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AutoCAD 24.2 Product Key Free [2022]

AutoCAD has been produced in multiple versions through to version 2018. The most recent version, AutoCAD 2018, was released in September 2017.

AutoCAD is available on a variety of platforms including PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. It also runs as a web-based application on Windows PCs.


Automatically tools

The following types of tools can be automatically created, selected, and used without the need for the user to draw anything:

‣ Lines and curves (called simply “lines” in AutoCAD.)

‣ Shapes.

‣ Solids.

‣ Text.

‣ Symbols.

These tools are available as follows:

‣ Lines—Straight, curved, and Z-axis/axis/multipath lines, and splines (both parametric and non-parametric).

‣ Shapes— Rectangles, circles, ellipses, squares, polygons (with and without holes), free-form objects, surfaces, 3D solids.

‣ Solids—Cylinders, spheres, boxes, cones, and tubes.

‣ Text—Curved and non-curved text.

‣ Symbols—Masks and patterned symbols.

‣ Holes—For holes, shapes, and solids.

‣ Patches—For shapes and solids.

‣ 3D solids—For 3D solids.

‣ Text styles—For text.

‣ Line styles—For line and curve types.

‣ Transitions—For the transition between 2D and 3D objects.

‣ Rotation axes—For the rotational axes.

‣ Views—For the views.

‣ Text layers—For the text layers.

‣ Styles—For the styles.

‣ Instances—For the instances.

‣ Thumbnail layers—For the thumbnail layers.

AutoCAD has a powerful array of function buttons to adjust, display, and change the behavior of many common drawing and drafting tools. Some examples of common function buttons are shown here:

‣ Properties—Changes to the properties of lines, shapes, text, solids, etc.

‣ Properties, Snap—Changes to the properties

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I want to read txt file and print only specific part
e.g. my txt file looks like below


want to print the string between dfsfdg and dsfgsdg
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you can use awk to do this, like the following:
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this assumes that dfsfdg is unique.
if there are more than one string, then just replace $1 == „dfsfdg“ with $1 in that condition.

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Improvements in the Assign Markup window:

– Import automatically.

– Use the “Keep this set of comments as annotations” option for the same effect.

– Assign comments with the same style in different text styles.

– More formatting options when marking up text. (video: 1:15 min.)

New dialogs:

– Create Stamp.

– Format Stamp.

– Plot Stamp.

– Stamp Output.

– Stamp Assistant.

– Warp Layers.

– Dimension Map.

Improved Tools:

– Support for linked drawings.

– Standardization of element types.

– Added bridge tool.

– New rotation tool.

– New circle & ellipse tool.

– New type of object – ellipse.

– A geometry text – now with multiple layers and dynamic fields.

– Improved graphics panel with automatic scaling.

– Improved drawing limits with click-and-drag.

– Tooltip indicators.

– New print settings – print on demand.

– New keystoke shortcuts:

◦ shift + insert: Erase text

◦ ctrl + a/x/y: Select anchor

◦ ctrl + b/ctrl + d/d: Set base point

◦ ctrl + o: Make mirror

◦ ctrl + t: Scale

◦ shift + r/t: Transform

◦ shift + ctrl + t: Translate

◦ ctrl + z: Undo last command

◦ ctrl + shift + r/t: Rotate

◦ ctrl + r: Reverse direction

◦ ctrl + u: Warp and flip

– New symbols:

– Arrowheads

– Ellipses

– Arrows

– Arrows & Double-arrows

– Stars

– Bullet

– Arrows & Double-arrows

– Option for “More…..”

– Marking line

– Splines

– Draw line

– Spline

– Eraser

– Pencil

– Dark/Light Paint

– Hatch Fill

– Hatch Pattern

– Strip Fill

– Strip Pattern

– Swatch

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

DirectX 11 graphics card
Two monitors
Minimum 2 gigabytes of RAM
If you have an issue, please open a ticket to our support team. You can find the link to the support page here
If you experience crashing during gameplay, please open a ticket to our support team. You can find the link to the support page here
How to Setup
How to Setup the Gameplay
It is recommended that you read these instructions for setting up the game before attempting to play.