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Photoshop does have a few limitations when compared to other image editing programs. The following are some of them:

Limited color handling: Photoshop is capable of manipulating only RGB, CMYK, and Lab colors. CMYK ( cyan, magenta, yellow, and key ) color is the standard for printing and web graphics, and Photoshop is designed to handle the limited black and white tones that are available in CMYK but not necessarily in other color spaces.

Limited layer functionality: Photoshop is limited in the number of layers that you can create. You can have only up to 99 layers in a document. The program typically creates a default „master“ layer for you to work on, and then allows you to work on many layers underneath it.

Limited file size: Photoshop provides a workspace of 13-inch by 13-inch (330-square-centimeter) resolution. This resolution is much smaller than you can normally edit in other programs. Photoshop saves documents in 32 MB files.

Limited workspace: Photoshop provides only a two-thirds screen display for working in your image. Other programs, including Photoshop Elements, allow you to work in a full-screen canvas mode, which makes them much easier to use than the two-thirds screen display, where the image resolution is smaller.

You can extend Photoshop to a more powerful image-editing tool by using a third-party plug-in or plug-in bundle. However, be careful to not buy too many plug-ins or plug-in bundles. Some of them are very expensive and can cost as much as a new copy of Photoshop.

Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements (formerly Photoshop Suite) is a tool for image editing. It’s free, shareware (free for a limited time and on a trial basis), and has all the same features of Photoshop (see Figure 2-1). If you are looking to use a free image editing program, Photoshop Elements should be your first stop. The basic version is Photoshop Elements 3.0 for Windows or Mac, and the following is what Photoshop Elements offers:

Multiple layers: While Photoshop offers layered editing, Photoshop Elements 3.0 enables you to work on more than one layer at a time.

Selection tools: Photoshop Elements allows you to isolate an area of an image and make it editable separately from the rest of the image. Figure 2-2 shows how you can select the entire image. You can also select specific areas of the image that are different

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From the start, Photoshop Elements did more than just edit photos. Its goal was to make a complete package for editing photos, even though they are actually doing more than just that.

It became the successor of Photoshop in the PC market but it doesn’t feel like it. After all, Photoshop is one of the most used programs.

The first Photoshop Elements users complained about its basic interface. Photoshop is a very advanced software with a complex interface but everyone is used to it. The first Photoshop Elements was too simple to use.

The initial goal of Photoshop Elements was to combine the power of Photoshop with the simplicity of GIMP. Since then, it evolved into a complete photo editor and has become the fastest growing application in the photo editing market.

Best Features Of Photoshop Elements

Easy-to-use, easy-to-learn

The design of Photoshop Elements is similar to that of the professional version. When you open it, the splash screen appears and guide you through the initial steps.

The interface is clean and simple, and you will feel like you are using the very advanced version of Photoshop. In fact, you are.

This photo shows the interface of Photoshop Elements 10 (left) and the professional version of Photoshop (right).


When you create a new document, you have the option to choose a smart object. With smart objects, you can move objects without editing them. That’s it.

Elements uses the smart objects for objects like:

Smart Align

Layer group: This object can be edited easily.

Clone stamp: This object duplicates multiple layers.

In addition to smart objects, the interface is very user-friendly.

The left side is where you can choose layers, right click and hit Edit.

A layer group.

A smart object in a document.

A clone stamp.

If you have a Smart object selected, you can also edit the smart object: with the vector tool, transform, resize, vectorize and solidify.

Editor lines are where you would position the object.

Elements understands the concept of image layers. And just like Photoshop, Elements has a layer group option: you can add and edit layers.

This dialog box shows the Smart collection.

The smart objects will duplicate the layers when you press the Clone Stamp button.

The smart objects can be scaled

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The Lokayukta report also claimed that the A&FC’s subsidiary Tamil Nadu Vegetable Seeds Corporation (TNVESCO) was experiencing difficulties in auctioning farm produce due to

System Requirements:

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