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4GW simulation game
Player controlled head of state character
Multiplayer options: solo, team, online
Troop management
Country map: 2D World, 3D to be chosen by players
Classified locations (embassies, hospitals…)
Naval, air and land strategy
Military strategy
Social engineering
Evolution of different countries
Numerous leaders in their labs
In-game events & incidents
Realistic adversaries
Public opinion
Each leader has its own political vision
Unlike the popular endless game series, Action Heroes, Action Heroes 4th Generation Warfare is a simulation game.
It is not an action-adventure game where the player controls the actions of a character in real time.
Contrary to most simulation games, it is a game of strategy based on ancient systems of political science.
The game has a real-time and turn-based mode.
In real-time, time passes normally: each turn corresponds to one day. At the end of the turn, the AI adversary can perform an action.
At the beginning of the next turn, the player can choose an action to perform and perform it as soon as the time for that action elapses.
In turn-based mode, all actions are available immediately, so the player has an infinite time to carry out each action.
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There are two game modes:
• Career: the game begins with a scenario set up by the player and the AI, with the player’s character the only controlled one. The player must grow their group of companions and increase their influence in the country, first gaining the trust of the people and then developing their administration. The game ends when their character dies.
• Government: the player can select a dozen or more characters from a starting group of twenty-five, for a total of fifty-four playable characters. The player first selects their greatest allies: a head of state and his closest advisers. Then the player must make their decisions, against a backdrop of strategic, political, military, social, economic issues.
To play it, the player must start by writing their country’s political programme for a year.
Their country will then be ready for the start of the game. The player can install the desired policies: scientific and technological development, economy development, foreign policy, defence, international relations


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    Minimum Requirements:

    • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
    • OSX 10.7 or greater
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or greater, Athlon Pentium, Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9c compatible graphics card
    • Hard Drive: 13 GB free space
    • Other: SMS 3D graphics add-on pack is required

    Recommended Requirements:

    • Program: RPG Maker MZ
    • OS: Vista/7/8/10
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or greater
    • Memory: 1.5 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or greater
    • Hard Drive: 13.3 GB free space
    • Other: SMS 3D graphics add-on pack is required

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      This is a rogue-like game that can be described as a mix between a side-scrolling platformer and a classic maze game. Players will control two very different characters, Death and the Fly. Each character has special skills that must be used to navigate the many traps and puzzles contained in each level. With many interesting ways to die and numerous opponents to face, the player will be challenged and entertained for hours.

      The music, sound effects, art and animation are all unique and original. The story is drawn from a collection of strange tales and folk tales. With many hours of play.

      Left to right: Move left or right.
      Up: Jump.
      Down: Dive.
      Arrows: Play the game.

      The game runs on Win 10, 7, Vista, Mac OSX (10.6+), Linux and Android. The game supports Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10) and Mac OSX (10.6+). The Android version will run on emulators for Android, like Nintendo DS, 3DS and PS Vita. While the x86 version is designed to run on Windows.

      Three unique modes of gameplay:

      Classic mode is the primary mode of gameplay. In this mode, Death and the Fly must navigate through a series of over 100 levels. Each level is a randomly generated labyrinth full of traps and puzzles. Death must collect items to upgrade Death’s skills as well as perform ‚Sidekicks‘ and ascend to higher levels. In order to survive, Death and the Fly must collect Gold, avoid the many traps, defeat the many opponents and avoid the annoying flies. The only way to survive is to do everything you can to win. If Death and the Fly fails, they will ‚die‘. Death must complete all the levels, prove his skills and find his courage to fight the invincible King of Hell in order to acquire the ‚fabled Golden Key‘.

      Explore mode offers many mysteries. In the Explore mode, there are many stories to be discovered. Death can be on a quest, save the world, fight powerful foes, save secret creatures, travel the world and much more. The storyline has been well-thought through and most of the elements are appropriate to the characters.

      In the Puzzle mode, the player can choose to solve a series of short-to-long puzzles or just the long puzzles like diabolical puzzles. There are many different types of


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        Revenge Quest () is a 2018 Chinese fantasy television series based on the Chinese legend of Zhao Ba and Nan He. It was aired in Zhuoni (2016), Colorful (2016) and Tempo TV (2017) from January 11 to February 13, 2018.


        Li Yixiang as Zhao Ba
        Liu Haoran as Guo Xiang
        Wang Yiqi as Yang Ke
        Cheng Yonghong as Belu
        Li Hao as Yongnan
        Zheng Shuai as Nan He
        Huang Weijun as the Dark Emperor
        Ma Yuanyuan as Wang Meng, wife of the dark emperor
        Qin Lan as Yu Lan, wife of the dark emperor
        Wu Gang as Sun Bu’er, a King Yu
        Xu Pengfei as the old Butler
        Zhang Zeqin as the Bellboy
        Yao Xiao’en as the Doctor
        Li Qiang as Chen Jiandao
        Mi Yaoyao as the Black Monster
        Zhu Qi as Yingfu
        Zhang Zhi as the White Dragon master
        Renly as the Black Dragon master
        Fenghuang as the Red Dragon master
        Xinkai as the Black Tiger master
        Yan Xin as the Yellow Dragon master
        Xiong Cai as the White Tiger master
        Wu Lihong as the Red Tiger master
        Chen Qi as the White Elephant master
        Duo Gong as the Black Elephant master
        Yue Bei as the Yellow Elephant master
        Shen Yang as the Red Ape master
        Cao Jixiang as the Dragon cook
        Qin Li as Dong Tianfu’s wife
        Wang Yumeng as Yan Xu’s wife
        Han Mei as Qin Hui’s wife
        Ning Jincheng as Bu Luli
        Zhang Ming as Fa De
        Ning Dong as Long Yaxi
        Yan Jishan as Zhang Ji
        Zhang Xueliang as the Asura King of the South
        Weng Yi as the Asura King of the North
        Wang Huiqing as the Asura King of the East
        Zhang Shaoshi as Long’s son
        Cui Dan as Zhang Ji’s father
        Tao Anzhao as the young Zhang Ji’s servant
        Shuai Linxi as the young Li Hui’s servant
        Ding Wenjiang as a warrior

        Guest Appearances

        Shi Jiuyong as Ba Zhan
        Guo Tianbo as the Sui Royal guard
        Ma Xiaomei as a nurse
        Wei Zheng as Lu Xiaofeng
        Yang Shuting as Lu Xiaofeng’s daughter
        Qin Yi as Ho


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    System Requirements:

    *Requires a 64-bit OS and processor with support for SSE2 extensions.
    *Requires a gigabyte of RAM, between 1.5 and 2 times the total number of students in your class. You can check how much memory your computer has with the task manager.
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    *Requires a DVD drive.
    *Requires a web browser, but you can use any program that lets you browse the web.
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