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Promax is an easy to use project and business manager intended for the translation industry.
The optimization of processes, transparency of management tasks and user-friendliness are the main objectives of Promax.
By using Promax, you can easily manage your important business projects.
The transparent project management system provides a graphical overview of the deadlines of your projects and supplier orders, makes you aware of bottlenecks and manages project files.
The seamlessly integrated business management system offers itemized and customizable quotes and invoices creation, a powerful price list management system and, a transparent client and supplier management system, a searchable supplier database, automatic email creation of offers for suppliers and automated accounting.
Note: In order to use this software, users have to request a trial license.







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Your tasks more organized, your projects more effective and the management of the core business processes easier with Promax.
Your tasks more organized, your projects more effective and the management of the core business processes easier with Promax.

Promax Description:
Your tasks more organized, your projects more effective and the management of the core business processes easier with Promax.
Your tasks more organized, your projects more effective and the management of the core business processes easier with Promax.

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Promax – The Multilingual Project and Business Management Software

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Promax project and business management software

Main features

Responsive Project and Business Management.


In Promax you have the freedom to manage your projects any way you like.
The intuitive interface and built-in project templates help you to organize your projects efficiently, independently, and without being tied to a predefined structure. You can categorize and organize the projects and files in a way that reflects your own working habits.

Creation of multiple project types allows you to plan, manage, and track them separately,
even if these are closely related. You can create process-oriented or content-oriented projects.

Files can be easily grouped and classified by their subject
(personal files, company files, customer files etc.).
Your files and project folders can be easily sorted by the date they were created.

Importing and exporting of files is possible in any project folder.

The transitions between the projects are done by the dates of their creation or last modification,
which makes it easy to see which project corresponds to which project file.


In Promax you have the freedom to manage your tasks any way

Promax [32|64bit] 2022

Award Winning Features

1. Dynamic Delivery

Promax Full Crack integrates in-house projects and online orders. The Dynamic Delivery feature allows you to automatically create the timeline for online customers according to your in-house projects.

2. Dynamic Pricing

With Promax Crack For Windows you can set price rules depending on your sales channel: online, telephone, mail order or in-house products.

3. Automatic Orders Creation

Automatically create online orders and price them according to your chosen promotion or price rules.

4. Document Reader

Save any type of files to a database with just one click.

5. Project Management

In Promax you can organize all your projects in a tree hierarchy. By using different levels of detail you are able to identify the tasks of each project.

6. Scheduling

Scheduling is the most powerful feature available in Promax, with this feature you can visually display the status of your work, assign tasks to collaborators and see if they have any open deadlines. It helps you to analyze in real time and to resolve any delays.

7. Data Visualization

Promax offers you a very visual overview of your projects and bills. You can easily understand, share and apply any changes with your team.

8. Color-coded Tasks

Take a virtual tour through the items you have already completed.

9. Real Time Views

All projects, files and records are displayed in a dynamic and sophisticated way.

10. Full Accessibility

With Promax you can easily use your mouse to highlight and select any text, file or record you want to use.

11. Printing

Print your images directly from your browser.

12. Exporting

Export your projects, invoices, files and records to Excel, Word and PDF formats.

13. Automatic Updating

Get automated updates in real time.

14. Customization

Add your logo, style, colors and fonts directly to your system.

15. Over 15,000 Ebooks Online

Link to any book, movies, videos and PowerPoint presentations online and let your customers access them from any web browser.

16. Multiple Languages

Promax comes with English and the following languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.

17. Online Wizard


Open project management, information system, International, modules integrated into one. The system is designed with the simple-to-use and thereby attractive interfaces and user-friendliness in mind. The website/software interface is even scalable, depending on your needs. The processing of your data – for example in terms of entries and planned/actual costs in your project/product – is seamless.
Customer-oriented performance:
Promax is designed for the needs of companies – from start-ups to medium-sized enterprises. It is a powerful, yet simple project and product manager.
Simple, clear interface:
The intuitive and user-friendly interface makes you quickly get access to the functions that you need.
Integrated invoice/invoice management:
The integration of a powerful invoice and invoice management system – Notation – makes it possible to capture, store, sort, analyze and send invoices.
Itemized and customizable quotes:
The itemized quotes system is fully integrated into Promax. This means that every quote can be individually configured as well as extended and modified. It enables you, for example, to integrate Supplier Profile Manager directly into your project/product manager.
Powerful and elegant price list:
With the powerful price list and the ability to import your price lists, Promax makes it possible to easily and quickly implement your price strategy, to create customized price lists – for example for group and season discounts – and to display and handle them in an organized and efficient manner.
Transparent client and supplier management:
The integrated client and supplier manager offers a simplified, yet user-friendly access to the data of your clients and suppliers. This makes it possible to filter and monitor your business activities in real time.
The software license for Promax expires after 30 days

Maximus / MultiMates is a tool to monitor (and more) Webinar Presentations.
It is a web-based tool with a drag and drop interactive interface.
Features include:
– Real-time monitoring of each presentation
– Full integration into the SysStage CRM.
– Built-in Webex scheduling with real-time email reminder.
– Continuously present MP3 videos of each speaker
– Continuously present PowerPoint presentations
– Easy to create and edit your own folders, tasks and stages.
Maximus / MultiMates offers highly detailed statistics from the speakers, who makes it easy to monitor and follow all the details of your event.
The integrated scheduling

What’s New In?

Rite Place is a Microsoft Access database that will be useful for restaurants and hospitality. If you want to manage all the information that people need to eat out, from the reservation of the table, to the bill and the automatic order following a mobile phone.

The base of the system is based on the Access database, allowing you to manage all information about your company from the most senior managers to the collaborators or the kitchen staff.
A powerful search engine allows you to search all customers‘ details, locations, guests or the menu and quickly select the right one for your restaurants.
If it’s an internet restaurant, you’ll be able to integrate a powerful online booking system with a database.
And finally, to make your work easier, you can customize your menus, automatically generate your bills, your catering orders.
You can also add an administration module so that you can create users and place them in a specific table.
In addition, you can configure your account with a simple interface to your bank and create transactions in batches.
Free Version:

It is designed for all types of cello practice:
for solo cellists, ensembles, chamber groups and string quartets
it features a new library of
1 – recordings from renowned cellists
2 – professional string quartets
3 – solo cellos from numerous studios
4 – solo cello audio tracks
5 – field recordings of cellos

ComoStick is a web-based application for music notation creation, edition and performance.
You can create complete scores that are directly synchronized with MIDI and audio.
It also features all the main standard musical symbols, with many alternative symbols available to extend the palette of musical signs.

Atterai is a web-based electronic music composition package.
The application is based on a graphic interface which allows you to manipulate with all the sound waves at the same time.
Atterai is able to give you the possibility to create your own sounds and edit them at your own tempo, and thus to produce your own musical compositions.

CASIA is a programming platform for the creation of experimental music.
It allows you to perform, record and debug MIDI sequences.
You can also create your own software modules to program sound synthesis algorithms, host embedded web applications and visualize an infinite amount of graphical objects.

This is a musical composition software.

System Requirements:

Windows 7/8/10
Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual-Core
Additional Notes:
Recommended: For best performance, make sure that the game is running in the graphical settings of High or Very High. If you don’t think you will ever be running the game in ultra-high settings then you can still play at higher settings and still have a fun time.
Recommended: For best performance, make sure that the game is running in the graphical settings of High or Very High