basic Brush

The Basic Brush is one of Photoshop’s basic editing tools.

Creating images begins with the use of a brush. You can create a brush by clicking the Brush tool (the one with the paintbrush icon). You can also access the Brush tool settings from the toolbar by clicking the first icon.

The brush settings include:

Size and Opacity.


Spacing between effects.

Customize the brush with the settings by selecting a brush size and opacity.

There are several preset brush sizes and color options, but it’s possible to create your own brush by adjusting the settings.

You can even choose to customize the Brush tool’s size, Opacity, and Spacing settings.

4. Vector Brush

The vector brush’s settings are similar to the brush settings.

Using the vector brush is a pain-free way to create simple lines and shapes. You

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Adobe Photoshop includes many different layers, including RGB and CMYK, and the ability to directly edit the color of these layers. With Elements, you can only edit the color of one layer at a time.

Can you rename layers in PSD?

Yes, you can always rename the layers in Photoshop File.

What are Image Adjustment Tools in Photoshop?

Image Adjustment Tools are the set of tools used to modify the appearance of an image. They can be used as a stand-alone Photoshop editor or as part of a Photoshop/Lightroom workflow.

Image Adjustment Tools are smart, and can do a lot of magic, but if you want to get to the core of what Photoshop can do, these tools are the place to start.

Tool Name Apply Photo Filter Apply Color Balance (aka Warmth) Adjust Color

Selectively change color and convert your photos to black and white or grayscale. Note: this tool doesn’t work for CMYK images.

Apply Histogram Adjustment Photo Filter Apply Sharpen

Highlights and contrast the image for more vivid photos. (NOTE: This tool can also be found in the Layers Panel.)

Change the exposure, lighting, and color in one click. Change the aspect ratio and more.

Merge Layers Expand/Change Shadow

Add depth to your images using a variety of effects and techniques.

Clone Stamp Create Fast Mask

Apply a mask to a specific part of a photo.

Create a new image from scratch or copy to a new image. Edit Cropping

Create a special effect or edit out noise using this tool.

Create a Full-Resolution Clipboard

Create a new image from a whole section or a specific layer within the current image.

Adjust the intensity, hue, saturation, brightness, opacity, and exposure of the current image. (NOTE: This tool is found in the Layers Panel.)

Create a new image from scratch. Colorize an image.

Create a new image from scratch by applying an Effect. Edit Embossing/Drop Shadow

Adjust a specific part of the image using this tool.

Convert a selection to black and white or grayscale.

Create the perfect toning effect using this tool.

Convert an image or selection into an image format of your choice (jpg, tiff, etc.)

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