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In an interconnected world where threats lurk at each corner, a robust security solution is required, more so if we are talking about the business environment, where information leakage or data corruption can have a serious impact on the affected company. McAfee Endpoint Security provides a sturdy defense mechanism for network computers against zero-day attacks, or malware transmitted via email and the Internet.
For centrally and locally managed computers
McAfee Endpoint Security comes in two editions, one for centrally managed computers (ePO managed), and the other for self-managed workstations. It is easy to deploy and configure and features an intuitive administration panel for you to monitor the status of its modules, check the activity logs, and browse the quarantined files.
While the workstation is monitored in real time by the client app of McAfee Endpoint Security, you can also start a new on-demand scan anytime you consider fit. You have two options to choose from, namely quick or full scans. Custom file analysis is not available, but you can scan a file or a folder on the system using right-click scanning.
Real-time monitoring, firewall and Web traffic supervision
There are three separate modules McAfee Endpoint Security comes with, namely Threat Prevention, Firewall and Web Control. It's easy to figure out what each does, all working together to detect potential dangers before they reach your PC.
McAfee Endpoint Security features both signature-based and behavioral detection engines, which complement each other to provide a powerful protection shield.
When a suspicious file is spotted, McAfee Endpoint Security warns you and prompts you for action, logging the event at the same time. The quarantine area safely stores dangerous files until you decide to remove them.
Network security shield to protect all your workstations
With a firewall that filters network traffic and Internet security features that protect you during online browsing sessions, McAfee Endpoint Security finds its place right next to its competitors. Moreover, thanks to the Threat Intelligence module, details about a file's reputation can be instantly shared across the network, building a security system that gets better and better.


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McAfee Endpoint Security (Latest)

McAfee Endpoint Security is a rich and comprehensive network security solution with industry-leading protection against zero-day threats. It combats ransomware, detects spam emails and phishing, stops attacks, and identifies critical threats and malware.
Detailed Product Information:
McAfee Endpoint Security supports local and remote management of client computers, including network computers, from a central console that can be operated in both Windows and macOS environments. You can install it on your server computers and protect them as well.
This centralized management console has the following modules:
– Protects your computer against virus infections, spyware and adware. Automatically scans your system on-demand and creates a quarantined files list.
– Real-time protection against known and unknown threats: McAfee Endpoint Security creates a quarantine area and allows on-demand file analysis. You will be provided with information about a file’s reputation. When you decide to remove the file from the system, McAfee Endpoint Security will automatically delete the file, in addition to uninstalling the threat with the click of a button.
– A complete protection suite against worms, viruses and spyware
– Reduces the risk of being infected by using industry-leading behavioral detection technology
– Automatically disinfects files and applications
– Threat scorekeeper
– Automatic quarantined files scanning
– Real-time quarantine area generation
– Real-time file analysis
– Network intrusion prevention
– Spam filter
– Web session protection
– Self-protection against DoS, Worms, Rootkits, and Zero-day attacks
– Malware blocking
– Malicious URL monitoring
– Automatic quarantined file list maintenance
– Automatic quarantined file list creation
– Malware reputation: when you decide to remove a file from the system, McAfee Endpoint Security will automatically remove the threat with the click of a button.
– Automatic quarantined file analysis: McAfee Endpoint Security will display a warning if it’s detected a suspicious file on the computer, and inform you if a file has been quarantined.
– Intelligent threat alert: when you decide to remove a quarantined file from the system, McAfee Endpoint Security will notify the associated McAfee Threat Management Center, so it can be removed from the system in real time.
– On-demand file analysis: using the Detect Multiple Threats analysis module, McAfee Endpoint Security will allow you to analyze a file in real

McAfee Endpoint Security

McAfee Endpoint Security is designed for companies that need to protect their corporate enterprise, they want to detect, quarantine, block, and remove malware before it can infect their computers.The product includes many important features, such as real-time threat detection, on-demand scanning and off-site file quarantining, system and network maintenance, remote control, and much more.McAfee Endpoint Security is available as an on-premises or cloud-based solution.

Features of McAfee Endpoint Security:

Available as On-Premise or Cloud-based solutions

Real-time threat detection and visibility into your network

Firewall, Web Control and Malware Protection

Quarantine files and execute remote file or folder infections

Network and system maintenance features

Remote control for real-time PC health monitoring

Policy-based deployment, centralized configuration and monitoring

Machine Learning and Behavioral Analysis

On-demand file scanning

Policy Enforcement

Performance monitoring

Threat intelligence

Additional features of McAfee Endpoint Security:

Comprehensive System Maintenance

System Requirements

Windows 7 or later or Mac OS X 10.11 or later.

Mac OS X 10.10 or later.

2 GB RAM recommended for High CPU workloads, 4 GB for High Memory Workloads, 8 GB for High Network Workloads.

Advanced networking is required for both self-managed workstations and centrally managed machines. To do so, you need a minimum of one 1 Gbps connections to and from each machine.The present invention relates to a method for casting a glass component for electric components, and more specifically to a method for casting a shield case for electronic parts of microwave circuits or electron tubes.
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McAfee Endpoint Security Download

McAfee Endpoint Security comes with two editions, namely Enterprise Protection and Self-managed Monitoring.
McAfee Endpoint Security Enterprise Protection (EP) is a network security solution for home and small-to-medium businesses that offer management and protection for PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.
McAfee Endpoint Security Enterprise Protection is an easy to deploy, maintain and use solution that gives your organization the first line of defense against malicious threats.
It features signature and behavior-based threat prevention, firewall, network protection and web content filtering. With McAfee Endpoint Protection you can quickly configure and prioritize network settings by access category, such as Internet/intranet or application/game
McAfee Endpoint Security Enterprise Protection helps protect against threats from malicious websites, spyware, adware, viruses, and worms. It also protects against exploits, zero-day threats, and cracked software.
The two editions of the Self-Managed Monitoring application use a subscription model, providing customers with:
A subscription to the Basic Monitoring Service Includes the McAfee Enterprise Security Monitoring service, version 10.X.x7.0 or later, (“Basic Monitoring Service”), which is a component of the McAfee Enterprise Security Application and can be installed, used and managed separately from the McAfee Enterprise Security product. Software licenses are delivered to the customer through the Internet based on a monthly or annual subscription.
A subscription to the Advanced Monitoring Service Includes the McAfee Enterprise Security Monitoring service, version 10.X.x7.0 or later, (“Advanced Monitoring Service”), which is a component of the McAfee Enterprise Security Application and can be installed, used and managed separately from the McAfee Enterprise Security product. Software licenses are delivered to the customer through the Internet based on a monthly or annual subscription.
McAfee Endpoint Security Enterprise Protection and Self-Managed Monitoring are designed to fit the needs of any size business. Typical examples include:
Employees and partners with a web-accessible laptop or desktop and a small-to-medium business that has a private network that needs to be protected
Small-to-medium businesses with a single organization, that is spread across various offices and need to protect the networks and workstations in every office.
Businesses that have a company, or a small department that has a large number of employees, or partners that access the network from multiple locations, that need to be protected.
Businesses that need protection for their main offices, while the

What’s New in the?

McAfee Endpoint Security is a firewall which provides real-time protection against zero-day threats sent across the network. It includes several features like Web Control, Web Filter, Intrusion Prevention, and Intrusion Detection and Prevention.
The Intrusion Prevention feature prevents an incoming threat from reaching your PC. It creates a firewall around your PC by preventing known malicious URL’s, HTML content, and streaming media from being transmitted.
The Intrusion Detection and Prevention protects you against zero-day threats and known malware by spotting new viruses before they arrive. The Intrusion Detection module keeps your system protected from Trojan horses and viruses, while the Intrusion Prevention module blocks malicious URLs from reaching your PC.
The Intrusion Detection and Prevention module can also be used to spy on potential attackers to prevent them from gaining access to your system. The threats can be detected based on their actions taken, activity, and content on your system.
The Web Control feature blocks malicious websites from delivering exploits, viruses, and malicious content to your PC.
The Web Control feature uses the Internet filter to block access to known malicious URLs. Malicious URLs such as pop-ups, viruses, and phishing websites can be blocked and filtered out from the network.
The Web Filter feature blocks ads and pop-ups from any websites by blocking them with a WebFilter. If the content is identified as malicious, McAfee Endpoint Security can alert you and block the content from reaching your PC.
The Web Filter feature is similar to the Anti-Virus Firewall feature of McAfee Endpoint Security. McAfee Endpoint Security includes other features like Virus and Malware Protection, Firewall, Web Blocking, Internet Security, and System Guard.
Network Security:
The Network Security module can be used to monitor network traffic and IP traffic activity. It works as a local firewall for a network that is the sole target of the security software.
The Firewall module can be used to prevent malicious attacks that reach the system by blocking the network traffic.
Malware Protection:
The Malware Protection feature is used to check whether the files on the system are infected with malware. The program scans for suspicious files and shows a list of them, with an option to keep, quarantine or delete them.
Virus and Malware Protection:
The Virus and Malware Protection feature identifies malicious software and removes it from the system by using the AntiVirus Firewall.
The System Guard feature is used to

System Requirements:

Available on: PC/MAC/Linux
Supported: Windows 7/8, 10
Drives: Intel Integrated, AMD-ATI (Radeon), Nvidia
Minimum System Requirements:
Supported: Windows XP/Vista/7
Windows XP users will require DirectX 9 or higher. DirectX 9 will be required on Windows 10.
Internet Connection:
A high speed internet