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Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion

GameSpot (2.5/10)


„The game is a linear platformer with a short overworld. In every level, Mickey must navigate around hazards, avoid enemies and solve puzzles to free Mickey’s mouse friends from various traps and escape the room. On the overworld, each level has three or four exits that lead you to a new set of levels for the next world. The game can be played in single-player or two-player co-op.“

Mouse City

Mickey’s first journey is in the small town of Mouse City, where he works to help his friends. He tries to help them by disarming traps and cracking codes. His greatest mission is to help Floyd, a mouse friend who is trapped in a box.

The Lonesome Trail

Mickey travels through an odd landscape, up a big tower, and into a mountain to rescue the mice who have been kidnapped by the villainous Casey Jones.

The World Beneath

„The game shifts to a grimy city inhabited by anthropomorphic monsters. Mickey must assist the little mouse by finding and possessing the eight skins of animals with different powers. The creatures can also be used as weapons against the monsters. Mickey then fights his way through the town with the powers of his animal skins to find a way to escape the city.“

Epic Mickey: Power of Disney


„In the game, Mickey discovers the Royal Family and is tasked to rescue them from their prison on a thunderbolt. Mickey can use various objects around the game, from switches to barrels, to help him. He can also save the magic powers of the Royal Family by finding the princes on separate areas. While the Royal Family can aid Mickey, the dark side of the game is represented by Delita Dust, a woman who is stealing the Royal Family’s power to control everything in their world.“

Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey


„The game uses Disney Princess characters from various movies, from Cinderella to Pocahontas. The game uses various elements of these movies, such as dresses and castles, to make different environments. The players travel through the world and solve puzzles to save the princesses.“

Wreck-It Ralph

Mickey has several enemies to help him, including the Road Hogs and the Vanellope von Schweetz. The Vanellope von Schweetz, in particular


Features Key:


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Roblox Answers

The game is almost complete but they’re missing a lot of features. I had a to wait for the beta to be over before I could play it, because even though the beta is only about 1/2 completed I had to wait for it to be officially done before I could play it.
But it’s still fun, and I’m excited to see the rest of it when it’s finished.
It’s mostly stable and I haven’t had any crashes or anything, but I would say the dev team could definitely be more active on social media.
But it’s still fun, and I’m excited to see the rest of it when it’s finished.

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I am writing to ask you about the newest update of the game, „Rogue Legacy“.


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