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It’s important for marketers because it helps them connect their actions to results. Thank you for supporting the partners who make SitePoint possible. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Besides providing a reliable solution within SplitMetrics Acquire, an our support team manually double-checks your data and keeps an eye on significant changes to ensure 100% accuracy.

Besides, they allow you to notify partners of installs and events. Choosing mobile attribution tools is not as easy as it sounds, mainly because of potential fraud issues. They differ in terms of analytics, data points, and how they measure the entire user journey.

Ad Tech Deconstructed: What is mobile attribution?

They should also be customizable enough to enable third-party integrations, custom development, and additional functionality via API. Most importantly, a true partner marketing platform operates as an unbiased, third-party software provider. A high report quality means being able to optimize your mobile app ad creatives and advertising campaigns in real-time, thus getting more results to your clients. They expect seamless experiences that work wherever they interact with your brand.

Fingerprinting was always an alternative method for matching a click or an impression with an app install. It uses things like IP address, device type, and other metadata about a user’s device to make attribution. Hint, this is actually being used at the moment if a user didn’t consent to the ATT prompt. This only helps if your business is running retargeting campaigns. Your conversion rate will definitely increase if the user lands exactly where they need to make the action within your app.

definition of mobile attribution in partner marketing

However, with some platforms we’ve used, the data was often more than a day late. One of them is that monthly reports are late because we have to wait for attribution data. Another thing that might happen is that an attribution what is mobile attribution platform doesn’t show the full number of installs, which then makes the CPI seem lower than it is. However, this is an example of a very general feature – you might look for something more specific in attribution platforms.

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The SKAN postback includes 6-bit binary conversion values containing data about installs, reinstalls, and post-install user activities. Using an MMP, you can tie these different pieces of information with numbers between 0 and 63. Airbridge, in addition, provides the most commonly used schemes as presets, making it easier to choose a conversion value mapping option that best fits your app. What’s more, you can view both SKAN and non-SKAN attribution data on one unified dashboard.

definition of mobile attribution in partner marketing

However, because it overlooks the earlier touchpoints that could have had an incremental impact, the multi-touch attribution model has risen in importance. SKAdNetwork 4.0 (SKAN 4.0) is Apple’s way of giving marketers a means to measure app install campaign conversion rates without jeopardizing user privacy. However, ATT, and SKAN have wreaked havoc on the mobile marketing industry. Firstly, you will need to weigh the pros and cons of each attribution model by asking yourself what marketing goals you want to achieve.

Mobile app attribution

Because iOS is one of the most popular mobile platforms, this shift has influenced many enterprises worldwide. Greater knowledge about how your ads perform on mobile apps allows you to build targeted marketing campaigns and smart retargeting activities when consumers abandon their carts. For example, you could specifically target users who tried out your app but didn’t stick around to make it work from them. MMP is an acronym for “mobile measurement partner.” The term comes from Facebook’s name for the first group of tech providers that integrated with the social media platform to track app installs. The data flow of SANs is typically inverse of traditional networks. Measurement and attribution partners will receive notification of install/post-install events from the client’s apps, then send in a claim request to any SANs integrated into their system.

Industry estimates show that without this deduplication, almost a quarter of campaign spend can be wasted. Traditional digital marketing attribution methods are used widely in the industry because they are quite effective. It’s just another way to measure the effectiveness of your cohesive marketing plan. Furthermore, view-through attribution follows the same principle as last touch model, which means that the last impression gets credit for the install whenever there is more than one ad impression. For example, mobile attribution gives you the means to analyze which networks are providing great, high-value users. If campaign A brings more installs than campaign B, this is not a definitive indicator that you get higher ROI with campaign A.


Device matching is always preferred as it is most accurate, but when that data is not available fingerprinting is another secondary method of attribution matching. Imagine going back and forth between heaps of spreadsheets, sparing countless resources and many hours chasing and downloading data. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data.

It’s only available for MMPs which is now becoming another big emphasis in the sales process. Similarly, on Apple Search Ads, you can’t analyze lower-funnel events for your ASA campaign unless you have an MMP. This data can also be accessed via an API, however, MMPs offer a convenient way to analyze it in their dashboards for less technically versed advertisers. They knock out fake installs by identifying the most common types of mobile ad fraud. However, this only works with programmatic ad networks, not with Facebook or Google.

  • Ad Tech Deconstructed series where we break down specific parts of the mobile advertising world to help you get started advertising or monetizing your apps.
  • Tracking itself is carried out, obviously, by tracking platforms.
  • Adjust is a mobile measurement company and it’s another one of the top-rated mobile attribution tools perfect for mobile companies.
  • Mobile attribution and deep linking are deeply intertwined, and thus, you should look for a robust mobile app marketing platform that provides both.
  • Ad clicks, engagement, impressions, social networks and more can all contribute to just that one install.
  • In the early years of mobile, getting a user to install an app was all that really mattered.
  • Apps that are promoted exclusively through one channel and work with a narrow group of the target audience don’t have most of the problems outlined above.

Adjust – A mobile attribution and analytics company that provides app marketers with a comprehensive business intelligence platform. It also largely eliminates fraud by removing the bulk of the incentives driving ad stacking, click cramming, click spoofing, click sniping, etc. And, perhaps most critically, last-click attribution is rife with fraud and shady practices. Nefarious players will readily employ tactics like ad stacking and click cramming, in an effort to unduly become the final click. It also leads to the dreaded click sniping, in which fraudsters will attempt to steal credit for the final click right underneath the legitimate players. This means that under these legacy attribution models, mobile marketers can easily end up paying the wrong people.

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These are just a few ways in which mobile attribution can help you take on your market of choice — irrespective of vertical, region or resources. The overall value of mobile attribution comes down to your understanding of what happens under the hood. Your engine may be running smoothly, but a detailed reportage of how users are being acquired and how they behave after install is imperative to UA optimization.

What is mobile app attribution?

Continuing like this affects your campaign because you won’t be able to choose the right solution. Your relationship with your clients will also likely be affected because of your inaccurate reporting. AppsFlyer, for example, doesn’t support audience analytics by GEO, social factor, demography. Besides, the dashboard in AppsFlyer is simplified, there are more functional alternatives. That is, the companies roughly balance each other out in terms of capabilities.

As a mobile marketing agency that specializes in mobile game user acquisition, we highly value good reporting on a mobile attribution platform. Reports are very useful, not only for our clients but for us as well, as it allows us to track results of our campaigns and optimize them accordingly. This chapter is a tour of marketing attribution up until today, covering offline, digital, and the birth of the mobile attribution provider as a separate service. We will review the basic needs of an attribution solution, the evolution of attribution as channels have fragmented, and specific mobile challenges.

It can be hard to determine who was responsible for a free app install or a paid app purchase. That said, there is a popular methodology for attribution tracking known as device fingerprinting. By adding specific lines of code to a mobile app, developers are able to push users to the app store to download their app if they don’t have it and then forward them to the intended location. AppsFlyer links your app installs and marketing campaigns together. Inevitably, answering these questions will take time since picking an MMP isn’t a standard assignment. To simplify this process even more, we’ve prepared a list of the best mobile measurement partners in 2023 that have both amazing features and a stellar reputation.

Kochava support for iOS 14.5+ attribution on SKAdNetwork

Indeed, in mobile app install campaigns, mobile attribution is a key part of the ecosystem, along with advertisers, ad networks and publishers. A mobile measurement partner, or MMP, is a platform provider that aids apps in evaluating the success of marketing campaigns across media platforms, ad networks, and advertising marketing channels. An MMP helps marketers to recognize which media source deserves credit for triggering a conversion because it is the only party with a neutral perspective of the entire consumer journey. This enables marketers to make well-informed budget allocation decisions.

From paid media to owned media, from mobile to desktop and gaming to outdoor, Kochava sees it all. Branch’s unique selling point is its deep-linking platform that complements the attribution tools offered. These lookback windows are an awesome asset because they enable you to personalize your attribution period for each media source. But in a narrow sense, mobile attribution is the link between marketing efforts and end results. That is, a way to answer questions about which channel brought me as a client, what was the main reason for my choice, what barriers existed.

If more users from campaign B end up making in-app purchases – or even land you some big ad whales – this was the better investment. Knowing what’s regarded as success enables you to replicate your wins and achieve a higher ROI. Multi-touch attribution reveals the whole picture of user journeys by setting equal credit values for each step. It recognizes all advertising channels the user interacts with during their journey rather than just one ad. In recent years, advertisers have been increasing their budgets for mobile advertising; eMarketer forecasts that mobile ad spend in the U.S alone will hit $161.49 billion by 2024. The increase in mobile app spending has heightened the need and importance of mobile attribution.